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Sgt. Wood Explains Hearing Role

Sgt. Christie Wood (RE: Council 4-2 against guns-on-campus, bias bills): Yesterday I was called to speak to the Mayor and Council as an employee of the Police Department. I am the Law Enforcement liaison to the legislative committee that advises the Mayor and Council on pending legislation that could have potential impact on the City of CDA. I presented the views of the Chief of Police who does not support the guns on campus bill in its current form. As a practice when testifying before Mayor and Council our officers are in uniform as a show of respect. During the workshop I was asked by Councilman Gookin to provide my insight as a NIC Trustee. I shared with him the views of the Majority of the Board. The bottom line is everyone is having productive conversation about how to keep our campus safe. The NIC Trustees are exploring ideas and possible changes to our weapons policy. We hope to keep our policy decisions at a local level where we can best assess the safety practices of our campus. Full comment here.

Question: Do you have any problems with Sgt. Christie Wood being involved in the community, for a long time, as a Coeur d'Alene School Board member (past) and now as an NIC trustee and chairman of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations?

Christie: Celebrate CdA Tribe

Christie Wood (RE: Fort Sherman Park to be Cheamkwet): Many years ago the NIC Board of Trustees (before my time) entered a nine-point agreement with the CDA Tribe that essentially recognizes their historic contribution to our wonderful site. Prior to the 75th Anniversary of NIC the Tribe did a beautiful dedication of the NIC beach. When Micheal Burke was President they contributed to, dedicated, and blessed our Rose Garden.They have also provided tribal names for our facilities. Every year they grace us with their presence at graduation and say a traditional prayer in their tribal language. I remember listening to a tribal student give an address a few years ago. She thanked the college for making her feel welcome on campus and explained that for many years tribal students felt like they were not wanted. It was heartbreaking to hear that. I could not be more pleased with the relationship we have with the Cda Tribe and I look forward to next weeks celebration of 80 years!

  • Also: The renaming of Fort Sherman Park to Cheamkwet Park will take place at the 80th anniversary celebration of North Idaho College from 5 to 9 p.m. today.

Question: I'm of the opinion that many Coeur d'Alene residents still don't understand the enormous contributions the Coeur d'Alene Tribe makes to its non-Indian neighbors and North Idaho. Do you?

CdA/Post Falls cops have got your number

In the aftermath of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) releasing a lengthy research project about U.S. law enforcement agencies’ use of domestic surveillance technology, new details have emerged about police departments in Idaho and their utilization of license plate scanners.

“The program allows for us to track stolen vehicles, locate fugitives, aid in Amber Alerts, runaway juveniles, missing persons, etc.,” said Sgt. Christie Wood, spokesperson for the Coeur d’Alene Police Department.

In an email exchange, Wood acknowledged what had been told to last week by a spokesperson of the Idaho State Police (ISP): The Coeur d’Alene Police Department uses technology that scans and records the images of vehicles’ license plates, making a record of the time, date and location that the image was recorded. Full story. Idaho Reporter

Does this bother you at all?

Christie RE: Mary & Dan’s Stand

Christie Wood, president of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, commented on HuckleberriesOnline over the week:

I read with interest Mary's position on the proposed anti-discrimination ordinance being presented by the Kootenai CountyTask Force on Human Relations. Her statements were very similar to a conversation I had with Councilman Gookin earlier this week. He has made his support for her very public,and they are very good friends so I assume they share similar values. Mary stated she cannot support the ordinance because “There are exceptions for certain groups that don't have to follow that law.” Dan told me that he cannot support it for the same reason. Dan made it very clear to me he supports same sex marriage, and equal rights for the LGBT community.He said there should not be an exception in this ordinance for religious organizations because that still allows for discrimination. He asked me to share his thoughts with the Task Force and I have done so. More here.


NIC’s Wood Calls Foul On Meeting

Item: Trustee Christie Wood calls foul on NIC meeting/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d'Alene

More Info:  A North Idaho College trustee is questioning the legality of a board meeting held earlier this month, and is calling for a motion passed as a result of that meeting to be rescinded. Christie Wood has asked that the board members, when they meet next week, consider canceling the motion made by Ron Nilson and seconded by Todd Banducci. The item is on the agenda for the board's regular monthly meeting on Wednesday. “We often talk about being open and transparent and this was non-transparent,” Wood said. “There was no opportunity for the board to have input.

Question: Do you agree with the concerns raised by Trustee Wood?

Christie: Choosing Events Is Difficult

Christie Wood (RE: Poll: Trustees should been there): Elected officials are asked to attend many functions in their official role. Sometimes it can be a bit expensive for a volunteer board and that does matter. It is nice if the School District can build a few events into the Board Budget. Boards are often reluctant to have much of a budget for themselves since it is all taxpayer dollars. I think if you are in an unpaid position and there is an expectation for you to attend many civic events there should be some consideration for that in the budget. The events can be limited by Board policy, or budget but they still should have some financial support. The hard part is choosing which events. Board members can always contribute an additional private donation if they so desire.

Question: Christie makes a good point. I'm sure elected officials are asked to attend various events staged by constituents. All. The. Time. Anyone mind if a school board, for example, sets aside a few bucks to help trustees underwrite appearances? Also wouldn't it be wise to divvy up important events among 5 trustees, to make sure there's a board presence at the important ones?

Christie: Nilson & Co. Have Agenda

Christie Wood (re: Judy & Ron chat at NIC event): udy is a class act. I wish to have her grace someday. I am hoping she will eventually rub off on me. I tend to call people on being insincere so it is unlikely you will see me chatting it up with Ron. I say this but wish to take nothing away from the credit he deserves for all of his charitable contributions in the community. But I believe Ron has a clear agenda to change the direction of the college and that is why he is running. The contrast is when I ran for the board it was to give back to the community, and work on behalf of a college that brought such positive change to my life. I am deeply concerned that NIC has become the next pawn in the Reagan Republican chess game. Nilson, Mathews and Banducci are their hopeful “game changers.” I am well aware that we have many talented citizens that can fill our board positions. None of us expect to be lifetime trustees. In this election however, we have candidates running that I believe have a do harm agenda all in a quest for power, and to promote their ideology. More below.

Question: What do you think of Christie's comments that the three Reagan Republican-endorsed candidates have an agenda to change North Idaho College?

Christie: Beware Of RR NIC Wannabes

Christie Wood: I saw your thread that the RR’s (Reagan Republicans) are targeting Judy Meyer and Mic Armon because they want to replace them with more conservative people. It just does not. make. sense. to. me. There does not seem to be any dialogue about education itself and what we need to have in place for future students. Past candidates have been very vocal about their oppostion to the Ed. Corridor. As I rode through there today it became very clear people must get involved and vote in small local elections. If the other candiates had prevailed the Ed. Corridor would still be a closed mill site with an old industrial look to it, with no public waterfront access. Students that are seeking programs in the health sciences (the long term goal of Ed Corridor programs)would need to leave home for those education opportunities.Long story short, Mic and Judy are to be thanked for their contributions, and I certainly hope they retain their board seats.

DFO: The choices for 2 or the 3 North Idaho College trustee positions are easy: incumbents Judy Meyer and Mic Armon are superb trustees. The third choice is more complicated since Trustee Ron Vieselmeyer is not seeking re-election. Ground Force boss Ron Nilson is running again, with support of the Reagan Republicans. Also in the race are: Gary W. Coffman, of Coeur d'Alene; James W. Ruch, of Coeur d'Alene; Fritz Wiedenhoff, of Rathdrum; and Dean Haagenson, of Hayden.

Question: Who would you pick for the third trustee, if you don't support Nilson?

Jeff Vs. Christie: Who Hates Whom?

ReaganRepub: I am sorry Christie but I nor any Reagan Republican I know “hates” you. It would be impossible for us to do so on our blogs because we don’t have a blog. You must be confusing us with someone else. We may have endorsed your opponent in the NIC Trustee election, we may have taken offense to your unfair accusation that we are “fringe” extremists and defended ourselves here on HBO, but in no case did I or any Reagan Republican express hatred toward you. I am sorry you have interpreted a difference of opinion as hatred.

Christie Wood: Hmmmm… I seem to remember a email I sent to you and Ron Lahr politely asking you to correct the falsehood that I compared the RR’s to Aryans. Remember that Jeff??? You put that statement in your email newsletter. Ringing a bell? You also stated that I was responsible for the Aryan post office box comment on HBO. Not true and I told you so but never mind doing the right thing and correcting yourself. I will say that Ron Lahr was a class act in introducing himself to me at the Blogfest gathering at the Ft. Grounds. He even extended his hand in a friendly handshake. But you Jeff — not so much.

Question: Who is more likely to represent your political value system — Jeff or Christie?

Christie Wood: ‘Freedom!”

Christie Wood is fed up with the hard-liners who are driving state and local Republicans further and further to the right. Unlike other disillusioned Republicans, however, the North Idaho College trustee and Coeur d’Alene police spokeswoman did something about her political discontent. On her birthday Thursday, Wood “woke up with a plan that would set the world on the right course for me again.” She visited the county clerk’s office to change her voter’s registration from “Republican” to “unaffiliated.” Wood told Huckleberries: “It felt so good to be free of ideals and platforms I do not support. The state Republican platform failed to include support for human rights. The national Republican platform has no exceptions for abortions, even if a woman is raped. What has happened to the party that used to be celebrated and recognized for the great people in it like Nelson Rockefeller? Oh, let me guess – too moderate. Not pure.” Wood isn’t impressed with Democrats either, especially after their indecision regarding whether God and Jerusalem should be in or out of the national party platform/DFO, Huckleberries. More here.

Question: Which term describes you best: Party-line Republican, party-line Democrat, split-ticket-voting Republican, split-ticket Democrat, or unaffiliated?

Christie: Done With Partisan Politics

Christie Wood: Today is my birthday. I woke up with a plan that would set the world on the right course for me again. I drove to the clerk’s office and changed my voters registration card to unaffiliated. It felt so good to be free of ideals and platforms I do not support. The State Republican platform failed to include support for Human Rights. The National Republican platform has no exceptions for abortions even if a woman is raped. What has happened to the party that used to be celebrated and recognized for the great people in it like Nelson Rockefeller? Oh let me guess…too moderate. Not pure. On the other side of the aisle the Dems can’t decide if they want God or Jerusalem in the platform (well I guess they did decide last night). Whew- I am free to look at candidates for their strengths and weaknesses rather than their party. It feels good. My new moniker is UNAFFILIATED. So happy now. Something tells me they won’t miss me…

Question: What do you think of Christie's move?

Edit: Gookin’s Right, It Isn’t Fair

Darn it, Dan, you're right. It isn't fair. We're referring to Parental Frustration No. 4,366, Article 119, subsection B. You could look it up. We're paraphrasing here, but this particular fairness doctrine involves difficulty in effectively communicating with college-aged children. In this particular case, Dan Gookin — a local author, member of the Coeur d'Alene City Council and proud pop — wrote a letter to the editor expressing his angst over several aspects of PF 4366. One of Dan's sons didn't see a “tuition due” email he'd been sent from North Idaho College, leading to his tuition not being paid, NIC withholding the son's certificate and rendering credit for summer courses in doubt. News flash: Many college-aged children have moved past email at lightning speed. It is as antiquated to them as snail mail has become to many a middle-ager. These days, as Mr. Gookin points out, text messaging and social media like Facebook and Twitter are not just the preferred methods of youthful communication, but in some instances are seemingly the only ways they communicate/Coeur d'Alene Press Editorial Board. More here.

Question: How often do you use traditional email to communicate with others?

Christie: Time For Sonny To Grow Up

Item: Gookin unhappy with North Idaho College email/Coeur d'Alene Press letter to editor

NIC Trustee Christie Wood: “Dan, If you are checking in here I certaily agree with your statement of “NIC is a great learning institution.” As for the rest of your concern it is really not an issue for the Board of Trustees. If your son is over 18 years of age then he is considered an adult and you are not privy to his bills or grades even if you pay the bill. It is up to your son to inform you. All of the students are assigned an email account and they are told upfront that is how they will receive their tuition notice, any communication from instructors, and their grades. Trust me I have been in your shoes. My son was attending U of M and I did not have access to any of his records even though I paid the bill. He seemed to like that set up. He also signed up for a few on-line classes that I paid for at NIC and he never bothered attending or dropping them. I responded by dropping him from my college banking account. If he wants to finish his degree he will have to pay for it. Love him dearly but I am insisting he take responsibility. I will let you know some day how it all turns out!

Question: Tell us a time that you stepped back and let your kid learn a valuable but tough lesson.

Task Force Backs Anti-Bullying Bill

The Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations’ Board of Directors announced today their full support of Idaho SB 1358 known as the anti-bullying bill to protect Idaho’s school children. The Board indicated that although it is already against Idaho law to bully another student in Idaho schools, this bill both expands and covers areas presently not addressed in the current legislation. Senate Bill 1358 requires every school district to have its own anti-bullying policy, provides for teacher training, makes sure teachers and school staff know that they are expected to intervene and keep kids safe when they see bullying occur, and very importantly the bill sets penalties for cyberbullying. More here. (2009 SR file photo of task force leaders Christie Wood & Tony Stewart at a human-rights event)

Question: Can you think of any legislator who would oppose this common-sense bill?

Letter: HBO Didn’t Do KCTFHR Justice

Re: Rachel Dolezal's protest/DFO, Sunday Huckleberries (2nd item)

In the “Spokesman Review” Huckleberries column on Sunday, January 22, 2012, it was suggested that the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations prefers to accentuate the positive and focus on education with regard to confronting bigotry, prejudice and hate. This is only a partial description of who we are. For 31 years, the work and activities of the KCTFHR have included supporting the victims of hate crimes going back as far as the Sid Rosen and Connie Fort cases in the early 1980’s, the Victoria and Jason Keenan case in 1998 and the more recent 2011 Marlon Baker case. Let us not forget that members of our board have experienced serious threats on their lives such as the bombing of the late Father Bill Wassmuth’s home. We are not just a feel good organization/Christie Wood & Tony Stewart, Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. More here. (2009 SR file photo: Tony Stewart, right, and Sgt. Christie Wood speaks to media about racist literature)

Question: Have you ever participated in an event staged by the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations?

Rachel: MLK Wasn’t Passive

Harlem Renaissance (Rachel Dolezal) re: Christie: Disagree with counterprotest: I’d like to add a few responses to clarify, because I believe a false dichotomy is being created here. Why is the question education or protest? A true Dr. King approach is both. I am an Educator by profession. I began my work in Mississippi and have continued human rights and intercultural education at the university and public school level after leaving my affiliation with HREI. Yes, that’s part of the solution. I will never minimize that. But to pretend that protest is not acceptable, needful or that it was not part of Dr. MLK’s path is to not fully appreciate the Civil Rights Movement. The entire movement was based on DOING something rather than sitting by, ignoring things and letting the gravity of human depravity run its course with ongoing Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. The sit-ins were active, not passive. The marches were active, not passive. The voter-registration was active, not passive. Non-violent (on the part of those who championed equality) and tasteful? Yes, but passive? No. More here.

Question: When would you know that the time is ripe for counterprotest?

Christie: Disagree W/Counterprotest

Re: Counter-demonstrator Dolezal describes encounter with racists/HucksOnline

Christie Wood: People might think because (former Human Rights Education Institute educator) chose to counter protest the Aryans that the Task Force supports it. We do not. We will never stand across a street and yell back at Aryans or hold signs. Tony Stewart says it best ” If anyone can show me a time in history when Dr. King attended a Klan protest then perhaps we will change our tactics, but you will not find that Dr. King ever did that.” Instead of engaging with the Aryans our Board members and HREI hosted the 27th year of the Children’s show at NIC. This year is was a wonderful presentation of “Living Voices”. CDA & Post Falls School Districts brought the children in and they learned about human rights atrocities in our history. They were also sent away with a message of hope, tolerance, and support of human rights for all. As they left the college by bus their route went right past Winkler and his crew. Sadly, the little kids saw for themselves a current example of hate. (Photo from “Images of Rachel Dolezal”)

Question: Which way would you prefer to show your distain for KKK activity in Coeur d'Alene — counterprotest, passive resistance, or both?

Sgt. Wood: Ward Falsely Accused Me

Sgt. Christie Wood responds to an allegation made by Jeff Ward in his Reagan Republicans newsletter: “In your newsletter to your supporters you made a blatantly false statement accusing me with the following:
“This May, with the aid of his cohort, city police spokeswoman Kristy Wood and their nattering anonymous henchmen at HBO blog, he launched a scurrilous attack, on Tom Hamilton, Terri Seymour, Citizens for Better Education and the Reagan Republicans slandering us by attempting to link us with Aryan Nazis”. You clearly have me confused with someone else, and have done sloppy research (let alone exaggerated what I recall reading on HBO about this topic) before posting your newsletter. I do not appreciate your fabrication, or your clear intention to link my professional life and title to your political blog. My expectation is that you have the integrity to correct your false statement.

  • You can read about the post office box dust-up re: Citizens for Better Education and the old Coeur d'Alene post office box number here.


Christie: How About Grants For IB?

Christie Wood: Mr. Hamilton I was on the Board when the decision was made to offer IB. I also worked along side your Board Chair Wanda Quinn for many years to become a school district that did offer as many different opportunities for learning as possible. With that in mind there are often grant opportunities that our district has utilized in the past to fund various programs. Have you or the administration researched the possibility of continuing the programs with grant funding? If funds were made available would you support the continuation of both programs?

DFO: Since the comment ended with a question pointed at Coeur d'Alene Trustee Tom Hamilton, I'll leave this for him to answer rather than post a question of my own.

Christie: Human Rights Video Superb

Tony Stewart and I drove to the studio in Moscow last night and took part in the after review roundtable discussion with Marcia Franklin. She hosted the show from Boise for Idaho Public Television. If you have not had a chance yet to watch this documentary please schedule the time to do it. It is very powerful, moving, and accurately captures our history in Kootenai County. You will see images of the compound and the activites there captured on film that have never been broadcast before. For those that lived here through the difficult times of the Annual Aryan Congress, the violence, the compound, and the parades, and the trial that changed it all this will give you pride in how far we have come as a community.

Question: Were you here for the opening days (early 1980s) for the human rights struggle against white supremacism in North Idaho?

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