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Fairfax Gets 27 Months For Plot

A handyman hired by a North Idaho lawyer to kill his wife was sentenced today to 27 months in prison for an explosive device he strapped to the intended victim’s car. Larry Fairfax, 50, never told investigators about the pipe bomb when he said he’d been hired by Edgar Steele and agreed to secretly record conversations about the plot for the FBI, which led to Steele’s arrest June 11. Fairfax was arrested June 15 after Coeur d’Alene auto shop workers found the 12-inch bomb when Cyndi Steele arrived for a routine oil check. He told the FBI he’d put the device on the car in late May to make Edgar Steele think the plan was proceeding, but that he rigged the device so it couldn’t explode/Meghann M. Cuniff, SR. More here.

Clark: Cyndi Stands By Her Man

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“Stand by your Klan” by Doug Clark

Edgar Steele, former Aryan Nations shyster, was found guilty late last week of hiring some thug to blow his wife, Cyndi, (and her mother) to smithereens. Can’t say I didn’t see that train a’coming. I was a tad disappointed, however, to learn that the federal jurors in Boise didn’t also find Cyndi guilty of being the thickest brick on the planet. Far be it from me to pick on the victim of record. But Mrs. Steele’s misguided faith in her hubby is not just dumb, it’s Larry the Cable Guy dumb/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: What advice would you give to Cyndi Steele?

Cop: Steele Stoic re: Wife’s ‘Death’

Idaho State Police Trooper Jess Spike has notified families of about two dozen deaths in his career. Never has he seen a reaction as stoic as that of Edgar Steele at his Sagle-area home last June when Spike told him his wife, Cyndi Steele, had died in a car crash after being run off the road near Portland, Ore., Spike testified today. “It was flat, paused, almost contrived. It was as if he was trying to retrieve something in an archive and come up with what the answer was. It wasn't natural,” Spike said. “He kind of choked up. It appeared as though he was trying to develop tears, and no tears developed”/Meghann Cuniff, Sirens & Gavels. More here.

Prosecutors: Steele ♥ Ukrainian

A North Idaho lawyer accused of hiring a hit man to kill his wife was involved with another woman who received a letter from him after his arrest, federal prosecutors allege. Edgar J. Steele, 65, wanted his wife murdered because he “had been establishing a relationship with a young woman who lives outside of the United States,” according to documents filed this week in U.S. District Court in Coeur d’Alene. Ukrainian officials interviewed the woman and say she provided them with a letter she received from Steele after his arrest last June. Prosecutors say they plan to show jurors other letters and evidence outlining steps Steele took to meet the woman/Meghann Cuniff, SR. More here.

Question: Do you think it's time for Cyndi Steele to kick this guy down the road?

Fast Lane Lube Still On The Job

First, you need to remember that a car bomb was found under Cyndi Steele’s Mitsubishi when she took the vehicle for servicing to Fast Lane Quick Lube on Bosanko/CdA June. Then, you’ll appreciate the sign my wife saw on Fast Lube’s readerboard Wednesday: “We help prevent explosive repairs.” And on the sign below? “We do a thorough inspection.” Edgar Steele, the Bonner County attorney who represented the late Richard Butler and 3 Aryan Nations security guards in the civil trial that bankrupted the racist group, is still in jail on charges that he tried to hire someone to murder his wife.

Question: Anyone seen a good readerboard sign or bumpersnicker out there today?

Judge OKs Weekly Meeting For Steeles

The wife of a North Idaho lawyer accused of hiring someone to kill her will be allowed to meet with her husband every week. Cyndi and Edgar Steele can meet once a week at the Spokane County Jail or over the phone, according to a ruling issued Monday by U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill. Edgar Steele’s lawyer, Roger Peven, must be present, and the visits must be recorded. Peven is required to end the meeting if the Steeles try to discuss the murder-for-hire case, and the couple are prohibited from exchanging notes or documents. Magistrate Candy Dale will review the jail recordings on a regular basis/Meghann Cuniff, Sirens & Gavels. More here.

Question: Would you want to meet weekly with your mate, if the feds and an alleged co-conspirator believe that your spouse tried to kill you?

Murder-For-Hire Suspect Pleads Guilty

The man accused of putting a pipe bomb underneath the car of Cyndi Steele in a murder-for-hire plot changed his plea to guilty on two federal weapons charges in court today. The U.S. Attorney and Larry Fairfax reached a plea agreement despite the concerns and testimony of one of the victims. An emotional and angered Cyndi Steele testified that she objects to the current plea deal because it is too soft. She claimed her rights as a victim was denied, and the government never consulted before the plea was reached.  She said Larry Fairfax attempted to murder her to cover up the fact that he stole $45,000 in silver from her life savings/Mike Perry, KXLY’s Good Day North Idaho. More here.


HBO Poll: Steele Wasn’t Framed

  • Tuesday Poll: 136 of 182 (74.73%) respondents said that ex-Aryan Nations attorney Edgar Steele wasn’t framed by the FBI to silence his politically incorrect views in his murder-for-hire case. Only 32 of 182 (17.58%) believe his was set up. 14 voters were undecided.
  • Marano-Sims: Surprisingly, 104 of 150 (69%) respondents said they planned to vote for Democrat Paula Marano in her House District 4 race with Republican Kathy Sims in November. 31 of 182 (31%) respondents said they would vote for Sims.
  • Today’s Poll: Would you support a tax hike to avoid another round of cuts to education like the 7.5% cut in 2010?

AM: He’s Innocent I Telly Ya

Cyndi  Steele defended her husband Edgar  Steele during a press conference at Silver Lake Motel in Coeur d’Alene on Monday. Investigators have accused Edgar  Steele  of orchestrating a planned pipe bomb attack against his wife. She said her husband had no motive to kill her but that Larry Fairfax, the informant, had been caught stealing thousands of dollars worth of coins from the family. SR story by Meghann Cuniff here. (SR photo: Kathy Plonka)

Alaskan83: Edgar Steele Was Framed

RE: Intended victim of pipe bomb critical of plea bargain/Meghann Cuniff, SR

Alaskan83: I know this family personally and I can vouch that (1) Ed is a non-violent man, (2) the couple get along well, and (3) the federal government has targeted Steele because of his views. The authorities have kept Ed incommunicado and prevented us from sending letters to him. This situation amounts to a grave injustice and I urge the readers to donate to Steele’s legal defense fund. Today, the government comes after Ed, but tomorrow it will come after the rest of us.

Question: Is Cyndi Steele right — that her husband has been framed by the federal government for his politically incorrect views?

Cyndi Steele: Husband Is Innocent

The wife of a North Idaho man charged with hiring a hit man to kill her says she continues to believe her husband is innocent. Monday afternoon, Cyndi Steele announced in her first public statement that she believes the only reason her husband of 25 years, Edgar Steele, was jailed on murder-for-hire charges is because of a corrupt government. “Ed Steele’s case is about freedom of speech,” said Cyndi. “The only reason the FBI put him in jail is to silence him.” A newly created website supporting Steele’s freedom calls him a “politically prisoner”KREM2. More here.

Question: What do you make of this development?

Steele Allowed To Meet Wife

The alleged victim in a North Idaho murder-for-hire plot will be allowed to visit the man suspected of hiring someone to kill her. Cyndi Steele is allowed to meet with Edgar J. Steele once at the Spokane County Jail to discuss “their common property and interests, as well as financial issues related to their children,” according to an order filed in U.S. District Court in Coeur d’Alene on Wednesday. “If the defendant or Mrs. Steele attempt to discuss the case or anything related to it, Mr. Peven shall immediately terminate the visit,” the order from U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill reads/Meghann M. Cuniff, Sirens & Gavels. More here.

Question: What do you think Cyndi Steele will say to Edgar (if they’re not allowed to discuss the case in any way)?

Edgar Steele Wants To See His Wife

A jailed North Idaho lawyer accused of hiring a hitman to kill his wife is asking to see her. According to court documents, Edgar Steele’s attorney requested a federal judge allow Steele “to have a one time supervised visit with Cyndi Steele to take place at the Spokane County Jail.” The documents cite the reason for the visit is to discuss “common property and interests as well as…financial issues related to their children”/KREM. More here.

Question: If you were Steele’s wife, would you want to see him?

Edgar Steele: Political Prisoner?

The reported victim in an alleged murder-for-hire plot appears to be supporting the main suspect in the case – her husband, former Aryan Nations lawyer Edgar Steele.

Cyndi Steele joined her husband’s supporters in U.S. District Court in Coeur d’Alene Wednesday as Edgar Steele, 65, pleaded not guilty to four additional felonies, one that carries a mandatory sentence of at least 30 years in federal prison.

She spent several minutes talking to her husband’s public defender, Roger Peven, and to her husband’s friends before leaving without speaking to a reporter.

Several of Edgar Steele’s supporters said the case against him is a fraud and called him a “political prisoner” targeted because of his legal work against the federal government. Meghann Cuniff, SR  Full story. 

Another case of stand by your man?

Listen To Steele’s Calls To Wife, Son

Federal murder-for-hire suspect Edgar Steele will stay in jail pending trial after a judge found he had attempted to intimidate potential witnesses in the case – his wife and son. In a detention hearing Tuesday, federal prosecutors played two tapes of phone conversations Steele had with his wife, Cyndi, and his son, Rex, while being held at Kootenai County Jail on June 13. (Links to calls here)

Question: Did your opinion of Edgar Steele change, after you listened to his calls from jail to his wife and his son?

Judge Orders Edgar Steele Held ‘Til Trial

Federal murder-for-hire suspect Edgar Steele on Tuesday was ordered held pending trial after a judge found he had intimidated potential witnesses in the case — his wife and son. In a detention hearing today, the U.S. Attorney’s Office played two tapes of phone conversations Steele had with his wife, Cyndi, and his son, Rex, while being held at Kootenai County Jail on June 13. On the tapes, Steele tells his wife that she will be contacted by the attorney general’s office the following morning and will be asked to authenticate his voice on recordings that he says are doctored to sound as if he’s hiring a hitman to kill her. He pleads with her to say that it’s not his voice she hears on the tapes/Alison Boggs, SR. More here.

Question: Should Judge Candy Dale have allowed Edgar Steele to post bail? 

KREM: Steele Told Hitman He ‘Didn’t Want To Take Care Of Paraplegic’ Wife

Agents say the witness and Steele first met in a horse barn on Steele’s property in Sagle, Id., where Steele said he would pay the witness $100,000 after the murders were carried out and the insurance payment came through. The witness requested $400 up front to cover travel costs to Oregon City to carry out the murders. Steele paid the money, and planned out an alibi and contingency plans if only one of the women were killed. During a meeting on June 10, Steele told the witness he would call the next day when his wife left their house in the SUV. Steele insisted that the witness would only be paid after both women were dead and he was not considered a suspect. Steele said he insisted on a hit that looked like a car crash to ensure both women died because he “did not want to take care of a paraplegic”/Lindsay Chamberlain, KREM2. More here.

  • Cutline: Local authorities conduct a search of the vehicle aftera pipe bomb was removed at the Fast Lane Quick Lube in Coeur d’Alene on Tuesday. (SR Photo: Kathy Plonka)

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