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Kos: Idaho Solons Deaf To Fed Law

Despite the testimony from Idaho's (Republican) attorney general that a proposed law nullifying the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional, the House State Affairs Committee voted 14-5 last week to approve the bill. One Republican lawmaker (Eric Anderson, R-Priest River, pictured) on the committee joined with four Democrats. … The majority, however, were in league with one of the know-nothing teabaggers in attendance at a hearing on the law: “I wasn't going to speak until I heard the self-proclaimed scholar,” Bruce Nave, a resident of rural Sweet, north of Boise, told the panel. “We as citizens are tired of being lorded over by representatives. We're not conspiracy theorists. We aren't kooks. No one is going to force me to buy anything.” Law, schmaw. If I don't agree with it, the hell with the rule of law. This “the hell with the Constitution” aspect of the nullification effort — alive and well not just in Idaho but in eleven others states — is disturbing, particularly coming from people who are making laws/Joan McCarter, Daily Kos. More here.

Question: What do you make of situations, like the nullification effort in the Idaho Legislature, when lawmakers knowingly defy the U.S. Constitution?

Kos: Close Primaries, Avoid Mischief

Open primaries should be eliminated. Not only should members of political parties be allowed to select their own nominees, but open primaries provide too many opportunities for mischief by their political foes.  We saw this in 2008, when Rush Limbaugh organized “Operation Chaos,” urging his listeners to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries at a time when Barack Obama had seemingly wrapped up the nomination. I led a similar campaign during the Michigan primary — which was meaningless on the Democratic side — urging my readers to vote for Mitt Romney as a way to try and extend a Republican primary that had been pretty much locked up by John McCain/Markos Moulitsos, The Daily Kos, writing in The Hill. More here.

Question: Can you remember the last time that Moulitsos of The Daily Kos agreed with the uberconservatives in the Idaho Republican Party?

HBO Poll: Kos Blast Didn’t Hurt Minnick

  • Monday Poll: 80 of 163 (49.08%) respondents said that Congressman Walt Minnick wasn’t hurt by being called a bigot by national liberal blog, Daily Kos, while another 23 (20.25%) checked that they’d never heard of Daily Kos. 44 of 163 (26.99%) respondents said that Minnick was hurt by the slam by the national blog, which is read by many Democrats. 6 were undecided.
  • Today’s Question: Do you think former Aryan Nations attorney Edgar Steele was framed by the feds to silence his politically incorrect views?

Liberal Daily Kos Calls Minnick A Bigot

In the Daily Kos, the main blogger blasts Congressman Walt Minnick’s controversial, new ad re: challenger Raul Labrador’s role as an immigration lawyers. Kos states: “I expect Republicans to be bigoted assholes. It’s particularly heinous when Democrats do it.” Kos continues: “Minnick is up 20 in the polls, while his opponent is broke and has zero institutional support (he’s a teabagger who beat the establishment’s choice). It’s a done race, yet Minnick decides to be a bigot anyway by attacking his opponent’s work as an immigration lawyer.” You can read the rest of his post and view the video for yourself by following this link here.

Question: Will the attack by the Daily Kos hurt Minnick?

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