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Morris: In Praise Of Bob Curtis

Before the TV contracts, the Internet, etc., if you did not attend a Vandal game in person, then your only source of information was to listen on the radio…and how lucky we were from Pocatello to Sandpoint to have The Voice as our source. He always told me he only introduced himself once during each broadcast, at the beginning. Now I know why–we all knew The Voice—the passion behind it and the enthusiasm, no matter if Idaho was ahead or behind.  In this age of professionals who are here today and gone tomorrow while “climbing to the top” wherever that may be…The Voice shared with me that the day he was hired as the Vandals radio voice he was blessed because that was at the top, he'd made it, there was nothing else to aspire to. For 50 years none of us doubted that one bit. Only a handful of universities across the nation can claim the same radio voice of their football teams for 50 plus years. Idaho was one of the few, one of the fortunate. He was a salty fun-loving character who had the heart of gold. His work was farming, cattle ranching then real estate…his passion was calling Vandal games on Saturday afternoons/Tom Morris, Idaho Vandals Radio Network. More to come.

Question: Anyone else want to share thoughts re: what long-time “Voice of the Vandals” Bob Curtis meant to you?

A Dog Named Huck

Meet the official mascot of HucksOnline: “Huck.” Digger provides this intro to the dog that he & Spazz own in Moscow: “This is Huck. He was named Huck because (a) Hucks Online is my favorite blog; (b) Spazz and I both thought it'd be fun in case we got a black lab we could name Jim and (c) he was a rescue dog found in a huckleberry patch. Notice that reason (A) has to do with you.”

Digger: Don’t Call Sheriff ‘Top Cop’

Digger: I could care less about this kid. What I care more about is every damn newspaper in the country refers to the county sheriff as the “Top Cop”. Its soooooo boring….I have nothing else to replace it with but it seems so outdated and over-used. (very similar to a 4-day, every day use of the term “dance card” to describe the election races, but I digress…)

Question: So what would you call the sheriff if not “top cop”?

Digger & Hard To Figure Dreams

Digger (via Facebook): I hate dreams where there’s a pressing emergency but it takes forever to figure out what you’re doing to fix it. I had a dream that a house was on fire, I tried calling but for some reason had my Sprint phone and no service, so someone let me borrow their iPhone but we both kept misdialing… the odd part? I was diali…ng the St. Maries Dispatch… 245-2555… odd that I’d incorperate that into my dream!

Question: Had any strange dreams lately?

Digger: Best Post-Funeral Lunches?

In Moscow yesterday, Digger sez on Facebook that he spent much of the afternoon debating who puts on a better post-funeral lunch. The Catholic Ladies of Sacred Heart in Pullman? Or the Purple Paisley Quilters of the Unitarian Church in Moscow?

Question: Is there a group of church ladies in North Idaho who are known for putting on good post-funeral lunches for families and friends of the Dearly Departed?

Digger Goes Andy Warhol On Edgar Steele

I can see Digger has a little time on his hands today. He offers the Andy Warhol look at former Aryan Nations attorney Edgar Steele, who’s facing a murder-for-hire charge and who is the owner of that black SUV that had a pipe bomb attached to its undercarriage.

Digger: Does Labrador Want My Vote?

Digger (re: Labrador blasts Minnick’s ‘don’t-ask-don’t-tell’ vote): Why is this a “disapointment” Raul? Don’t you belive in equal rights for all humans? Don’t you, as a minority, understand that “Dont Ask, Dont Tell” is liken to the “Build a Fence and Ship em Back” mentality? And for Dennis Mansfield, who I know reads this blog, please inform your candidate that I voted for him in the primary not because I was opposed to Ward but because I believed Raul to be more level-headed and educated that “Shout louder” Ward was. Oh, and I’m openly gay. Am I to understand that Mr. Labrador does not want my vote in the general election? Because I’d be happy to give it to Congressman Minnick.

Question: Is there a single issue that would sway you into voting for — or against — incumbent Walt Minnick or challenger Raul Labrador in the 1st Congressional District race?

Digger: Labrador Honest, Ward Snake

Digger: Having watched the debate I have to say that Vaughn Ward is a snake. He’s a groomed, talking point, rethoric spewing politician. He says he hates politicians and is going to change the status quo becuase hes not status quo - but he speaks to us in soundbytes and with buzzwords.  Raul Labrador seems downhome and honest. You don’t feel like you’re being talked down to like with Ward. He is well spoken and easy to relate to. He dosen’t speak in buzzwords and seems to hold true to his convictions. I would really encourage everyone to go watch this debate before you vote on May 25.

DFO: Digger did a superb job of breaking down the debate last night. Check out this thread.

Question: If you saw the debate, feel free to post your thoughts here?

Digger: When’s Blogfest 2009?

We really need to get a date set for BlogFest so I can design the new T-Shirts. And get the date set on my calendar - I’m sure many others would like to as well. It can’t be the 14th due to the lover’s holiday, but the Saturday either before or after would fall within tradition/Digger.

DFO: I lean toward Feb. 21. But I need to get the OK from new Editor Gary Graham re: picking up the tab for the pizza and pop. Dunno if Capone’s is big enough to hold us again.

Question: When and where do you want to hold Blogfest 2009 — the 5th anniversary of Huckleberries Online?

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