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19YO Punk Gets Mouthy, Then Busted

And here's another of the drunk & disorderly stories that might go untold if it wasn't for the Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report (from 2:49 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 12 at the Pita Pit, 320 E. Sherman): “Officers responded to a call at the Pita Pit reference a crowd of disorderly males. Apparently one of the males had walked up to a female and asked her to “take off her shirt and show her (breasts),” to which she took offense and another male had to be held back from fighting him. One of the males, age 19, admitted to drinking an “Irish Trash Can,” at the Beacon that evening (at first he was confused and kept changing his story whether he had the drink at the Beacon or Pita Pit). The male was cited for Minor in Possession of Alcohol. Complete Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report.

Question: What would you do if a drunk insulted you or a lady friend?

Males Taunted For Hug, One Beaten

A friendly hug between two men at a bar triggered catcalls and resulted in one of the huggers getting beaten. It all started around 12:30 a.m. Monday, Feb. 13. Here's the Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report of the incident: “Officers responded to a battery call at the Moose (Lounge) involving a 39 year old male who had several lacerations inside his mouth and blood coming out of his ear and back of his head. According to the victim, he had been drinking with a friend and when his friend was getting ready to leave, the victim gave him a hug. According to the victim, several males then began making comments inferring the victim was a homosexual. These comments led to a heated conversation and the victim being knocked to the floor and kicked in the face.” Latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report.


Of Nekkid, Peed-Upon, DUI Drunks

3 of the many stories from the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report?

  • Intoxicated female with dress around waist and breasts exposed fighting with several other females and males. Multiple subjects walking and female has lost shoes and is bleeding from various injuries.
  • Suspicious male broke window out of vehicle. Suspect was owner of vehicle but extremely intoxicated and had urinated on himself. He told officers he had lost his keys and used a chunk of concrete to break the window.
  • Officers arrested a 48 year old female for DUI (BAC = .171) after a routine traffic stop (driving
    without tail lights). She told the officers she was moving the vehicle to avoid a parking ticket.
  • Latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report here.

Question: Which of the three individuals mentioned above would you consider most pathetic? Or is there someone else in the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report you'd consider more pathetic?

Downtown CdA Bar Report — 2.3.12

Wanna know why I stay away from downtown Coeur d'Alene after hours? Check out this battery report from 10:15 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 22: “Officers responded to the Eagles Club (209 E. Sherman) for a battery call involving two males and a female at a wedding party. According to the female victim (33 years), she was having a conversation with several people about religion, and the suspect male (31 years) did not like what she had to say. At one point, the female’s husband, a 33 year old male, stood behind her and said “hi” to the suspect who in return (for unknown reasons) punched him in the face three times causing him to fall to the ground and loose consciousness. When the suspect began walking away, the female followed him asking, “What in the hell did you do that for?” and when she was near the top of the stairs, the suspect male either grabbed or pushed her causing her to fall down 4-5 stairs causing lacerations on her legs, bruising, rug burns and a bump on the head.” A lot of battery & some serious injury in latest Bar Report here.

Media Spotlights Nake Defecator

  • This Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report incident has gotten widespread play in local media after first appearing here at Hucks Online at 10:59 a.m. Wednesday: “Naked man dumps, runs.”

A man was arrested in Coeur d'Alene after he allegedly broke in to a home, stripped naked, defecated on the floor and helped himself to a dip in the hot tub. “I couldn't believe it, I thought it was the most bizarre thing I've heard in a long time,” said Mark Witham, a neighbor. According to a police report, 23-year-old Clinton Perry faces charges for unlawful entry and obstructing officers after he entered a stranger's home on the 400-block of North 12th street at around 4 a.m. Police say Perry went into the garage, took of his clothes and decided to relieve himself on the floor. He then hopped into the hot tub. “He took what was described to me as a large dump in the garage and then buck naked walked into [the] house,” says Kenneth Burchell, a neighbor/KHQ. More here. And: KREM2 version here. And: Coeur d'Alene Press version here.

Question: Why are are local media & the public so fascinated with naked guy who dumps and runs?

Bar Report: I’m Drunk Occifer …

Huckleberries applauds the 24YO man (blood-alcohol level of .147) who was compliant during a routine traffic stop in the 400 block of E. Indiana early Friday morning recently. He told officers: “Sir, I’m not going to lie, I have been drinking tonight.” He went on to say (when asked to perform SFST test), “Can we just skip this, I’m not going to pass the evaluations. I’m drunk.” The male admitted to drinking three twelve ounce beers at the Rendezvous earlier in the evening. All this according to the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report, which you can find here.

Downtown CdA Bar Report (June 1-8)

A lot of fights and public urination in this week's Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report. But the Gold Star for the best incident goes to an angry young man who celebrated his 21st birthday this week by partying most of the evening. Seems he punctuated the celebration sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday by punching an Iron Horse worker in the nose. Twice. Later in the evening, according to the Bar Report, the victim of the first punch saw his assailant outside and congratulated him on his 21st birthday. You know, let bygones be bygones. The newly minted 21YO rewarded the Iron Horse worker by punching him in the nose again at about 1:20 a.m. Wednesday. The suspect then left in a vehicle and couldn't be located by Coeur d'Alene police. You can read the complete Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report here.

Downtown Bar Report (May 20-24)

  • Orginally posted at 3:54 p.m. Friday

Public urinators were out in force along Sherman Avenue, according to the Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report. Three or four incidents involving public urination were reported, including the one featuring a guy about to pee in Sherman Square, the pocket park near Java on 4th. The guy with the full bladder told Coeur d'Alene officers that he was “checking out the park” when they stopped him at 2:40 a.m. Saturday. When the officer pointed out to the man that his zipper was down, he admitted his intention. You can read the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report here.

Question: Which Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report incident is your favorite from May 20-24?

Downtown Bar Report (May 5-15)

The 25YO man who walked into a street pole after a confrontation with a Baja Bargarita bouncer wins the Drunk Behaving Baddest honors in the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar report (May 5-15). Seems bhe belligerent male finally left Baja Bargarita around 12:10 a.m. Friday, May 6, with both arms in the air, flipping off the bouncer. He was so intense on flying his two birds that he failed to watch where he was going and ran into a street pole. Also, he refused to provide indentification, to sit down, and to stop walking away when officers ordered him to do so. Ultimately, the drunk was arrested for obstructing and trespassing after grabbing an officer's arm. After swearing at officers and refusing to get into a patrol car, the drunk was tazed until he complied. You can read all about the incident and more in the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report here.

Coeur d’Alene Bar Report 4.29-5.1.11

While you were sleeping early (1:22 a.m.) Saturday morning, CPD Blues had their hands full with a belligerent 23YO drunk who'd been trespassed from the Icon for one year for fighting with another man and bar bouncers. Originally, a bouncer didn't want to press charges. But 35 minutes later, Belligerent Drunk returned to the Icon to try to start another fight. CPD Blues tried to persuade the jerk to leave the area and arrested him for trespassing when he wouldn't. Belligerent Drunk was kneed in the thigh and tazed by officers before getting into the patrol car. Where he kicked an officer in the shoulder and chest before being grabbed by another cop. Which earned him the additional charge of “battery on a police officer.” All of this, of course, means that it's time for the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report. Full report here.

Question: Anyone want to check to see whether the Icon again leads the Downtown Bar Report League in number of incidents?

Downtown Bar Report — April 23-24

In the “Stupid Drunks Do Stupid Things” Department, two 21YO men were cited for open containers @ 2nd & Lakeside early Saturday morning. No big deal, right? Here's the back story. The pair were walking home after being with a 25YO buddy who'd been arrested 13 minutes earlier for DUI. Seems they were in their buddies vehicle in the 500 block of Lakeside when cops popped their friend who blew a .148. The buddy admitted to drinking but told officers he'd started the vehicle to warm up. Beer was found in the vehicle. Afterward, the two sidekicks confessed they were drinking as they walked home. All this happened between 1:37 and 1:50 a.m. And this post means that another Coeur d'Alene Downtown Bar Report has arrived in Huckleberries e-mailbox.

Redux: Downtown Bar Report, Part 2

Earlier this month, Coeur d'Alene police responded to the Icon bar, where an unwanted male was trying to kick in the back door after he'd been kicked out of the bar. Seems the bar fly thought that the Icon was his house. And who are we to say that the man doesn't feel more at home at the Icon than anywhere else? All of this can be found in the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report (which I posted late Wednesday afternoon, but I didn't want you to miss it). You can also read about the bouncer who got punched in the face by another man but didn't want to press charges because the two had been making out earlier. For the latest bar report, click here.

Question: Izzit it just me, or does the Icon seem to have more than its share of Downtown Bar Report calls?

Bar Report: Anniversary Ends In Jail

In the “Nothing Says Happy Anniversary Like A Trashed Motel Room” Dept. … a Washington couple decided to celebrate their anniversary by renting a motel room in the 600 block of Sherman Avenue. So good, so far. Later, the two were drinking at the Icon when the husband “became aggressive,” according to the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report, because his Bride + A Few Years was talking to another man. Upon returning to the motel room, Mr. Hot Head became abusive toward his wife and trashed the room, “knocking over the microwave, cracking the toilet and other damage.” Mr. Hot Head, 34, was then arrested by Coeur d'Alene's finest for domestic battery. All of this is my way of saying that the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report (April 2-18) is fresh off the presses here.

Question: Which item in the Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report for April 2-18?

Lastest Downtown Bar Report …

Saturday, Oct. 9: 2250 hours @ Iron Horse, 407 Sherman (Battery): Officers responded to a battery call at the Iron Horse reference a bouncer who had been injured by a female. Apparently the female and her boyfriend were asked to leave the bar several times and at one point the female took a swing at the bouncer. Notably the female was very intoxicated and required the assistance of two officers to exit the bar (while screaming obscenities). After further belligerent behavior (including trying the kick the windows out of the patrol car), the 46 female was arrested for battery and obstructing a police officer. Full Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report here.

Question: Would you want to work as a bouncer in a downtown Coeur d’Alene bar?

I Don’t Like My Gal Looking @ Barkeep

Among the Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report nuggets was this little piece of gold from the Iron Horse that was recorded by CPD Blue at 2:14 a.m. Sunday: “Officers responded to a battery call at the Iron Horse reference a 28 year old male who had punched the bartender in the face (didn’t like his girlfriend liking the bartender).” Full Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report.

Question: Have you ever tended bar? Any interesting war stories?

Bar Report: Battery With Potato Chips

Hands down, the most interesting entry in the latest downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report report (Oct. 1-6) is an item that occurred at 12:52 a.m. Wednesday at the Coeur d’Alene Resort: “Officers responded to a malicious injury to property call at the Coeur d’Alene Resort reference an extremely intoxicated guest (from California) who had thrown patio furniture over the balcony (12th floor). The officers intended to issue the suspect a misdemeanor citation for malicious injury to property until he spit a mouth full of Pringles potato chips at a police officer. The suspect was then arrested for battery.” More: Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report, Oct. 1-6, here.

Question: Have you ever been assaulted with a mouthful of potato chips?

Downtown CdA Bar Report — 9/24-28

Here’s the latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report (Sept. 24-28):

  • Saturday, September 25, 2010: 2233 hours (2300 Block N 4th St –DUI): Officers charged two brothers (24 & 26 yrs) at Denny’s: One was cited for fighting in a public place and the other arrested for DUI. Apparently the two had been drinking at the Torch Lounge celebrating a birthday. They left the bar and stopped at Denny’s for a drink of water. Both brothers were intoxicated and the reason for the fight is unknown. The brother who had driven them was arrested for DUI (BAC = .206). He indicated they had consumed four pitchers of beer that evening.
  • Full report here

Question: After republishing this report on his Facebook page, OTV notes that there is only one case of public urination in the latest report. Does that mean our wild & woolly downtown is calming down?

Downtown CdA Bar Report (Sept. 11-12)

  • Saturday, Sept. 11: 0102 hours (N 4th St & E Sherman Avenue – Fight) — Officers responded to a fight call reference 20 – 30 people in the street and a fight. When officers arrived the fighting had ceased. No further information available.
  • Saturday, Sept. 11: 0116 hours (100 Block N 3rd St – Disorderly) — Officers responded to a disorderly call at the 100 block of N 3rd St. No further information available.
  • Saturday, Sept. 11: 0335 hours (320 E Sherman Ave – Disorderly) — Officers responded to a disorderly call reference a person sitting on the patio furniture of the Pita Pit who was too intoxicated to leave. No further information available.
  • Sunday, Sept. 12: 0233 hours (100 Block of N 4th St – Disorderly) — Officers responded to a disorderly call reference a male passed out in the alley. The male advised officers he was at the Icon that evening.

Bar Report: What Pitcher, Ossifer?

How drunk do you have to be to deny to police that you have a pitcher of beer while you’re still holding it. Here’s another of my favorites from the latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report: “Officers cited a 34 year old male for open container after catching him walking down the street with a pitcher of beer in his hand. At first the suspect denied having the pitcher, and then would not say what bar the pitcher was from, but when the officer gave him the ticket he told the officer he was “not the person who walked out of the Torch with a pitcher.” Full report here (the 4 females who set fire to a napkin at the Torch is pretty good, too).

Question: What is the dumbest thing you’ve seen a drunk do?

Downtown CdA Bar Report (Aug. 12-18)

At 1:55 Saturday morning, Aug. 14: Officers responded to a fight call at the Icon involving three females fighting (pulling hair and punching) and approximately 50 people standing in front of the bar watching the fight. The fight had started earlier on the dance floor in the Icon when the suspect female hit another female in the face with a beer bottle. The suspect was asked by bouncers to leave. Later on, outside the bar, the suspect threw another bottle at the victim hitting her in the face, and the fight ensued. The suspect female (19 yrs) was arrested for battery.

Question: Which incident is your favorite in the latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report?

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