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EOB: Micron To Lay Off Up To 2000

Micron Technology, the state’s largest private employer, announced today that it’ll phase out manufacturing of 200 mm wafers at its Boise plant, meaning 500 layoffs “in the near term” and “as many as 2,000 positions by the end of the company’s fiscal year.” In a press release, Steve Appleton, Micron chairman and CEO, said, “We remained hopeful that the demand for these products would stabilize in the marketplace and start to improve as we moved into the spring. Unfortunately, a better environment has not materialized, and we are at a point where we wanted to let our employees and the community know in advance what will occur later this summer”/MamaJD. More here.

No Money To Move To Idaho

Item: No money to move to Idaho: California sales improve, but prices, equity plummet/Rick Thomas, CDA Press

More Info: The real estate market in many parts of California is improving, in large part because of reduced prices. That means there will likely be fewer sellers from the Golden State who walk away with enough equity to relocate to North Idaho. In 2005, the typical seller netted $225,000 from the sale of a home there, said Leslie Appleton-Young, chief economist for the California Association of Realtors and keynote speaker at the 2009 Real Estate Market Forum Wednesday at The Coeur d’Alene Resort. That is now $100,000.

Question: Do you consider the possible slowdown in the number of people moving to Idaho to be a silver lining in the current economic crisis?

Joker: We Are To Blame For Mess

Obama’s stimulus package has good things and bad things. Nobody will be perfectly happy with it. The bigger questions regard society’s values. Americans are addicted to merchandise. We’ve been busily buying things with money we don’t have for a long time. We’ve leveraged our selves with credit cards, second mortgages, and loans. Mix out of whack wage structures, soaring health care costs and corporate greed and you’ve got middle class families struggling to make it. The more we buy, the futher we fall into debt. It’s cliche, but the rich get richer and poor get poor. At some point, the whole thing has to collapse/The Joker.

Question: Do you agree w/The Joker that the financial collapse reflects the condition of many households in America today?

WND Poll: Let Them Eat Pork

Question: What do you think about Schumer’s remark that Americans don’t care about pork?/

  •  He’s right - this is an emergency spending bill for an economic crisis
  •  He’s right - “pork” is just a biased term used by those opposed to government investment
  •  He’s right - great civilizations require great governments to lead boldl
  •  Americans are opposed to pork-barrel spending everywhere else but they want their own representative to bring home the bacon
  •  In a sense he’s right because man’s nature is covetous
  •  His wording was careless but if Americans really cared they could put a stop to pork-barrel spending
  •  He’s wrong - Americans are simply frustrated there’s no way to end pork-barrel spending
  •  Schumer also doesn’t believe Americans have Second Amendment rights
  •  Charles Schumer lives in a parallel socialist New York universe - he doesn’t have a clue what Americans care about
  •  It was an arrogant lie from a man who happens to occupy a safe senatorial seat
  •  Other

Minnick 1 Of 7 D No’s Vs. Porkulus Bill

Democrats Peter DeFazio of Oregon and Walt Minnick of Idaho voted no Friday as the House passed President Barack Obama’s $787 billion plan to resuscitate the economy. They were among just seven Democrats who voted against the plan. Minnick opposed the stimulus measure last month, but DeFazio switched his vote. He was the only House member to oppose the bill after supporting the initial version/AP. Story here.

Question: Did Demo Minnick, as your congressman, vote the way you wanted him to do so?

Senate OKs Porkulus Bill 61-37

The Senate today passed an economic stimulus bill that President Obama and congressional Democrats called crucial to pull the U.S. economy out of its downward spiral but that drew scant support from Republicans. Senators voted 61 to 37 to approve the massive bill, which the Congressional Budget Office now says would cost $838 billion over 10 years. Only three Republicans voted in favor of it. In the House, an $819 billion version of the package passed on Jan. 28 with no Republican support/Washington Post. More here.

Related: Idaho senators vote no. Read news releases for Crapo and Risch.

Question: Did Idaho Sens. Crapo and Risch vote correctly?

Obama Unapologetic re: Stimulus

Item: Crisis needs swift action, Obama says: He’s unapologetic in stimulus push/Washington Post

More Info: President Barack Obama declared in his first prime-time news conference Monday night that the task of saving and creating jobs is more important than cultivating the bipartisan cooperation he promised to bring to Washington and pressed his case for the massive economic stimulus plan working its way through Congress.

Question: Did President Obama’s news conference reassure you re: the stimulus package?

Sour Economy Hits Retirement Plans

Item: Back on the job market: Sour economy throws monkey wrench into retirement plans/Shawn Vestal, SR

More Info: For years, Mara Greene had a plan. After years of creating ceramic mugs and selling artwork from her Soap Lake home and store, she’d sell the property and retire to Spokane on the proceeds. “Unfortunately, it didn’t sell,” said Greene. “And that turned into: I needed to get a job.” So, at 62, Greene finds herself going out on interviews and filing applications for front-office jobs. Like so many people who are at or near retirement age, Greene has seen the economy overturn her expectations for life after work.

Question: Has the recession forced you to re-evaluate your retirement plans?

WND Poll: Obama & National Economy

Do you think Obama is looking to nationalize the U.S. economy?/WorldNetDaily

  • No, and the suggestion is absurd
  • No, only right-wing nutjobs or conspiracy theorists would think that
  • No, but he should nationalize the economy. It’s a sure-fire recipe for success
  • No, while some of the measures he’s considering seem extreme, they’re necessary in this time of turmoil
  • No, he’s merely doing his best to rescue the national economy after George W. Bush broke it
  • No

Century Publishing Cuts 50 Workers

Item: Century Publishing trims staff by 50/Brian Walker, CDA Press

More Info: Century has about 25 employees left. It employed 155 in the 1990s, but equipment upgrades and technologies later reduced that number slightly. At its peak in sales in the middle of 2007, the company employed 135. But it was restructured twice in 2008, which reduced the staff each time.

Question: Have you or anyone close to you lost a job since the economy tanked last fall?

Obama Caps Exec Bailout Pay

Item: Obama caps executive pay tied to bailout money/AP

More Info: President Barack Obama on Wednesday imposed $500,000 caps on senior executive pay for the most distressed financial institutions receiving federal bailout money, saying Americans are upset with “executives being rewarded for failure.”

Question: Do you support this move by President O? Did he cap exec pay too high/low? Or just right?

Barnes & Noble Pulls Plug On CdA

Item: Barnes & Noble cancels Riverstone Store: Developer sues for breach of contract/Rick Thomas, CDA Press

More Info: Plans for a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Riverstone have been abandoned, and the developer of the project has filed suit against the company, claiming it failed to live up to an agreement to occupy a 28,000-square-foot corner on Main Street. Riverstone Center Companies filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Washington, in Spokane, claiming unspecified damages because the Delaware company failed to accept the purpose-built structure when it was presented for delivery on Nov. 14, 2008.

Question: Where do you buy your books?

Minnick, Simpson Oppose Stimulus Bill

Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick will vote against the economic stimulus bill later today, Minnick spokesman John Foster said a few minutes ago. A vote is expected later today. Republican Rep. Mike Simpson has said he will also vote against the bill/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman.

Question: Do you support or oppose the proposed economic stimulus bill?

WND Poll: Obama & Economy

What should Obama’s first objective be to turn America’s economy around?

1. Raise taxes significantly on the rich
2. Tax Social Security benefits for the rich
3. Raise taxes across the board
4. Implement a new “New Deal” that puts everyone to work
5. Create a massive program to rebuild America’s infrastructure

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