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Support For Common Core Broad

A Spokesman-Review editorial Saturday supports Common Core:

But lately, Common Core has been smeared as a federal effort to ensure that all schools are the same and that the students become indoctrinated with liberal dogma. Back in March, Glenn Beck devoted his radio show to the topic, spreading disinformation with his special blend of ignorance and hyperbole. According to an Idaho Education News article, he ranted: “Progressives have jammed this through in the dead of night. Besides being dumber, our kids are going to be indoctrinated with extreme leftist ideology. We will not save our country unless we save it first from this attack.” The next day, the inbox at the Idaho Department of Education began to fill up with criticisms of Common Core/Spokesman-Review Editorial Board. More here.


Beck’s Common Core Boogeyman

Idaho's education reform task force has been swamped by dozens of people challenging the new Common Core academic standards. As the task force held hearings across the state, these critics described all kinds of bogeymen lurking there. Inspired by right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck, they linked the standards to communist indoctrination, a nefarious assault on Idaho's sovereignty and a dumbing down of Idaho schools. Sound familiar? You've heard it before. A generation earlier, Idaho educators and political leaders engaged in what was then called Goals 2000. Critics stopped it cold. But here's the problem: Without some kind of national standard in place, people in Idaho work in comparative isolation/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Do you listen to Glenn Beck?

Tom Luna Vs Glenn Beck? Really?

Maybe not exactly. But sort of. State Superintendent Tom Luna In defending one of Tom Luna’s key initiatives — Idaho Core Standards, or “common core” — spokeswoman Melissa McGrath calls out conservative pundit Glenn Beck for spreading “misinformation” about the initiative to establish uniform math and English language arts standards. McGrath decried the misinformation in an email sent to Idaho reporters this morning. Here’s the chronology. On March 14, Beck devoted his talk show to common core as a leftist movement that would devastate public education/Kevin Richert, The EDge. More here.

Question: I simply can't imagine that Superintendent Luna would embrace anything “liberal.” Can you?

Glenn Beck Signs Off With Fox

Glenn Beck has officially signed off from Fox, for good. Like a professor teaching his last class, the chalkboard-happy Beck summarized what he believed he had accomplished in his 2.5 years on Fox, where his passion, fiery rhetoric and polarizing arguments – and occasionally extremely offensive slips – made him one of the most popular faces of the conservative movement. “It's been an amazing ride,” a surprisingly composed Beck told his viewers. “And I have worked with some amazing people and made some amazing friends – mainly you”/Nina Mandell, N.Y. Daily News. More here.

Question: What will be Glenn Beck's legacy with Fox?

Dennis: Glenn Beck’s America?

I’m glad Glenn Beck felt the need to put on this rally. I’m glad people came to it. Such a rally, again, shows the desire for people to have their voice heard. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? You know what a “better” thing is? Love your neighbor. As yourself. Every neighbor. But you gotta start by loving yourself. And only God’s hand on us will allow us to do that. Patriotism doesn’t move God’s heart, loving my neighbor does/Dennis Mansfield. More here.

Question: Do big rallies in Washington, D.C., like the one just staged by Glenn Beck, have a lasting impact?

Signe: Glenn Beck Show

Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Inquirer

Letter: Sarah, Glenn Uninformed

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck’s voices came over the car radio recently as I was driving to the Valley. Sarah said, “Glenn, I’m glad you’re investigating the Federal Reserve because no one else is!” Beck replied, “I’m going to push for a windfall profit tax on the Federal Reserve.” If Beck had done his research on this topic, which he evidently knew nothing about, he would have discovered that any profit that the Federal Reserve makes goes to the U.S. Treasury. This is typical of the misinformation, half-truths, tall tales and just plain flat-out lies that Beck, Hannity and other talk show hosts on Fox News feed to the public on a regular basis/Larry L. Whitesitt, Fairfield, letter to SR. More here.

Question: Do you listen to talk radio?

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