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CindyH Wonders:

What were you doing when the clock struck 12 (this morning)?
What was the worst thing about 2008?
What was the best thing about 2008?
What are you most looking forward to in 2009?

ThomG: Dared Into Polar Bear Plunge

This past spring I helped arrange a “GOP Women for Minnick” event, in Coeur d’Alene. MamaJD was one of the attendees. I wandered up to MamaJD while she was engaged in conversation with Congressman-elect Minnick and for some reason the conversation on this warm spring evening turned to the Polar Bear Plunge. In front of Walt, MamaJD said something to the effect of “I’ll vote for Walt if you’ll jump in the Lake.” I agreed. Walt owes me for this. Big time!/ThomG.

Question: Have you ever participated in a Polar Bear Plunge?

TUBOB: Clint, Button & Me

The one I really want to see, and will this week between ski trips if REI ever gets the bindings mounted on my kiddo’s new twin tip K2s, is Gran Torino. Maybe Clint’s swan song, definitely a culmination of the whole Clint Eastwood solitary morally ambiguous revenge-taker icon, it’s a must see for me. As an aside, and I must say this is no small indictment of my pathetic maleness, I was barely engaged and frankly, kind of sleepy, during the early part of Benjamin Buttons but when the sea battle occurred, the only remotely violent mannish thing in the entire movie, I was instantly hooked and remained so the rest of the movie/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Do you have a must-see movie airing this winter?

KT: If Tom Cruise Assassinated Hitler:

If Tom Cruise had assassinated Hitler: Churchill, Roosevelt and a freed Germany turn on Stalin and beat the Soviet Union into plowshares and crappy sedans. THUS: Ronald Reagan lives out his life doing voiceovers in commercials and is not in a position to electrify a young DFO into becoming a Republican. THUS, a long-haired DFO runs an organic eggplant stall in the farmer’s market in Petaluma and never launches HBO. THUS Bob is voted Rookie of the Year (1988), Most Improved (1993, 2000) and Most Prolix (2003-07) in the Skamania County Ridgeline Owners Club … known as Honda Boys Only … or HBO. Sam buys an AK/Kevin Taylor.

Question: What public person or event affected your life?

D.J. Nall: Sentence Diagrams? Bah

I hate the term “diagramming sentences.” I hated diagramming sentences. I forgot all about it since it’s been so many years since I was required to do it. Now the memory is back and I need a valium or a bottle of whiskey/D.J. Nall.

Question: Can you remember how to diagram a sentence? Did you enjoy that part of your high school English classes?

Tubob: Up On The Roof

I just got down off my complex cantilevered-peaked angled roof plane surfaces with my youngest, the six foot five TOWWSG son. It was a nighmarish job of breaking huge slabs of snow to send ripping over the edge plunging into huge detonating hits on the sidewalks, deck, and yard below. I got snow down my boots and down my butt and I was wearing Columbia ski pants and they got soaked. Standing near the vent pipes blasting methane gases generated by a household of huge men through melted holes in the 4 feet deep snowpack, I could scarcely maintain consciousness as the waves of sewer stink nearly overcame me and sent me sliding like some ungainly comatose walrus across an ice floe on some godforsaken frozen arctic hell-land/TUBOB. More here.

Question: What part of winter 2008-09 have you struggled to deal with?

Stickman: HBO Family Has Passion

t’s the passion of course, why else do we visit here each day. The passion of Bob, and Cindy, and Digger, and Truly, and ThomG of course, and Gary, and Mama, god I would hate to forget her, such an passionate person is she, and TT, and Brent, and Marmite, god bless her, and Jbelle, a tear for that, and John, such love of life, and Toad, such a beautiful family, and Jen, what a wonder, and bent, such a brew, and Christie, what she has to put up with in the name of service, and all the Blue, such fine young men, and MikeK, such service to us all, and to the mayor Sandi, such a nice woman is she, and the police chief, such a man is he, and can I possibly forget keith, one of a kind, and everyone else that has happened by here and maybe someday will, we have such a beautiful group here, let us not ever forget that/Stickman. More here.

Sparky: Shoveling Roof, Farm Style

Sparky: So my husband is a farm kid. For those of you that are farm kids you know that you can do anything from the tools or crap you have around the house. Hubby just backed up his pickup full of show. He put an old dining table on top with the base down and jammed into the bed then he took the 6 foot ladder and jammed it between the table and the side of inside of the pickup. I banged on the side of the house for me to come out and hold the table down then up he went. I am a little impressed in the midst of the fear-fest. Of course, I am the one that falls in snow bank not once but twice trying to get to his darn truck. While the pain in my butt stood on top of the roof shoveling snow at me. Hubby told me that there is about fourteen or sixteen inches on one end of the house and over four feet on the other. I guess he was right to get up there but …

Question: Have you shoveled your roof? Or do you plan to shovel your roof soon?

JimmyMAC: Passion Drives HBO

JimmyMAC: This has been a heated year at times on this blog considering all of the elections but I want to know that I have grown more fond of each and every one of you as a result. There is one thing that rings true of an HBOer: PASSION. And personally, passion is one of the traits that I find most admirable in a person. I am thankful for all of the personal relationships I have here and cyber ones equally. I hope you all find comfort today and wish you all the best in the new year to come. God Bless each and every one of you.

Question: How many Merry Hucksters have you personally met?

OTV: Still Missing James Brown

OrangeTV: I feel a twinge of blue in remembrance of Soul Brother Number One James Brown whose energizer bunny finally quit exactly two years ago today.Time to put on his timeless, funky Christmas CD and eat cookies and fudge and dance around. Santa Claus, go straight to the ghetto!

Question: Which celebrity who died this year do you miss most?

CindyH: Grinch Swiped Snow Shovels

CindyH: Here’s the first Bah Humbug of the day: When I realized we were going to be enduring another Snowmapalooza, I went out and bought extra snow shovels. One for each kid. No more fighting about who got the “best” shovel. This morning we woke to find all three shovels stolen. The kids had stuck them in a snow bank right next to the front door. What kind of loser steals three snow shovels on Christmas morning? Grrrr

Question: Anyone else deal with a Grinch or Scrooge character this Christmas?

TT: More Christmas Music, More

Transplanted Texan:  I am so grateful that 98.1 FM is still playing Christmas music, not stopping right at midnight as in past years… we’ve still got 11 days of Christmas left, folks!

Question: When should radio stations quit playing Christmas music?

Tubob: Driving A Honda & Loving It

Tubob (To Keith): Undoubtedly you are one of those lovelorn admirers of craptacular American-made automobiles, and let me add, enjoy them while they are still actually, you know, manufacturing. I’m guessing you would rather have a Camaro than a Ferrari. And that’s cool, I guess. And if you’ve defined down “luxury car ride” to what a proletariat GMC Crew Cab with what is only loosely defined as actual suspension via typical GMC thudding solid axles vs Honda’s excellent unibody construction and four-wheel-independent suspension, well then I guess you probably do think you’re driving some state of the art machine. State of the art, I must say, in 1967. More here.

Question: What kind of car do you drive — American? Or foreign?

Brent: The House Is Too Quiet

Brent Andrews: Yesterday I had my wife and two children and a potential daughter-in-law laughing and exchanging presents and eating wonderful food and having a grand time in my home, and today they’ve all left for Memphis leaving me to an empty house and coffee with leftovers. Worse, my easy listening radio station has replaced the Christmas songs I’ve been listening to since November with its old stable of light rock tunes, most of them depressing in nature. I’m left to silence, and an empty house but for three dogs and a has-been writer - which is to say a place full of sensitivity and cunning, but lacking much immediate potential. Certainly it’s a big change from yesterday morning, and all those unopened presents and excited voices … thank goodness for YouTube and Hank III. More here.

Question: Anyone else experiencing a post-yuletide letdown after a fun & full time w/family?

S&S Herb: We Don’t Need You, DFO

DeeFo, you in trouble. It was one thing to wander off into the “gathering twilight” as it is said, but to desert us in our hour of need? It isn’t enough to suggest that our needs would only satisfy the appetite of a Science-fiction flick, no!!! You have created the machinery of your own destruction! Yes! You took a vacation. Now everyone that has struggled through corporate politics knows, YOU ARE EXPENDABLE …While in the past, those in the Ivory Tower thought that only the Blog Meister could rein in this unruly crowd of sociopaths, it has proved out wrong. While DFO is levitating 6 inches above the tropic beach he has rented, the truth be known. We all got along without you!/S&S Herb. More here.

JohnA: Night Before Xmas, HBO Style

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the blog
Not a creature was stirring, not even ol’ Bob.
The avatars hung by the posters with care,
In hopes that St. DFO soon would be there;
But the master was nestled all snug in his house.
While visions of page views still danced with his mouse..

With mamma in Boise, and I with her cat.
Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap,
When out from my keyboard arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.
Away to the laptop I flew like a fright.
Tore open the Windows and threw up the site.

More below

Jeanie: Snow Grounds Xmas Cards

JeanieSpokane: No travel plans, except to get across town to my son’s house on Christmas Day. However, my best laid plans of getting Christmas cards out has been waylaid. I have now decided to send out New Year’s cards. Maybe. I had a plan, you see, to send out my cards on Friday and then take the next two weeks off from work. But two snow days later, the cards, letters, stamps, labels still sit at work and I am pretty much snow bound. We did manage to get out of here this morning and trek to Spokane - I ducked into my office and grabbed “Santa’s presents” that had been hiding under my desk. The cards etc remain on the desk. I hate being late! So now I’ll send something after the New Year.

Question: Are you ready for Christmas? Or do you still have something to do today to finish preparing?

S&S Herb: Sweet Potato Pie, Yum

S&S Herb: Interesting that Bob would bring up sweet potatoes. While they are huge down south, most people around here aren’t really acquainted with them. I am making a sweet potatoes pie for the potluck at the Captain’s wheel tomorrow. This will be my first try. I have a very old recipe book from, I think, the forties. The reason is that it reffers to margerine as oleo margerine. That was back when you had to squeeze the coloring into what looked, and probably was, pure crisco. More here.

Question: Do you have a specialty dish that you prepare for family and/or friends for the holidays?

JeanC: Santa Wraps Gifts, Of Course

JeanC: when I was growing up Santa always wrapped our presents, but didn’t have name tags on them. We knew which ones were ours as Santa always piled them in separate piles and took our stockings off the mantel and put them on the correct pile of presents for us kids. Presents from family were always under the tree with tags on them.

Question: Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Ryan: Faster I Go, Behinder I Get

Blogmeister Ryan: As for other limits, it has nothing to do with being “less interested” in explaining anything, and everything to do with this site being a LOT bigger than just this blog. FWIW, I’m on about 8 straight 10- to 12-hour days of dealing with site launch issues and requests, both internally and externally. I monitor blog comments as much as possible (especially on the Site Update blog, naturally), return phone calls and emails, and that feedback form on the bottom of every page on this site is a firehose into my inbox. And I’m sure I *still* can’t answer everyone’s questions. More here. You can read Ryan’s current projects list here.

CindyH (w/DFO’s mega-ditto, for the two Rush fans on HBO): Personally, I appreciate the enormous amount of work Ryan and the online team have put into this project. He’s answered every one of my vague and incomprehensible e-mails. Or is that vaguely incomprehensible e-mails? Anyhow, Ryan and team you are doing great work. Thank you.

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