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HBO Poll: Otter Budget Hurt Education

  • Thursday Poll: 96 of 154 (62%) respondents said Gov. Butch Otter hurt Idaho education by offering & approving a budget that was too conservative. 55 of 154 (36%) said he wasn’t. 3 of 154 (2%) were undecided.
  • Weekend Poll: Which talented team will emerge as football champion of the 5A Inland Empire League?

HBO Poll: Blue-Collar Kids OK w/Us

  • Wednesday Poll: 126 of 172 respondents (73%) said they wouldn’t be disappointed if their child opted for a blue-collar job rather than go to college. 38 of 172 respondents (22%) said they would be. And 8 of 172 respondents (5%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll: Did Gov. Butch Otter hurt Idaho education by being too conservative with his last budget?

HBO Poll: Exhibits Attract Fair Goers

  • Monday Poll: Berry Pickers go to the North Idaho Fair mainly to see the exhibits (43 of 136, 32%), eat the food (33 of 136, 24%), and to enjoy the entertainment (21 of 136, 15%). To a lesser extent, they also go to the fair to see the motorcycle races (9 votes), go to the carnival (8 votes), attend the rodeo (7 votes), and attend the Demolition Derby (6 votes). 9 of 136 respondents said there was yet another reason why they go to the fair.
  • Today’s Poll: Do you support the permanent repeal of the ‘death tax’?

HBO Poll: No To Ground Zero Mosque

  • Weekend Poll: Overwhelmingly, Hucks Online readers don’t support construction of a proposed Mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero. 253 of 412 respondents (61%) said they do not support the project. 147 of 412 respondents (36%) said they did. 12 of 412 (3%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Question (multiple choice): Why do you attend the North Idaho Fair?

HBO Poll: Stimulus Package Failed

  • Thursday Poll: 79 of 135 respondents (58.5%) consider the 2009 federal stimulus package to be a failure. Only 20 of 135 respondents (14.8%) consider it to be a success. 36 of 136 respondents (26.7%) placed the impact “somewhere in the middle.”
  • Today’s Poll: Do you support the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero?

HBO Poll: Don’t Allow Huge Shipments

  • Tuesday Poll: 69 of 122 (57%) respondents said Gov. Butch Otter erred by allowing PhillipsConoco to move huge loads of refinery equipment on state Highway 12, through sensitive Clearwater/Lochsa river canyon. 50 of 122 (41%) agreed with Otter’s decision. 3 of 122 (2%) were undecided.
  • Hydroplane Exhibit: 58 of 104 (56%) respondents said they don’t plan to watch the hydroplane exhibit on Lake Coeur d’Alene this weekend that’s designed to raise money for the North Idaho Museum. 53 of 104 (43%) said they will. 3 of 104 (3%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll: Should Boise State football rejoin Western Athletic Conference?

HBO Poll: Let Relay Race Continue

  • Monday Poll: 115 of 189 (61%) of the respondents said the Spokane-to-Sandpoint relay race should be allowed to continue in the future, despite the crashes this year that killed one participant and seriously injured two others. 60 of 189 (32%) said the race should be stopped. 14 of 189 (7%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Question: Was Gov. Butch Otter right in allowing PhillipsConoco to ship huge refinery equipment through the Clearwater/Lochsa river canyon?

HBO Poll: UI Fans Like Same As Others

  • Weekend Poll: 55 of 127 respondents (43.3%) said University of Idaho football fans are no better or worse than other college football fans, when asked to describe them. 26 of 127 (20.5%) described UI fans as “knowledgable & unethusiastic”; 24 of 127 (18.9%) said they suffered an inferiority complex; 18 of 127 said they are “inebriated & nasty” & 4 of 127 (3.1%) said they are “intellectual & cultured.” The Lewiston Tribune originated the poll.
  • Today’s Poll: In view of the 2 serious accidents involving Spokane-to-Sandpoint relay participants, including one fatality … should the 185-mile race be continued?

HBO Poll: Minnick Mailing OK

  • Thursday Poll: 81 of 138 respondents (59%) found no problems w/Congressman Walt Minnick’s use of his franking privileges to inform voters re: the need for an ID at the polls this November. 55 of 138 respondents (40%) said Minnick was wrong to do so. 2 of 138 (1%) were undecided.
  • NI Fair Changes: Only 30 of 104 (30%) agreed with two major changes announced by North Idaho Fair this year — to charge $5 for grandstand events and to allow fair goers to carry beer around the grounds. 29 of 104 disagreed (28%) disagreed w/both changes. 28 of 104 (27%) agreed with the grandstand fee but not the beer change. Another 14 of 104 (13%) agreed with beer change but not grandstand fee. 2 of 104 (2%) were undecided.
  • Weekend Poll (from Lewiston Tribune): Which phrase best describes the typical University of Idaho football fan?

HBO Poll: No To Automatic Citizenship

  • Wednesday Poll: By a slim margin, HucksOnline readers don’t believe in the 14th Amendment provision that bestows citizenship automatically on everyone born in the United States. 105 of 213 (49%) didn’t support automatic citizenship. 102 of 213 (48%) did support automatic citizenship. 6 of 213 (3%) were undecided.
  • Hydroplane Fund-raiser: 36 of 72 (50% exactly) voted that the North Idaho Museum fund-raiser involving the appearance of vintage hydroplanes is a back-door attempt by some to resurrect the races. 24 of 72 (33%) contended that it’s strictly a fund-raiser with no ulterior motives. 12 of 17 (17%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll: Is it OK for Walt Minnick to use his franking privileges to warn voters re: need for ID at polls in November?

HBO Poll: KTEC Levies Will Fail

  • Tuesday Poll: Barely one-third of the respondents (a combined 38 of 111, or 34.2%) believe that the levies for the proposed Kootenai Technical Education Campus in three county school districts will pass with the needed 55 percent approval in each. Almost half (52 of 111, or 46.8%) believe the proposal will fail to win even a majority vote, while 21 of 111 (18.9%) believe the levies will get majority approval but fail to reach 55 percent.
  • Today’s Poll: Do you agree with the current 14th amendment provision that all people born in the USA are automatic citizens?

HBO Poll: Minnick’s Tea Party Flirtation

  • Thursday Poll: You Berry Pickers aren’t sure what impact Walt Minnick’s flirtation with the Tea Party Express had on his candidacy. 50 of 132 respondents (37.9%) said it had no impact. By identical counts of 38 of 132 (28.8% each), you said that the Minnick’s endorsement and then rejection of the Tea Party Express endorsement helped him and hurt him. 6 of 132 (4.5%) were undecided.
  • Weekend Poll: Is this the time to ask voters for tax money to build a pro-tech high school on the Rathdrum Prairie?

HBO Poll: Idaho Reporter … Legit

  • Wednesday Poll: By the narrowest of margins, Hux Online readers say that the Idaho Reporter is a legimate news outlet. 67 of 145 respondents (46%) said the news arm of Idaho Freedom Foundation is legitimate, while 66 of 145 respoondents (46%) said it isn’t. 12 of 145 (8%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll: Did Congressman Walt Minnick’s flirtation with the Tea Party Express help or hurt him overall?

HBO Poll: Repeal 17th Amendment? No!

  • Tuesday Poll: Overwhelmingly, you Berry Pickers rejected the plank in the Idaho Republican Party platform that calls for repealing the 17th amendment (the one that provides for election of U.S. senators by voters rather than state legislatures). 182 of 203 respondents (90%) said the voters should continue to choose U.S. senators. Only 21 of 203 voted that legislators should choose the U.S. senators.
  • Today’s Poll (in recognition of Wayne Hoffman’s visit this morning): Is Idaho Reporter, the news arm of Idaho Freedom Foundation, a legitimate news outlet?

HBO Poll: Tourists Make Us Feel Lucky

  • Weekend Poll: Area residents have an ambivalent feeling re: tourists. A plurality of 73 of 187 respondents (39%) said that tourists make they realize how fortunate they are to live in North Idaho. However, 57 of 187 (30.5%) view tourists as “a necessary evil” to help our economy, and 27 of 187 (14.4%) say tourists ruin their summer. Of the other two options, only 17 of 187 (9.1%) said they enjoy tourists, and 13 of 187 (7%) said they first saw North Idaho as tourists.
  • Today’s Poll: Who should KVNI hire to replace Rick & Teresa Lukens as  morning news anchor?

HBO Poll: Not Many NIdaho Hispanics

  • Thursday Poll: Only 24 of 134 respondents (18%) said they were part of full Hispanics — or have members of their extended family who are. 101 of 134 respondents (75%) said there is no Hispanic blood in their family.
  • Today’s Question: What do you think of tourists in North Idaho?

HBO Poll: County’s Stand Wrong

  • Wednesday Poll: Overwhelmingly, you Huckleberries oppose the move by Kootenai County commissioners to challenge the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s request to put 143 acres in trust land status (a move that would cost the county $9900 in lost taxes). 107 of 130 respondents (82.3%) said they oppose the commissioners’ action. 20 of 130 (15.4%) said they support the decision. And 3 of 130 (2.3%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll (in honor of the Bonner County Republicans protest of the county fair’s fiesta theme): Are you full or part Hispanic? Is there Hispanic blood in your extended family?

HBO Poll: Fed Suit Vs. Arizona Wrong

  • Tuesday Poll: 151 of 219 respondents (69%) said they oppose action taken by the federal government to sue to stop the state of Arizona from enforcing new illegal immigration laws. Only 63 of 219 (29%) supported the action taken by the U.S. Department of Justice. 5 of 219 (2%) were undecided.
  • BSU’s Smurf Turf: 217 of 311 respondents (70%) said they didn’t like the blue turf on the Boise State University football field. Only 88 of 311 (28%) said they liked the Smurf Turb. 6 of 311 (2%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll: Is Kootenai County right to fight the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s attempt to place 143 acres in trust land status, over $9900 in lost property taxes?

HBO Poll: Art On Green Is Fave Event

  • Monday Poll: You Berry Pickers prefer Art on the Green to the other three major summer events in Coeur d’Alene combined. 68 of 127 respondents (54%) selected Art on the Green as their favorite major summer activity in the Lake City. The Fourth of July celebration was a distant second pick w/25 of 127 votes (20%). 22 of 127 (17%) chose Car d’Lane as their favorite event, while 12 of 127 (9%) selected Ironman Coeur d’Alene.
  • Today’s Poll: What do you think of federal suit to stop Arizona from enforcing its new immigration laws?

HBO Poll: Craig More Infamous Then Butler

  • Infamous Idahoans: Believe it or not, former Idaho U.S. senator Larry Craig was deemed more notorious than late Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler, in a poll that started Friday. a plurality of 46 of 137 respondents (33.6%) considered Craig to be the most notorious on a list of five provided by HucksOnline. 45 of 137 (32.8%) considered Butler the most infamous Idahoan. 20 (14.6%) felt Randy Weaver was the worst of the bunch, while 16 (11.7%) voted for killer Claude Dallas as worst. No one voted for Gutson Borglum, the Mount Rushmore sculptor who had ties to the KKK. 10 (7.3%) thought someone else was worse than these 5.
  • LeBron James: 67 of 171 respondents (39%) said LeBron James’ decision to sign a new contract w/Miama shouldn’t have been a big deal since he was a free agent. 62 of 171 (36%) didn’t care about LeBron or sports. 21 (12%) said he betrayed his old team, Cleveland. 15 (9%) said they agree w/LeBron’s decision b/c Miami will be a talented team to watch now.
  • Today’s Poll: Which major Coeur d’Alene summer event do you like most — Art on the Green, Car d’Lane, Fourth of July, or Ironman Coeur d’Alene?

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