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Poll: McGee Concussion Tale? C’mon

  • Wednesday Poll: Overwhelmingly, Hucks Nation doesn't buy the story state Sen. John McGee and his attorney are trying to sell that a concussion was primarily to blame for McGee's DUI and other weird behavior recently. 119 of 138 respondents (87.5%) said the story is hookum. Only 9 of 136 respondents (6.62%) said they believe the senator. 8 were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Do you support President Obama's decision to send condolence letters to military families whose loved ones commit suicide?

Hucks Poll: It’s ‘North Idaho’, Butch

  • Weekend Poll: Butch Otter, our governor from southern Idaho, likes to think of the five northernmost counties as “northern Idaho.” Overwhelmingly, however, that's not how we consider ourselves. 195 of 232 respondents (84.05%) to a weekend poll say they live in “North Idaho” not “northern Idaho.” Only 32 of 232 (13.79%) agree with Butch that this region should be called northern Idaho. 5 were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: How would you rate the fireworks in your neighborhood last night?

Poll: Trapping Wolves OK

  • Thursday Poll: A near supermajority approves of the use of trapping to reduce the number of wolves in Idaho. 74 of 116 (65.18%) agree with the decision to trap troublesome Elk City area wolves. 40 of 116 (34.48%) oppose the use of trapping to kill wolves. 2 were undecided.
  • Weekend Question: How do you refer to the 5 northernmost counties: North Idaho or northern Idaho?

Poll: Failed Recall Try Supports Luna

  • Monday-Tuesday Poll: 56% of Hucks Nation say the failure of the Recall Luna effort is an endorsement of Superintendent Tom Luna & his reform legislation. 231 of 410 respondents (56.34%) voted that way, while 173 of 410 (42.2%) said the failed campaign wasn't an endorsement of Luna or his controversial policies. 6 were undecided. However, it's apparent that someone who supports Luna hijacked the poll (in terms of number of voters and flipflop of results from first day of voting).
  • Today's Question: What type of prayer invocation should be allowed at City Council meetings?

Poll: Ironman? Hoopfest? Bah!

  • Thursday Poll: For all the excitement in Coeur d'Alene and Spokane, Hucks Nation isn't excited about Coeur d'Alene Ironman or Hoopfest. 77 of 132 respondents (58.33%) voted they weren't interested in either big sporting event this weekend. 38 respondents (28.79%) said they were more interested in Ironman than Hoopfest, while 12 respondents (9.09%) preferred Hoopfest to Ironman. Only 5 respondents (3.79%) said they were interested in both events.
  • Today's Poll: Should North Idaho College try to find someone locally to become its next president?

Poll: Idaho Solons Take Care Of Own

  • Wednesday Poll: 72 of 122 respondents (59.02%) view the $94,633 in bonuses given to legislative staffers during these hard economic times as an example that lawmakers “take care of their own.” 25 respondents (20.49%) say bonuses meant some state workers are more important than others. 12 respondents (9.84%) say state workers are more important than private ones. 9 (7.38%) said bonuses were a reward for good work. 4 people were undecided.
  • Safe Driver Poll: 67 of 77 (77.01%) said they are “absolutely” safe drivers. 17 (19.54%) described themselves as “so-so” drivers. 3 (3.45%) admitted they are bad drivers.
  • Raw Milk Poll: 19 of 41 respondents (46.34%) said they're less likely to support Republicans as a result of GOP-suppored raw milk seminar Wednesday. 17 (41.46%) said forum has no affect on their political support re: Republicans. 3 (7.32%) said they're more likely to back Republicans for pushing the local forum. 2 were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Which major Inland Northwest event this weekend interests you more — Hoopfest or Ironman?

Hucks Poll: Bring Troops Home Now

  • Tuesday Poll: A plurality of Hucks Nation voted that President Obama should bring all American troops home from Afghanistan now. 54 of 117 respondents (46.15) want our troops home immediately. However, 38 of 117 respondents (32.48%) favors a slow withdrawal that ends in 2014. Also, 19 respondents (16.24%) wants Obama to remove the 30,000 surge troops now; 5 (4.27%) support an indefinite presence in Afghanistan; and only 1 (.85%) backs the choice that Obama likely will follow — withdrawal of 10,000 troops immediately and gradual withdrawal afterward.
  • Today's Poll: What kind of message did legislators send by awarding $94,633 in bonuses this year to legislative staffers?

Hucks Poll: McGee Should Go

  • Monday Poll: A supermajority of Hucks Nation say state Sen. John McGee, R-Caldwell, should be booted from the Idaho Legislature, if he's found guilty of DUI and grand theft auto. 121 of 183 respondents (66.12%) say he should be forced from Legislature. 24 respondents (13.11%) said his Senate District should deal with him at the polls, followed by 23 respondents (12.57%) who think he should be booted from his Senate Republican Caucus chairman post and other leadership roles. 10 (5.46%) said he should simply be censured. 5 were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: How quickly should the Obama administration withdraw troops from Afghanistan?

Poll: Good Riddance To Tourists

  • Last Week Poll: 107 of 259 respondents (41.31%) to a vacation poll last week said their favorite summer event in Coeur d'Alene is when the tourists leave. 74 of 259 respondents (28.57%) listed Art on the Green as their second favorite event, followed by 42 respondents (16.22%) who enjoy Fourth of July activities most; 20 respondents (7.72%) who favored Coeur d'Alene Ironman; and 16 respondents (6.18%) who enjoyed Car d'Lane most.
  • Today's Poll: What should be done with state Sen. John McGee, if he's found guilty of the charges against him (DUI & grand theft auto)?

Poll: Speaker Denney Needs To Go

  • Wednesday Poll: 67 of 109 respondents (69.72%) say Idaho House Republicans need to find another House Speaker in lieu of the several ethics problems dogging foot soldiers of Lawerence Denney. 19 of 109 (17.43%) could care less. Only 11 of 109 (10.09%) support Denney's leadership. 3 were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Should Kootenai County Republicans be promoting a townhall meeting backing distribution of raw milk?

Poll: Hucks Nation Tabs Quinn, Too

  • Monday Poll: Hucks Nation agreed with the Coeur d'Alene School Board's unanimous appointment of former chairwoman Wanda Quinn to fill the spot of resigning Chairwoman Edie Brooks. Quinn received 51 of 103 votes (49.51%) from Hucks Nation, followed by Christa Hazel with 35 of 103 (33.98%). Conservative Jim Purtee got 13 votes (12.62%) while Tony Norris & Carole Springer tied w/2 votes (1.94%) each.
  • Twitter Scandal: 84 of 147 respondents (57.14%) put U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter scandal in the same league as former U.S. Sen. Larry Craig's toe-tapping scandal. 43 of 147 respondents (29.25%) consider Craig's scandal worse. 19 of 147 (12.93%) consider Weiner's scandal worse. 1 respondent was undecided.
  • Better/Worse Off: 33 of 94 (35.11%) say they expect to be worse off by the time the 2012 presidential election is held. The same number expect to be doing about the same. 28 of 94 (29.79%) expect to be better off in November 2012.
  • Today's Question: Do a married person's online flirtations — including explicit ones — count as infidelity?

Hucks Poll: School Sports Essential?

  • Thursday Poll: By a narrow margin, Hucks Nation said school sports are essential for the public education mission in Idaho. 76 of 153 respondents (49.67%) said school sports were essential, while 74 of 153 respondents (48.37%) said they weren't. 3 respondents were undecided.
  • Weekend Question: Who is the best Coeur d'Alene Mayor of the last 30 years (in alphabetical order): Sandi Bloem, Jim Fromm, Al Hassell, Steve Judy, or Ray Stone?

Hucks Poll: CdA Not A Small Town

  • Small Town Poll: 70 of 114 respondents (61.4%) say that Coeur d'Alene is no longer a small town. 44 of 114 respondents (38.6%) still consider the Lake City to be a small town.
  • Tuesday Poll: Hucks Nation is evenly divided re: reactions to individuals who talk too much about their weight-loss or exercise programs. 39 of 112 respondents (34.82%) said they like to hear about the progress of such individuals. 27 of 112 respondents (33.04%) say they're too self-observed, while 36 of 112 respondents say they are sometimes bored by such talk, sometimes not.
  • Today's Poll: What will opponents of McEuen Field changes do now (that the council has voted 5-1 to proceed with the work)?

Hucks Poll: McEuen Changes Will Pass

  • Monday Poll: A near supermajority of Hucks Nation believes the Coeur d'Alene City Council will approve proposed changes to McEuen Field, either as is or with slight modifications. 26 of 100 respondents say the council will OK the plans as they are. 38 of 100 say the council will OK plans with slight changes. 19 of 100 say the council won't make a decision until a later date. 11 said the council will accept the plans with major changes. Only 6 said the council will reject the plans altogether.
  • Today's Poll: Do people who talk a lot about their weight loss or exercise programs bore you?

Hucks Poll: Appoint Trustee Now

  • Weekend Poll: A solid majority of Hucks Nation wants the Coeur d'Alene School Board to appoint a replacement for resigning Chairwoman Edie Brooks now, rather than wait for two conservative trustees-elect to join the board July 1. 85 of 155 respondents (54.84%) want the appointment made as soon as possible. 64 of 155 respondents (41.29%) want the board to wait until conservative Tom Hamilton and Terri Seymour join July 1. 6 were undecided.
  • Today's Question: What decision will the City Council make re: McEuen Field upgrade plans Tuesday night?

Hucks Poll: Don’t Run, Patty

  • Wednesday Poll: Most Hucks Nations voters don't want to see actress Patty Duke of Coeur d'Alene run for political office in Idaho. 82 of 153 respondents (53.59%) said they don't want to see Duke run for office. 55 of 153 respondents (35.95%) said they want her to run. 16 (10.46%) were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Do you consider the Idaho Freedom Foundation to be mainstream for Idaho?

Hucks Poll: We Don’t Ride Bikes

  • Monday Poll: A majority of Hucks Nation either doesn't ride bikes or rides them only occasionally. 49 of 108 respondents (45.37%) said they never ride bikes. Another 21 of 108 (19.44%) said they ride bikes only occasionally. Only 5 respondents (4.63%) said they ride bikes every day. Other votes were scattered among those who ride bikes 2-3 times per week, 22 (20.37%). And those who ride bikes once a week, 11 (10.19%).
  • Today's Poll: Are you personally affected by the current flooding in North Idaho?

Hucks Poll: We’re Underpaid

  • Weekend Poll: 94 of 173 respondents (54.34%) said they're underpaid when asked to describe the level of their wages. 50 of 173 respondents (28.9%) said they're adequately compensated. 25 of 173 (14.45%) said they are unemployed. 2 each answered they're paid too high or didn't know how to describe their level of compensation.
  • Today's Poll (in honor of Bike to Work week): How often do you ride your bike when the weather is good?

Hucks Poll: More Wolves, Or Less

  • Tuesday Poll: In a strange vote, as many Hucksters voted to reduce the state's wolf population to 150 or less as they did to increase the population to 1000 or more — 39 of 112 (34.82%). The rest of the votes were divide among these options for number of wolves to be allowed in Idaho: 10 (8.93%) wanted 500 to 750 wolves; 9 each (8.04%) wanted 150 to 300 and 300 to 500 wolves; and 6 (5.36%) wanted the approximate current number of 750 to 1000 wolves.
  • Today's Poll: What should be done to the girls who stripped their softball teammate on a school bus?

Hucks Poll: OK w/Way Bin Laden Shot

  • Thursday Poll: Hucks Nation has no problem that terrorist Osama bin Laden wasn't armed when shot by two Navy Seals earlier this week. 210 of 234 respondents (89.74%) said they don't care one iota that the terrorist was unarmed when gunned down. 15 of 234 (6.41%) are somewhat concerned. 8 of 234 (3.42%) are bothered that he was unarmed when killed. 1 was undecided.
  • Weekend Poll: Who would you prefer to be sitting in the 1st Congressional District seat at the moment — Raul Labrador or Bill Sali?

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