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Poll: Most Haven’t Attended Julyamsh

  • Monday Poll: Most of Hucks Nation hasn't attended the Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe's giant powwow at the Greyhound Park in Post Falls — Julyamsh. 69 of 109 respondents (63.3%) said they haven't attended the big event, which took place over the weekend. Only 40 of 109 respondents ( 36.7%) said they have attended Julyamsh.
  • Today's Poll: Are Coeur d'Alene council incumbents Woody McEvers and Deanna Goodlander re-electable?

HucksOnline Interviews Sandy Patano

HucksOnline interview with Sandy Patano of the North Idaho Political Action Committee follows:

DFO: Why do you think there's a need for the North Idaho Political Action Committee, which has been dubbed “Reasonable Republicans”?

Sandy Patano: We want to identify and recruit quality candidates to run for office. Phil Hart motivated me to get involved by his actions and his inaction to take care of his own business. We need strong candidates with integrity who have skill and talent to tackle tough issues that government faces today. We don't need self-serving ones. We want people to focus on important issues of the day and not get sidetracked with issues that aren't important to most.

  • DFO: What is your reaction to the attacks that the United Conservatives of North Idaho has made on the phrase 'reasonable Republicans'? Rep. Barbieri's said: “If I wanted a reasonable Republican, I’d vote for a Democrat.”
  • Sandy: I think he's backtracking on his own comment now. (Those who call us that are) engaged in a process that's designed to exclude versus include more people. That's why we (Idaho Republicans) moved to a closed primary in Idaho.
  • DFO: You mentioned Phil Hart as a reason for your involvement. Are there any other candidates who might concern you?
  • Sandy: Yes. There are candidates seeking public office in Kootenai County that should cause the public concern. I'm bothered that there are some Republican candidates who think they don't have to follow the same law that the rest of us do — and I'm not just talking about Phil Hart.
  • More below

Poll: Mack Disinvite Right Move

  • Tuesday Poll: 84 of 139 respondents (60.43%) supported the 31-30 decision by the Kootenai County GOP CC to disinvite controversial former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack from speaking at the local Lincoln Day Dinner March 24. 35 of 139 respondents (25.18%) disagreed with the decision made Tuesday night. 20 respondents (14.39%) were undecided.
  • Urban Renewal Districts: 84 of 139 respondents (62.75%) voted that they don't want to see urban renewal districts eliminated in Idaho. 33 of 102 (32.35%) said they want to see URDs banned altogether. 5 respondents (4.9%) were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Why do you usually visit the Coeur d'Alene Resort?

1st HucksOnline Post Ever

Here's the first post I made as a blogger (on Feb. 16, 2004*). The blog was then called No Holds Barred. Later, it was known as Hot Potatoes before becoming HucksOnline:

For those who have developed a taste for Huckleberries, Hot Potatoes and other basic food groups in North Idaho, I'm taking it to the next level today … by moving on up to blogging. If you don't know what that means, sound it out: blog, bah-log, Web log. In other words, a blog is a combination Web diary/column/train-of-consciousness thing.

Here's what I hope to accomplish with my blog:

1. Let folks in North Idaho know what's going on behind the scenes in political races and North Idaho governments.
2. Comment on the stories of the day.
3. Bring important Web stories to your attention.
4. Use the blog to test drive new words for my Hot Potatoes columns on Sundays and Wednesdays — words such as ap-hollow-gize and institution-all-lies, which speak for themselves.

I view life through an offbeat conservative filter but that doesn't mean I'm conservative through and through. I may lean to the right on social issues but I voted for more Democrats than Republicans in Idaho's last legislative elections. In other words, I don't put much stock in either party's politics.

One of my favorite sayings comes from the old Chicago Times: “It's a newspaper's duty to print the news and raise hell.” So, fasten your seatbelts. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I'm going to have writing it.

*DFO: I'm thoroughly embarrassed to admit this but this blog began in 2004 not 2003, as I've been saying for some time now. Digger brought it to my attention in the comments section. He remembers being a college freshman when I started this. I began the blog as a conservative editorial page writer for the SR as a means to support George W. Bush's run for re-election. Which means I'm starting my 9th year not my 10th year on this blog. They say the mind is the first thing to go.

High Noon: Blogfest 2012

Blogfest 2012 has come & gone — and I have a renewed since of energy and purpose in doing what I do here. Those who criticize HucksOnline for being too this or that politically totally miss what this blog is all about. (Then, I'd guess that they intentionally do so.) This blog brings people of various political, religious, philosophical stripes together for a fairly civil conversation about local, state & national issues, as well as gives them a sense of camaraderie. Saturday's Blogfest at Steve Widmyer's Fort Ground Grill illustrates the point. I joked to someone that the group reminded me of the county's old Republican Central Committee, before it went off the Far Right side of the rails. Spencer, Reagan Repubs, Gary Ingraham, Kerri Thoreson, Ben Wolfinger, Dan Gookin, Norther and others were there kibitzing congenially with HBO bloggers, commenters, and even one blurker. Sgt. Christie Wood, former Councilman Al Hassell, Councilman Mike Kennedy, former Clerk Dan English, and dozens of pseudonyms you see all the time here were also in attendance. All having fun. Exchanging ideas. Joking with one another. My goal from the start was to bring people together to find consensus. We agree on way more things than we disagree on. I'm as happy as I've ever been in where the blog is now in terms of civility. The annual blogfests reinforce that civility, bringing people who sometimes fight behind pseudonyms here to a comfortable venue to talk with one another face to face. I've often thought a good motto for HucksOnline would be something like: “Where everyone knows your pseudonym.” But that's not exactly true. And it steals too much from “Cheers.” Still the sentiment stands. It's a place of equals, despite lot in life, where everyone gets a say as long as s/he keeps things between the lines. Dunno how much longer I'll be doing this. But I still enjoy doing this as I begin my 9th year. Very much — DFO

Top HucksOnline January Commenters

Top HucksOnline Commenters for January 2012:

Stickman: Still Enjoying HBO Ride

Stickman: I haven’t been here from the beginning like Digger, but pretty close. Maybe 7 years now. I have and will always enjoy this ride, it’s been great. DFO has allowed us to vent, to express, to get mad, to fly off the handle, to say our peace, to pretend, all of that. It’s a New Year coming, so let’s reflect on that fact and maybe be a little more kinder, more compassionate, less grinding on each other, and remember that we are all a family here and sometimes we don’t like each other, but at least we can put up with whomever at times and smile at that fact. I will try to do that more this year. (Courtesy photo: Kerri Thoreson)

Question: Who was your favorite HucksOnline commenter in 2011?

HucksOnline Talks w/Mayor Bloem

HucksOnline: Ron Edinger now has the 2nd to his motion for a public vote on proposed McEuen Field changes and probably 3 votes for it. Will that influence you re: going ahead with Team McEuen changes?

Sandi Bloem: If there's a motion and a second for a public vote, it would entirely depend on what that motion looks like. It would depend on the debate on the council floor. I do not believe you can do good planning through a public vote. It's not a good precedent to set. Certainly there are considerations as far as moving forward.

  • HucksOnline: How do you view last night's election results?
  • Sandi Bloem: It was definitely a very partisan race when it is suppose to be nonpartisan. Credit goes to Reagan Republicans and Tea Party. They are passionate and they get out and vote. They endorsed 7 candidates and all 7 of those candidates won.
  • HucksOnline: Will Coeur d'Alene be able to continue to make progress in next two years?
  • Sandi Bloem: I would certainly hope so. It's very important to every citizen to have jobs. They are important in every other city in this nation. I don't believe we can do a good job recruiting businesses, corporations, and start-ups with a mediocre city. Our competition is too great. I'm proud that we are known as “A City of Excellence.” There will be issues that bring disagreement. But I hope we can find some consensus and not thwart city of excellence in the progress.
  • HucksOnline: Will there be an attempt at a 4th term, given the partisan politicizing of city politics?
  • Sandi Bloem: It's two years away. I enjoy what I've done. I've been honored to do it. I haven't ruled out an attempt at a fourth term.

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