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Boehner Tweaks Neutral Labrador

House Speaker John Boehner drew applause from a crowd of 430 backing 2nd District Congressman Mike Simpson with a clear misstatement: he said Simpson’s 1st District colleague and fellow Republican was backing Simpson in his primary race. “I want to thank Raul Labrador for being here today and being supportive of his colleague in his re-election bid,” Boehner said Monday at a Boise event that raised more than $95,000 for Simpson’s campaign for a ninth term. Trouble is, Labrador has said he will remain neutral in the contest between Simpson and tea party challenger Bryan Smith, who is endorsed by Club for Growth. Labrador is allied with tea party groups and the anti-tax Club for Growth, which Simpson expects to raise up to $2 million on behalf of Smith/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson is one of the better congressman. The fact that Tea Party darling Raul Labrador won't back him for re-election says more about Labrador than Simpson. What do you think?

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Labrador As Next House Speaker?

Though he’s just in his seventh year of public office — four of those as a junior member of the Idaho House — 1st District GOP Congressman Raul Labrador has landed in a Top 10 of possible successors to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio. The list was prepared by Roll Call reporters Emma Dumain and Matt Fuller in a column titled “10 Republicans Who Could Be Speaker.” Labrador is listed last on the list, which begins with more conventional candidates including Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Would you like to see Congressman Raul Labrador become speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives?

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Boehner: if businesses get relief, rest should

WASHINGTON – Framing a new argument against President Barack Obama’s health care law, congressional GOP leaders called Tuesday for a delay in the law’s requirement that individual Americans carry health insurance.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and other senior Republicans told Obama in a letter that his decision last week to grant a one-year delay for employers but leave in place provisions for individuals and families had created many new questions and concerns.

At a Capitol Hill news conference, Boehner vowed to hold another vote this month to remove the individual mandate, arguing that it was necessary to “correct this injustice.”

Do you agree that the delay should extend to individuals?

Raul Mum Re: Boehner CdA $$$raiser

From left, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and Vice President Joe Biden applaud during a ceremony to dedicate the statue of Frederick Douglass, seen behind them today in the Emancipation Hall of the United States Visitor Center on Capitol Hill in Washington. Boehner will be the focus of a fundraiser in Coeur d'Alene in which 1st District Congress Raul Labrador wasn't invited. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

U.S Speaker of the House John Boehner will visit Coeur d'Alene Friday for a private fundraiser in Congressman Raul Labrador's 1st District. According to organizers, Labrador is not attending the private event, and he's not talking about it either. “Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you,” said Labrador's spokesman Todd Winer, responding to repeated inquiries about the event. “We don't have any comment on the story you're working on.” Ron Nilson, CEO of Ground Force Worldwide, is helping to organize the event at the local level. He said Ed Schweitzer, CEO of Schweitzer Engineering in Pullman, is hosting the event/Jeff Selle, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Hmm. Let's read between the lines. Why would Congressman Raul Labrador not attend (not be invited to?) fund-raising event in his district that features House Speaker John Boehner? Pay back?

Boehner: Edward Snowden is a traitor

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) called NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a “traitor” in an interview on ABC's “Good Morning America” Tuesday.

“He's a traitor,” he said. “The president outlined last week that these were important national security programs to help keep Americans safe and give us tools to fight the terrorist threat that we face.”

“The disclosure of this information puts Americans at risk. It shows our adversaries what our capabilities are. And it's a giant violation of the law,” he said. Full story.

Do you consider Snowden a traitor, a hero or something in between?

House: No tax cut deal

WASHINGTON – The fate of the two-month Social Security tax break extension suddenly became uncertain Sunday as House Speaker John Boehner said he and most Republicans were opposed to the plan.

“It’s pretty clear that I and our members oppose the Senate bill,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Republicans, he said, want a longer-term fix.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee, said: “This is the latest example of the tea-party Republicans sacrificing the good of the country on the altar of extreme ideology.”

Agree or disagree with Van Hollen?

Labrador Among Key Swing Votes

Freshman 1st District GOP Rep. Raul Labrador's vote is among a handful that will decide today's expected tally on House Speaker John Boehner's debt and deficit reduction bill, according to The Hill. “He's leaning no but he's still undecided at the moment,” said Labrador spokesman Phil Hardy Thursday morning. The vote is expected to begin about 3:45 p.m. Mountain Time. Idaho's 2nd District GOP Rep. Mike Simpson, a subcommittee chairman and close ally of Boehner, is expected to vote for the bill. Labrador is among a group of 39 House Republicans who pledged to oppose any bill that raises the debt ceiling unless it includes major cuts, spending caps and a balanced budget amendment. Boehner's bill doesn't include a balanced budget amendment/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here. (AP file photo)

Question: What should Raul do?

Boehner: ‘Get Your Ass In Line’

House Speaker John Boehner (pictured in AP file photo) leveled tough words at fellow Republicans Wednesday, telling conservatives who are unhappy his bill doesn't go far enough to “Get your ass in line.” Boehner's admonishment came during a closed-door meeting, during which House GOP leaders sought to rally support for their debt bill, according to two Republican sources who attended the meeting.  The Ohio Republican told members he was working hard and didn't want to turn around and not see an army behind him. House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia also said it was time to pull together and pass the House GOP debt bill, instead of feeding a storyline that pits Republican against Republican/Deirdre Walsh, CNN. More here.

Question: Will Boehner and mainstream Republicans be able to keep Tea Party Republicans in line long enough to forge a debt-ceiling compromise?

Tweeting With The President

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey, left, answers a question posted by House Speaker of the House John Boehner of Ohio, seen on the screen, during the first ever Twitter Town Hall today in the East Room of the White House in Washington. New York Times story here. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Question: Do you follow anyone on Twitter?

Paging ‘Saturday Night Live’

House Speaker-designate John Boehner of Ohio wipes away tears as he waits to receive the gavel from outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. during the first session of the 112th Congress, on Capitol Hill in Washington earlier today. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

On his Facebook wall, Sam Taylor writes that he's sad that Nancy Pelosi is no longer House speaker. But he isn't sad for the reason you might think. Sam: “Kristen Wiig does a hilarious impression of her on SNL. The less the minority leader is in the spot light, the less she'll likely be on the show. However, a bonus: There will probably be more John Boehner skits. Congress: An endless supply of jokes for Saturday Night Live sketches!” Later, a Facebook friend consoles Sam with this thought: “SNL has it easy with Boehner — just cry all the time.”

Question: Which SNL characterization of a politician is your favorite (besides Tina Fey's Sarah Palin)?

Boehner Becomes House Speaker

Rep. John Boehner was elected speaker of the House, sealing newfound Republican power-sharing in Congress and drawing the curtain on the history-making Nancy Pelosi era at the helm. Cheers broke out among GOP lawmakers on the House floor on Wednesday as Boehner, a veteran lawmaker from Ohio, defeated Pelosi in the roll call for speaker. His rise to the helm of the House was virtually guaranteed months ago, when the midterm elections returned Republicans to control of the House, which they had surrendered to Democrats four years ago. Pelosi was the first woman to rise to the speaker's post/Laurie Kellman, AP.

Question: Are you optimistic that the 112th Congress, with Republicans in control of the House, can do a better job of helping run federal government than the Democratic controlled one of the last 2 years?

Pelosi Loses The Spotlight

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California is shown on Capitol Hill in Washington Wednesday, past the set up for the news conference for House Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner of Ohio. The petite woman in purple silk edged her way behind a raucous mob of reporters awaiting the next speaker of the House, a speech to veterans behind her and an unclear future ahead. Attuned for four years to the comings and goings of current Speaker Nancy Pelosi, few in the crowd noticed, and none bolted the stakeout to follow her. It was a snapshot of Pelosi’s state of political suspension in the last days of her history-making speakership, dethroned by the electorate and struggling to defend her grip on the leadership of her caucus. The spotlight has moved on. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Quotable Quote: “Nancy Pelosi is throwing a party to celebrate her time as Speaker of the House. If you would like to get her a gift, she’s registered at Bed, Bath & Don’t Blame Me” — Jay Leno

Question: Would you like to see Pelosi become the Minority Speaker in the next Congress?

Dogwalk: Give Me Politicians Who Cry

Remember too how the boomers wanted men to be more like women? Softer. Sensitive. More open with their feelings? Now it appears we may have one about to become the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner . I rather like seeing that in a man. One who can tear up over the Star Spangled Banner or even just from watching a sentimental movie. Of all things that can make a politician ‘one of us’ I think a genuine display of sentimentality just might be it. Forget the beer and bowling shtick/Dogwalk Musings. More here.

Question: Do you prefer politicians who can tear up — and show their human side?

Idaho’s Big Winner: Mike Simpson

The Republican takeover of the U.S. House makes Rep. Mike Simpson (pictured in AP file photo, left) chairman of Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies and the second-ranking Republican on the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development. The two committees are in charge of funding the federal agencies that control 64 percent of Idaho’s land area. Simpson also was an early supporter of House Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner. The Idahoan is one of six Republican congressman in Boehner’s inner circle/Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Who were the winners & losers from the 2010 elections, locally & statewide?

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