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Journos Paid Less Than Average Guy

Americans hate the media with a passion. So they'll be happy to know that the average U.S. journalist—grrr, the MSM!—is paid even less than the average American. Do you know how much the average U.S. journalist makes? How much would you guess? Just guess. Take a few minutes and think about it. Now. How much would you guess? $31,580 per year, as of 2011/Hamilton Nolan, Gawker. More here.

DFO: Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be journos.

Question: Do you have a journalism degree? How did it help you in life? Do you have a child who wants to go into journalism?

Decision Time For Idaho Journalists

In her Idaho Press Club President's Column for the spring newsletter, SR colleague Betsy Russell tells of a dilemma facing us journalists in Idaho this spring. We have to decide whether or not to vote in the primaries, which for the first time will require party affiliation. Seems Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation has hinted that he might track how Idaho journalists vote & in which primary they vote. Betsy says she has no problem complying with SR rules that journalists are not to take part in a party-run event designed for partisans, like a caucus. But a primary is another matter, especially in Republican-dominated Idaho where primaries often decide who wins the general election. Betsy goes on to say that she's been warned by Editor Gary Graham that a vote by her in the primary could compromise her ability to cover government & politics. (Gary has told me that I'm in a different situation in that I'm an opinion writer with well known political proclivities. Read: I'm going to vote the Republican ticket, Wayne.)

Question: Do you think it's right that journalists are somewhat disenfranchised by the Idaho GOP push to require party affiliation at the primary polls?

UI’s ‘Last Journalism Professor’ Dies

Bert Cross, known by many as the “last journalism professor” died Monday morning at the age of 92 from age-related causes. The former professor taught at the University of Idaho for 24 years, where he was chairman of the journalism department before it became a part of the School of Communication in 1973. Despite the change, Cross wanted to remain a “professor of journalism” instead of one of “communication” like the rest of his colleagues. “He was an institution,” said Roy Atwood, one of Cross' former UI colleagues. “He represents the end of an era - of the old inky-print newspaper tradition”/Kelli Hadley, Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

Question: What will happen when all the journalists are gone?

Shield Law Doesn’t Protect Bloggers

Item: NJ court says shield law doesn't apply to bloggers: The New Jersey Supreme Court says bloggers and online posters don't have the same protections for sources as mainstream journalists/Beth DeFalco, AP. H/T: Orbusmax

More Info: People who post to online message boards don't have the same protections as mainstream journalists when it comes to keeping their sources secret, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. The court said in a unanimous ruling against a Washington state woman that New Jersey's shield law provides broad protection to the news media and is not limited to traditional news outlets like newspapers and magazines, but does not apply to message board posters.

Question: Does this New Jersey decision worry you?

I’m An Addict, My Name Is Herb

I’m an addict. Not to drugs or alcohol, but to writing. Like all addictions, it started innocently. I just started opining on my blog. Soon, I had delusions that I could make a difference. Be a communicator. While I still maintain my blog, I mostly do it because of the cutbacks at the Spokesman-review. Also I do it because so many snow birds tell me it’s their link to the community during the winter/S&S Herb, Bay Views. More here.

Question (for citizen journalists): Why do you blog or comment on blogs?

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