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DFO’s Interview On KVNI (ESPN 1080)

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DFO’s interview with Kerri Thoreson Feb. 20, 2012

Some of you have asked whether KVNI 1080 (ESPN 1080) provided a copy of my interview with Kerri Thoreson Monday morning. The station graciously did so this morning. You can listen to it here by clicking link above. Kerri provided the photo.

Which KVNI Format Do You Prefer?

I, for one, enjoy the new sports format for KVNI. There's only so much recycled oldies that someone can take (especially when they're more for my older sister's g-g-g-generation than mine). I'm listening to many more hours worth of programming now than I did before. “Joe in the Morning” Paisley explained the new format: “I do the Morning Show from 6-8 every weekday. Then it goes back to ESPN radio (national programming). Then at 3-6 pm, its the POW show (Patchin, Osso, Wingman). Then back to ESPN for the rest of the night; Unless of course, there is some sort of local sports programming. Vandals, HS sports, Mariners, etc.”

Question: Which KVNI program format do you prefer — Oldies But Goodies? Or ESPN/KXLY sports?

Don’t forget to tune in

Hucks Online regular Christa Hazel will be Kerri Thoreson's special guest on Main Street Monday. You can hear Christa at 7 a.m. on

Who wants to call DFO to make sure he's awake?

Main Street Monday special guest

Kerri Rankin Thoreson writes that Hucks Online regular Christa Hazel will be her guest on Main Street Monday at KVNI 1080. Tune in at 7 a.m. to hear Christa.

I'm thinking she'll be even MORE coherent than DFO was when he made his appearance. But I could be wrong. Can't wait to hear what Christa has to say. Maybe she'll give a shout out to her FAVORITE facebook friend and SR columnist Cindy Hval.

Hey. It could happen.

Kerri Wants Questions To Ask DFO

Kerri Thoreson, host of the Monday morning KVNI Main Street show, wants to know if any of you have questions that you want her to ask me when I’m on her show Monday morning (7:40 on AM-1080). Kerri posts this comment: “For anyone outside of the KVNI AM1080 broadcast range, at there’s a listen live button that will let you listen on your computer. And in the interest of fair play, since Dave always solicits questions from the gallery for his blog interviews, who has a question they’d like me to ask Dave on Monday morning?”

Question: Is there anything you want to know about me? (I reserve the right to take the 5th)

High Noon: Kerri Gets KVNI Gig

The KXLY Broadcast Group announces the addition of Main Street Monday to the KVNI AM1080 morning line-up. Kerri Thoreson will headline the show from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Monday mornings, interviewing an array of guests from the community and showcasing the people who make a difference in the Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls area. Thoreson is a long-time resident of Kootenai County and writes the popular Main Street column in the Coeur d’Alene Press on Wednesdays. Her Main Street Birthday Club has grown to thousands of members and will be a feature of the new KVNI program. “What a great additional opportunity to highlight why I love where I live …the people!” said Thoreson. (Kerri writes about it in her Main Street column today)

Question: Which radio station/program do you listen to most?

BP: Nelson KO’d Currie On KVNI

A Berry Picker e-mails this to Hucks HQ re: the appearance on KVNI radio this morning by GOPrimary winner Jai Nelson and write-in candidate Rick Currie, the commission incumbent: “Jai was articulate, professional and informed. Rick came on the phone about five minutes later, totally out of breath and obviously furious. He ranted about things Jai had said pertaining to the budget etc. but was almost incoherent in his ranting. At the very end it was like he remembered he had planned remarks and rushed through those, barely remembering to tell people they had to write his name in. If anyone was learning about the candidates for the first time from the radio this morning, Jai would have won by a knockout.”

Question: Did anyone else listen in this morning to the 15-minute interviews of Jai Nelson and Rick Currie on KVNI radio? Reaction?

KXLY Drops Rick, Teresa Lukens

Item: KXLY (KVNI) drops Rick, Teresa Lukens/Spokesman-Review

More Info: Rick and Teresa Lukens, longtime KXLY TV and radio broadcasters, were dropped by KXLY last week. Rick Lukens, who has been with KXLY for more than 27 years, said they got a call from station management while they were on vacation. The station exercised an option to drop their contracts and give them three months of pay. Lukens said the station cited budgetary reasons.

DFO: We’ve been discussing this via Facebook and Hucks since Friday. Last evening, I posted an e-mail from a KXLY/KVNI exec in which she sought advice from listeners & advertisers re: how KVNI can make changes to attract a bigger audience. I sent the exec a copy of the post, along with best wishes that KVNI can turn things around. I haven’t heard back from her.

Question: What do you like best about KVNI now? What don’t you like about KVNI now?

KVNI Looking For Ideas re: Changes

Candace Smith, an account exec for KXLY, is asking for input in an email she circulated to listeners and advertisers of KVNI today. (A Berry Picker sent along the following S.O.S. sent out by Candace.) Writes Candace: KVNI is in the process of making some changes. Over the past two weeks we have been updating the Board equipment for the KVNI radio station. Late last week there were some changes to KVNI’s DJ talent. Rick and Teresa Lukens are no longer the hosts of the KVNI Morning Show. … With the talent change of KVNI we are looking at making some changes to KVNI. I have heard from many of you about how you would like to see things done at KVNI. Well, now is your chance to give the station and management your opinion. I will be in a meeting on Monday with regards to the future of KVNI.” Candace ( wants to hear your ideas by midnight Sunday.

Question: Seriously, if any of you have ideas re: possible changes at KVNI, you should send them to the email above. KVNI is an important part of the Coeur d’Alene media. It would be nice to help KXLY management get the station back on track.

DFO: KVNI Needs To Get Act Together

First, I must admit that I haven’t been a regular listener of KVNI for a long time, mebbe since the departure of former “Voice of North Idaho” Dick Haugen. Even then, I wasn’t a regular listener because I’m too slammed in the mornings to listen to the radio. However, after 25 years in Coeur d’Alene, I have a decent idea re: what works and what doesn’t work for the local station. The constant revolving-doors approach at KVNI that culminated with KXLY, from downtown Spokane, sending in the husband-and-wife Lukens team hasn’t worked. Of all the announcers who tried to fill the big shoes left behind by Haugen, the team of Norm McBride and Chris Wagar was the best. KXLY was right in trying to find a well-known local person to try to fill the bill for its small-market station. My poll Monday shows only one person of 220 wants KXLY to send over another person from Spokane to plug the morning slot. The poll also showed many would like to see sub announcer Kerri Thoreson get a shot at the job. Kerri is the type of person that KXLY should consider, a local person with extensive contacts and deep ties to the community. And she doesn’t come with the baggage that some of the others who have tried to fill Haugen’s shoes had. I don’t know if I’d wish this shaky drive on any friend. If Kerri wants the shot, however, I’d say that KXLY should give her the shot — and then do everything possible to ensure that she succeeds and the revolving door stops spinning. All of us, including this competitor, want a decent, local radio station/DFO.

HBO Poll: KVNI Needs Kerri Thoreson

  • Monday Poll: By almost 2-to-1, a plurality of Merry Hucksters (87 of 220, 40%) wants KVNI to select Post Falls Councilwoman (and Hux regular) Kerri Thoreson as the next host of its morning, local talk show. Dick Haugen, the former Voice of North Idaho finished second among the 5 people listed in the poll with 33 of 220 (15%) votes. 61 of 220 (28%) said they didn’t care whom KVNI picked to fill the vacancy created by the recent departure of Rick & Teresa Lukens. Others receiving votes were: Brett Bowers, 14 of 220 (6%), long-retired Bob Hough, 13 of 220 (6%), and Dave Walker, 11 of 220 (5%). Only one person voted that the local station should tap someone from its downtown Spokane office to fill the vacancy.
  • Today’s Poll: Repeal of 17th Amendment would allow legislator to pick a state’s U.S. senators rather than voters. Who should pick the U.S. senators?

KVNI, Lukenses Part Ways

I don’t know what’s in the water over at KVNI, but Rick (pictured) & Teresa Lukens won’t be returning from vacation to man-and-woman the morning mikes following their “vacation.” My Facebook followers know that I raised the question Friday: “Are Rick & Teresa Lukens still with KVNI/KXLY? Inquiring minds want to know …” I just called KVNI and learned that they won’t be returning. A radio industry follower told me Friday that he’d seen a note on an industry message board that said the Lukenses had left KXLY. KVNI will continue with music this week while they’re installing a new system. No telling what happens next week. Mebbe it’s time to bring back Dick Haugen. Stay tuned.

Question: Who would you like to see become the morning news director at KVNI?

Jeff To Discuss BBQ On KVNI Friday

Kerri Thoreson, via Facebook: BBQ Fans, tune in Friday morning to hear Rub ‘em Raw team captain Jeff Selle talk about the weekend competition and give backyard grillers a few tips! AM 1080 or go to and click the Listen Live button by 7:20 a.m.

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