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Spencer Raking In Money

You wonder why Larry Spencer can afford all those sound-bite yard signs slamming incumbent Commissioner Dan Green? Spencer has raked in almost $31,000 to date for his campaign for Kootenai County commissioner, or twice as much as Green, according to the 7-day pre-election campaign finance reports filed before the Tuesday afternoon deadline. Meanwhile, Rathdrum Mayor Vic Holmes as raised less than $3000 in his long-shot bid for the office. I'll be back to break things down. Meanwhile, you can read the campaign finance statements for yourself: Larry Spencer here, and: Dan Green here, and Vic Holmes here.

  • Spencer's donations include $11,000 in $1,000 increments from the same Spokane, Wash., post office box, including one from Dennis Swartout, a Spokane developer whose subdivision for 1,500 affordable houses near Silverwood was rejected in 2006 by the Kootenai County commission.
  • Green has raised $14,960 and spent $7219 with Ron Lahr's Strategery Group, which is aligned with the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans (the original RR group)

Question: Any thoughts on the backers of Spencer & Green?

Tondee Fires Back At Spencer Claims

And now a message from Commissioner Todd Tondee (via Taryn Hecker's Facebook wall): “I was at the Republican Women monthly meeting today and stressed that please ask before just believing what my opponent is saying. We are not building a parking garage. We are brainstorming for the future, thinking of how and where we will put two more judges, additional courtrooms plus the Prosecutor and Public defenders' staff to support the new case load. The parking garage is a small part of the strategic facilities master plan. I think looking to the near distant needs of our county is one of the Commissioners' roles. I am not sure how we would take away your right to vote by allowing you to vote for or against “the alternative form of government” ballot measure. It's your choice. And no we are not making your property unbuildable with the new land use ordinances. The end goal is to actually clarify, simplify and uncomplicate the land use regulations. This will be an open and transparent process that will include multiple opportunity for public input.”

Question: Larry?

Did Spencer Hang Up Or Not?

On Wednesday, Larry Spencer denied in a Huckleberries Online comments thread that he hung up on SReporter Erica Curless during a phone interview about his race.  You can read his comments by following this thread here. Curless reported in her story that Spencer had hung up on her. Curless sent this sequence re: the disputed hang-up:

  • Curless: Just a reminder that you hung up on me this morning, refusing to answer my questions and indicating that you would only answer email questions. I have received your emails. I still want to talk with you about these issues instead of receiving written sound bites.
  • Spencer: Erica, the only question you asked prior to my receiving a call I needed to take was about my age. I told you I needed to take a call that was coming in, and had informed you of that prior to your telling me you had more questions. While the conference call repeatedly called me, I asked you to send the questions by email. I took a lengthy unscheduled interview a few days ago, but my schedule today simply doesn't provide me the opportunity today. Thanks for understanding.
  • Curless (to me via email): I also sent him a text indicating that I had more questions and wanted to talk with him on the phone. We were way past the age question and into his legal dealings when he told me he wasn't going to respond and to send e-mail questions and then he hung up when I indicated that was unacceptable.

Question: Wouldn't Spencer have been better served had he simply answered the questions rather than create a mini-flap by seeming to avoid a reporter?

Spencer Hangs Up On SR Reporter

From Erica Curless' story on Kootenai County commissioner Seat 3 race: “This is the first time Spencer has run for elected office and instead is known for his behind-the-scenes efforts against anything he sees as a misuse of taxpayer dollars or an assault on private property rights. Yet he hasn’t dropped his evasive persona, refusing to tell his age, which public records show is 39, or the name of his company, DH Consulting. Spencer hung up on a reporter who asked about a 2008 property foreclosure and three run-ins with the law in the early 1990s that resulted in traffic-related charges for racing, obstructing an officer and careless driving.” More here.

Question: Should a Kootenai County commissioner candidate refuse to answer a reporter's questions?

Redux: When Spencer Fought Kroc

On April 22, 2007, I wrote the following column for the Spokesman-Review re: the attempt by Larry Spencer and anonymous letter signers to stop the Kroc Center: “It's hard to imagine why anyone would have a problem with a $64 million grant and endowment for a community center in Coeur d'Alene. Yet, self-appointed citizens' advocate Larry Spencer and some anonymous letter writers do. Spencer has publicly accused the Salvation Army of covering up a sweetheart deal with a generous contractor who made a $50,000 contribution and accepted rock-bottom rates to provide fill dirt for a Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center. The anonymous penmen did their part to thwart the community center project by complaining about the Salvation Army's role in letters and phone calls to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Americans United wrote a threatening letter to the city.” Full column here.

Question: Do you see any similarities between the attempt to stop the Kroc Center and the attempt to stop McEuen Field reconstruction?

McGruber: Green Or Spencer Will Win

McGruber: Vic Holmes shot himself in the foot with that interview and his remarks about running for the paycheck. Dan Green needs to remind people of that at every forum. Vic might be a nice guy and all but he’s out of his league in this commission run. Taryn nailed it. The primary is just a month away and that’s not enough time for Vic to become known outside of Rathdrum. He probably shouldn’t count on a big groundswell of support from his hometown voters after doing just what Taryn said. Gets elected in November to a four year term and then three months later decides he’s worth more money so wants to be a county commissioner. This race will be between Dan Green and Larry Spencer and will probably be too close to call on election night.

Question: Anyone else think Larry Spencer has a chance to win one of three Kootenai County commissioner seats?

Spencer Seeks Courthouse Seat

Kootenai County commissioner candidate Larry Spencer doesn't believe the county needs a parking garage built at the administration complex. “Voters want a lean government, and there is nothing lean about planning to spend $7.8 million on a county parking garage,” said Spencer, running for the District 1 seat currently held by Dan Green. He also disagrees with the current commissioners' ballot initiative to restructure county government. If approved by voters, the initiative would allow for a county administrator, and would also make several county officials appointed, instead of elected as they are now/Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Obviously, Spencer believes the proposed county parking garage and ballot measure to change county government structure are wedge issues for him. What do you think?

Joker: ‘Embrace The Insanity’

Joker comments: Have you ever heard the voice of God, Great Spirit or something out of this world command you? I heard a voice last night. At first I ignored the voice. Then the voice got louder. Finally, I gave in. I let the voice speak to me – it was a like a chorus of angels or a heavenly symphony – so beautiful. The voice told me I needed to vote for some messengers of madness in the Republican Primary, specifically Kootenai County commissioner candidate Larry Spencer, Kootenai County sheriff candidate John Green and Kootenai County Prosecutor candidate Donald Gary. Now some of you may think I am crazy for supporting these candidates – I am not. I have looked madness in the eye and it told me that we need to “embrace the insanity” and elect these guys. More below.


Spencer’s Waterfront Property Alert

Looks like Larry Spencer is stirring up the public earlier than usual this election cycle, sending out a “sky-is-falling” mailing to waterfront residents recently. The envelope of this property alert warns: “Proposed new land-use code may destroy waterfront property values, could prohibit home additions and property alterations.”

Spencer's letter begins: “As the Executive Director of the Idaho Property Owners Association, I am writing this letter to inform you of draconian changes to Kootenai County land use rules that will affect your property. These changes must be stopped and I need your help to make that happen. More here.

Question: What do you make of Spencer's “alert”?

Hayes Gives Spencer Residency Exam

Spencer: And for those wondering about my residence, I spent a half hour proving that to Cliff this morning. We covered my residences for the last fifteen years, and I have been given a clean bill of health on the residence question. And let me tell you, he was well prepared. It wasn’t a case of “show me a utility bill” it was more like a full on police interrogation. Thorough doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Joker: How Spencer Will Win

HucksOnline asked you Merry Hucksters to paint a scenario in which Larry Spencer could win a Kootenai County commissioner seat — and Joker responded with this scenario:

“It was a dark and stormy night. A dark blue Mercedes parks in front of a warehouse off of Government Way. Bob Seger’s Night Moves” is playing loudly and Larry Spencer smiles. Outside the warehouse he sees a flashlight turn on and off. It’s time. He turns off the engine and get out. With each step toward the man with the flashligh, the gravel crunches under his boots. The man, a local private eye, hands him a DVD. “It’s all there man,” the private eye says. “Turned my stomach.” Larry starts to giggle, “I know. I know. I can’t wait.” More below.

Question: Can Spencer win?

Spencer Files For County Commish

Political activist Larry Spencer has filed to run against incumbent Republican Commissioner Dan Green in the Kootenai County Commission District 3 race. The move confirms the rumor that HucksOnline reported recently that Spencer had told Green that Spencer planned to run against him. Rathdrum Mayor Vic Holmesis the third Republican who has filed for the seat. Running for the Commission District 1 seat are five Republicans: incumbent Todd Tondee, Gerald Arno, Marc Eberlein, Bruce Noble and Tim Herzog. No Democrats are running for county commission. In the sheriff's race, Independent Tom Dickson of Cataldo has joined four others: Independent Joe Bodman and Republicans Ben Wolfinger, Keith Hutcheson and John Green. No one has filed to oppose Republican Prosecutor Barry McHugh.

Question: Can you paint a scenario in which Larry Spencer becomes a Kootenai County commissioner?

Spencer Files … For Precinct 15 Post

At 3:21 p.m. Thursday, Larry Spencer posted: “Well, for all of you that have waited to go after me until I am on a ballot, have at it. I filed my paperwork a few minutes ago.” But he didn't say which office he was seeking. As you may recall, HucksOnline posted a story recently in which Commissioner Dan Green confirmed a conversation with Spencer — that Spencer told Green he would run against him. Spencer has filed candidacy papers — to run for precinct committeeman for Precinct 15.

DFO: Jeff Ward Deserves A Hat Tip

Larry Spencer might not have much good to say about Jeff Ward of the Reagan Republicans this morning. But I tip my hat to Ward for saving the Kootenai County Republicans from themselves last night. By voting 31-30 to disinvite Richard Mack to speak at the Lincoln Day Dinner March 24, the Republicans avoided the stigma of officially associating themselves with a controversial figure on the right fringe of the political spectrum. It's one thing for the local Tea Party to invite an individual lionized by the militia and Patriot movements in this country. But quite another for the official local Republican Party to do so. The appearance of Mack as a keynote speaker would color how outsiders view the local Republicans and Kootenai County. The move to disinvite Mack may be the local Republicans first step back from the right fringe. The next step would be for the local Republicans to pick true conservatives rather Constitutionalists and Libertarians in the GOP primary election this spring — DFO.

Spencer Letter Attacks Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward, of the Reagan Republicans and the for-profit Strategery Political Consulting company is yet again trying to undermine the Republican Party. As a former member of the Board of Directors of the Reagan Republicans, I feel compelled to explain the direction the RR’s are going and why I, along with most of the other conservative former board members and VPs including Rep Bob Nonini, Steve Adams and Jack Schroeder, have resigned our positions. When they were formed, the RRs were a fairly conservative group. After several attempts to purge conservatives from the board and watering down the endorsement criteria from a unanimous board vote to just two/thirds of the board members who can attend the meeting, the RRs are poised to endorse a slate of moderate and liberal Republicans this spring. Most of the candidates hoping to be endorsed by the RRs have also reportedly hired Strategery at a cost of $5,000 each/Larry Spencer, letter to the editor/Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: What's going on here?

Ward: Spencer Spreads Disinformation

Since fourteen members of the Kootenai County Central Committee sent a letter objecting to the selection of Richard Mack as the keynote speaker of the Lincoln Day Dinner, many of you have been contacted by proponents (namely a KCRCC non-member, Larry Spencer) who have spread disinformation about our letter.  Let me set a few facts straight. I composed the letter with ideas and research by a number of signers. Since it was a letter sent to the KCRCC Chair and Secretary with copies sent to signatories and various KCRCC members (whose email was on the original KCRCC Roster) there was an expectation of that the letter would be public. It was sent on Monday February 20th.  I did not forward it to anyone else.   I responded to a media email on the afternoon of Tuesday February 21st by a reporter who had seen a copy of the letter. There seems to be some confusion about the nature of our objections to Mack speaking that have been further obscured by the disinformation mentioned above/Jeff Ward, Kootenai County Reagan Republicans. More here.


For Those Keeping Score At Home …

… Just got off the phone with Kootenai County Commissioner Dan Green. Who confirmed that Larry Spencer called him 2-3 weeks ago to say that he was going to run against Green. The commissioners told HucksOnline that Spencer told him that he was a “good guy” but Spencer disagreed with him on some issues.

Spencer Running For Commish?

At Blogfest 2012, Larry Spencer and former Kootenai County clerk Dan English discuss politics at the Fort Ground Grill. Huckleberries hears that Spencer has been hinting that he'll run against Commissioner Dan Green in the Kootenai County GOP primary election in May. Also, Huckleberries hears that Spencer has registered to vote in Kootenai County. Stay tuned … (Blogfest photo: Nic)

Question (from an interview of Spencer in Sunday's Coeur d'Alene Press:  You say your life if “very public.”  How so?
Larry Spencer:  I face scrutiny for most things I do.  For example, last year I took my kids our for a boat ride on a friend's boat.  He is also a political figure, and within half an hour of my walking to his boat at The Resort Marina, a post had been put up on a political gossip blog site by a prominent Democrat who wanted to know if this man with the boat and I were friends.  A couple years ago, I had moved before an election and didn't vote.  That missed vote of mine was run as a story on the front page of the Sunday Idaho edition of the Spokesman-Review, above the fold and in a print size that could be read from about ten feet away.  Even the governor doesn't face that level of pressure. Complete Coeur d'Alene Press interview here.

Question: Would you like to see Larry Spencer run for the Kootenai County commission?

Green: Spencer Doesn’t Speak For Me

Item: ReaganRepub2: Green wasn't easy to pin down/HucksOnline

HucksOnline received the following email from Republican sheriff's candidate John Green: “I am a candidate for in the 2012 Republican race for Sheriff of Kootenai County.  A friend sent me copy of a post on your “blog” regarding the Reagan Republican Forum held in Coeur d'Alene a couple of days ago. I did not attend that function because I was not notified of the event until a couple of days before it was held and I had a previous speaking engagement with 40 people who were also part of an “important constituency.” My question is, are you the “I” who asked this question on the blog? 'Question: I still can't figure the strategy with Green and Spencer here. If Green truly had a busy schedule Thursday, he should have cleared out an hour to speak to an important constituency like the Reagan Republicans. Anyone?' If you are, I want to make it clear that there is no “strategy with Green and Spencer.” Larry Spencer does not speak for me and does not control my schedule or campaign.” (Photo from John Green Facebook page)


RR2: Green Wasn’t Easy To Pin Down

RE: Spencer: Why John Green was a no-show at sheriff's forum/HucksOnline

ReaganRepub2: As I am the person that contacted the Sheriff Candidates for the meeting I can tell you what happened. A week and a half ago I contacted Keith, Bob and Ben and they promptly responded to me. I was having a hard time getting contact info for John so I called Spencer for it but he declined to give me info. I finally got his campaign info on Friday and called and e-mailed him with no response. On Tuesday I saw John and asked if he received my correspondence and he said he didn’t. I then asked him if he could attend as there was also going to be press there reporting the event and he told me that he would check his schedule and get back to me. He never did. You all can make your own assumptions. (HucksOnline photo: John Green at United Conservatives of North Idaho meeting earlier this winter)

Question: I still can't figure the strategy with Green and Spencer here. If Green truly had a busy schedule Thursday, he should have cleared out an hour to speak to an important constituency like the Reagan Republicans. Anyone?

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