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Armon Appointed To LCDC Board

The Lake City Development Corporation’s board of commissioners this week welcomed its newest member to the nine-member panel. Mic Armon, a certified financial advisor who served as a North Idaho College trustee for 12 years, was appointed to the volunteer board during the LCDC’s regular monthly meeting on Wednesday. “I’ve always dedicated myself to community service and believe the LCDC has tremendous potential to continue the great impact it is having in Coeur d’Alene,” Armon said. “I look forward to contributing to all the great things the LCDC does.” Armon was appointed to fulfill an existing 5-year commissioner term. He replaces Jim Elder, who served until his untimely death from cancer earlier this year/Keith Erickson, LCDC.

Question: I think Mic's appointment to the LCDC board is a good one. How about you?

Balance Group Backs Nonpartisanship

Candidates seeking election in nonpartisan races in Kootenai County will now have an opportunity to receive endorsements and campaign funds from a newly formed political action committee. The founding board of the PAC, Balance North Idaho, announced the committee's formation Monday in Coeur d'Alene.  “The name that we've selected is very meaningful to our cause,” said Eden Irgens (pictured), a downtown business owner and the PAC's board president. Several nonpartisan elections, with ballots that do not indicate the political party affiliations of candidates, will take place in Kootenai County on May 21. …  Irgens said political party members tend to take their voting cues from candidates' party affiliations rather than the individuals' qualifications. “Everything is moved very far to the right in this town,” Irgens said/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Does this mean that the Reagan Republicans will have to work harder to foist their Hard Right “Republicans” (see: Steve Adams) on unsuspecting Coeur d'Alene voters?

Mary Describes ‘Awkward Statement’

In her latest newsletter, Mary Souza claims North Idaho College Trustee Mic Armon was trying to trade on her name by mention at a luncheon that he used to be her neighbor:

“NIC Trustee Mic Armon, who is running for re-election, showed up last Thursday for his first time at the Republican Women’s lunch meeting. When he was given 2 minutes to speak, he tried to assure the audience that he really is a Republican, and then he added a very awkward statement:  Mic told the crowd, as he gestured to where I was sitting, “I was Mary Souza’s next door neighbor for many years.” While it is true that we were neighbors and we can have a cordial conversation about our kids, I do not support Mic's election.  Mic's comment seemed opportunistic; a way for him to use me to influence people in the room.  He must be worried.” More here.


Meyer Leads NIC Trustee $$$ Raising

Incumbent Judy Meyer outraised challenger Paul Matthews in one North Idaho College trustee race and incumbent Mic Armon and challenger Paul Matthews were fairly even in the fund-raising in another race, according to the seven-day, pre-election campaign finance reports. Meyer (report here) has raised $6,356 to defend her seat on the NIC board, while challenger Matthews (report here) has raised $3987. In the second race involving an incumbent, challenger Todd Banducci (report here) has raised $5329, while incumbent Mic Armon (report here) has raised $5007. Matthews and Banducci are also aided by the considerable fund-raising of the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans, who have spent $30,402 so far this year to support a slate of candidates at county, legislative and nonpartisan levels.

  • Also: As reported Tuesday, Ron Nilson, owner of Ground Force, has raised $12,500, including a personal loan of $4539, in his six-way race for an open NIC trustee seat. Former legislator Dean Haagenson, his chief competition, still hasn't turned in his finance report. You can read the breakdown of Nilson's report and 4 others turned in here.
  • Also: Dean Haagenson, a candidate for the open seat, has turned in his finance report, showing he raised $1325, including $750 of his own money. You can see it here.

Question: Find anything of interest in the financial statements?

Mic: Mary Owes Students An Apology

North Idaho College Trustee Mic Armon (pictured): When i received the invitation to the ASNIC forum, in the body of the invitation it stated that the questions were attached. On my email there was not an attachment, so I emailed the sender and requested that the questions be sent. A few minutes later I received a second email with the questions attached. The email was addressed from Duncan Menzies, ASNIC Senator, dated 10/17/2012 @ 1:18pm and sent to all of the candidates that had responded that they would attend. When I arrived on Tuesday evening for the forum, we were handed a list of approx. 9 questions, some of which were on the original email and some that were new to all of us. We were instructed to choose 4 questions each to be asked during the first portion of the program. There was not any special treatment for any of the candidates, we were all treated the exact same. I believe that Mary owes the ASNIC students an apology for insinuating that they were anything but fair.


Armon: NIC First, Not Political Party

NIC Trustee Mic Armon: Being that I am one of the so named “current board” that is supposedly endorsed by the local Democratic Party, I will respond to those concerns. First, at last week’s Democratic candidate forum which Judy Meyer, Gary Coffman, Dean Haagenson, Fritz Wiedenhoff & I all attended, they announced there that they would not be endorsing any candidates for the NIC Trustee position. Second, this is a non-partisan race, so it should not be about either party. I am running to represent all of the citizens of Kootenai County, not just 1 party. Third, I have worked on a number of political campaigns over the years for individuals running as Republicans and have been a Republican my entire life, but in this race I am running as a candidate under neither parties banner. Lastly, I have had numerous conversations with citizens that are from both sides of the political spectrum and they are supporting me for my experience and vision to keep moving North Idaho College forward, not because of a party affiliation.


Ex-NIC Teachers Back Armon, Meyer

North Idaho College Trustees Judy Meyer (pictured) and Mic Armon have won the endorsement of a group of prominent former NIC instructors with 337 years of collective experience, including Tony Stewart, Virginia Johnson and Rolly Williams. In a letter to the local media, the 10 former instructors said of the two incumbents: “Our recommendation is based on our having worked, shoulder-to-shoulder, with students to help them build a successful future. Judy and Mic also work creatively to support the college missions.” Meyer is being challenged by Paul Matthews of Rathdrum. Armon will face Todd Banducci of Coeur d'Alene. The county Reagan Republicans have endorsed Matthews and Banducci in these nonpartisan races. The 10 former instructors listed five notable achievements of the two incuments, who are seeking re-election Nov. 6. You can read those achievements and the rest of the letter here.

Question: Do you realize the importance of the nonpartisan North Idaho College trustee elections after watching the turmoil caused by partisan politics in wake of the 2011 Coeur d'Alene School Board election?

Armon: Challengers’ Tax Claim Bogus

From Trustee Mic Armon re: claims by challengers Paul Matthews and Todd Banducci that North Idaho College taxes increased by 107% between 2007 and now:

Regarding the statement that both Paul & Todd use in their campaign flyers that “The current NIC Board has doubled our tax rate since 2007; a 107% increase in the middle of a recession”. Here are the actual facts: Property Taxes paid by residents of Kootenai County in FY2007 $7,994,105. Taxes paid in FY2012 $13,364,250 ($2,380,000 was foregone taxes taken to fund the purchase of the Ed. Corridor) Total increase since 2007 with the purchase of the Ed. Corridor is equal to a 67% increase, but total to educational funding ( minus the cost of the Ed. Corridor) is 37%. The idea of doubling or 107% increase is totally false. Also in that same time frame, the enrollment increased by 2237 students or 46%, and tuition increased by 53%


Edit: Gookin’s Right, It Isn’t Fair

Darn it, Dan, you're right. It isn't fair. We're referring to Parental Frustration No. 4,366, Article 119, subsection B. You could look it up. We're paraphrasing here, but this particular fairness doctrine involves difficulty in effectively communicating with college-aged children. In this particular case, Dan Gookin — a local author, member of the Coeur d'Alene City Council and proud pop — wrote a letter to the editor expressing his angst over several aspects of PF 4366. One of Dan's sons didn't see a “tuition due” email he'd been sent from North Idaho College, leading to his tuition not being paid, NIC withholding the son's certificate and rendering credit for summer courses in doubt. News flash: Many college-aged children have moved past email at lightning speed. It is as antiquated to them as snail mail has become to many a middle-ager. These days, as Mr. Gookin points out, text messaging and social media like Facebook and Twitter are not just the preferred methods of youthful communication, but in some instances are seemingly the only ways they communicate/Coeur d'Alene Press Editorial Board. More here.

Question: How often do you use traditional email to communicate with others?

Trustee Responds To Gookin Letter

On Sunday, the Coeur d'Alene Press published a letter to the editor from Councilman Dan Gookin in which Gookin criticized North Idaho College for sending a son's tuition notice via email. Gookin's son apparently didn't open his email and see the bill. In today's Press, NIC Trustee Mic Armon responds to Gookin's criticism:

I can understand your concern. I have had three of my own children/students enroll for classes at the University of Idaho, the University of Arizona, online at Boise State University, online at Brigham Young University and as a dual enrolled student at NIC. Every one of these institutions has the same policy. They are all very succinct in informing the incoming student that all communication including billing, grades, updates, etc., will be through their college email account. It is truly the student’s responsibility to stay informed and read their emails. Also, once the student reaches the age of 18, they are an adult, and even though you may be paying the tuition bill, all information will only be released to the student. More here.

Question: How responsible were you at 18?

Mic: NIC Heard Boo-birds, Too

Mic Armon: I also would like to commend all of the city council for their dilligent effort, but in particular to Mike, Woody, Deanna & Sandi for taking the right and proper course on this issue. I can attest as a current Trustee in a hottly discussed topic (NIC’s purchase of the Ed. Corridor) that you hear comments from both sides on an issue when it is being decided. I did hear from those that thought it was wrong for NIC to make the purchase, and they often had strong arguments to support their view. But now that the purchase has been completed and the infrastructure is in place(Thank you, LCDC). I have heard nothing but raves and compliments on the NIC Board’s proper decision. I can only hope that sometime in the near future Sandi and the city councilman can have the same success. Vision and change are sometimes difficult, but necessary.

Question: Have you changed your mind re: the Education Corridor after seeing the impressive infrastructure work off Northwest Boulevard?

Cutting Ribbon On Ed Corridor

The Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce Commodores (blue jackets) help celebrate the completion of infrastructure work for the Education Corridor while (left to right in the center) NIC Board Chair Mic Armon, Coeur d’Alene Mayor Sandi Bloem, NIC President Priscilla Bell and Lake City Development Corporation Board Chair Denny Davis cut the ribbon at the new traffic signal at Northwest Boulevard and Hubbard. After decades of dreaming, years of planning and months of construction, officials celebrated the completion of Phase 1A of the Education Corridor with a ribbon cutting ceremony Nov. 15. (NIC photo: Stacy Hudson)

Question: How many Democrats can you find in this photo?

Mic: WAC Right To Whack BSU Coach

Mic Armon (re: WAC slaps trash-talking BSU coach): The cross country coach from BSU must have attended a different WAC championship then I did. I was at the meet and I will admit that it was one of the more well-attended and loud X-C meets that I have ever been at (and I have been to a few). But the Idaho fans were more then respectful for all of the teams, even to the point of cheering when the BSU men’s team was announced as the champions. BSU ran a very good race and had a couple of their guys have huge PR’s, but U of I had a great year and the Vandal Ladies are WAC champs. As a very proud Dad of a Vandal X-C runner, I am certain that I would never want my son to run for a coach that can only feel good about his program by belittling others.

Question: Have your children ever had been athletic coaches?

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