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MM: Luna’s Plans Are Utter Crap

Moscow Minidoka: I find it funny that when nearly everyone I talk to in this state (including my very conservative relatives in southeastern Idaho, Boise, and the Magic Valley) thinks Luna’s plan is utter crap, someone it’s only “union thugs” who would stoop to this. Yeah, I’m sure some 50-something math teacher went over there and trashed Luna’s truck. Let’s see: Idaho citizens OVERWHELMINGLY OPPOSE this plan, yet Luna and the Legislature seem determined to do whatever the hell they want, just like ITD did with the megaloads, and just like the Legislature is doing with a bunch of other bills that are supported by ideologues in the statehouse, but not by the average Idahoan.

Question: Do you think Superintendent Tom Luna is qualified to be suggesting such radical changes to public education?

MM: HBO National Pol Threads Boring

Moscow Minidoka: I am a well-informed person and have great sources for national political news. Reading it on HBO doesn’t do anything but put me to sleep. I’ve gotten to the point where the only time I even say anything about national politics is to jerk the chain of our resident paranoid conspiracy-theorist birther, and even that’s not very enjoyable anymore, because it’s disheartening to know that some people actually believe in nonsense. I think HBO is strongest when we discuss local and regional politics and the other fun “slice of life” things. I’m not saying we *shouldn’t* discuss national politics, but after five (or six?) years as a member of HBO, I can’t say that anything productive ever happens when a thread focuses on national politics. It’s just the same old crap.

Question: Are important national political stories of interest to you on this blog?

MM: Who Needs TV For News?

Moscow Minidoka: I know I'm probably in the minority (my wife and I haven't had TV in the house for over ten years now), but I get all my news from the radio, print, or internet, so I don't really pay any attention to the cable news noise machine. I did use to be a Rush listener back in the 1990s when I was young and very right-wing, and I enjoyed his show while spending long hours driving tractors. I listened to him recently and found a different show than when he had Clinton as his whipping boy. His voice is different, due to his deafness, I suppose. But his tone *does* seem more extreme than I remember it… less funny, less taking the piss out of authorities than I remember, and just more… angry, I guess. Extreme. Maybe that's because I've mellowed and turned away from seeing the world in black-and-white terms, maybe it's because he's actually gotten nastier with his deafness and painkiller addiction and too soft a life… or maybe both.

Question: Where do you get your news?

MoscowM: I Love Winter

Moscow Minidoka: Does anyone else get annoyed by the way our Inland Northwest “radio personalities” (and I suppose “television personalities” too) act when giving the weather forecast? Just this morning the guy on our local oldies station reported the possibility of snow with the same tone of dread that he might use to announce that he’s been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Does it not occur to these folks that some of us LIKE snow, and maybe even PREFER snow over four months of dreary sogginess? Did these people get stuck up north against their will, and cannot control their compulsion to complain about winter all winter long? I love winter. I love snow. I love when it’s cold. More below.

Question: Anyone else out there who loves winter?

MM: UI Fans No Worse Than BSU’s

Moscow Minidoka: I’m just wondering what kind of protective bubble these idiot BSU coaches live in where they expect to have their egos stroked at every turn. Speaking as someone who has lived in Boise and Seattle and witnessed college sports fans in action in both those places as well as Moscow, I simply don’t know what Magic Juice these guys are drinking… University of Idaho fans are no worse than BSU fans or WSU fans or UW fans.

Question: Who has the worst fans in college sports?

MM: Labrador-Minnick Disappointing

Moscow Minidoka: I’m disappointed in the Labrador-Minnick race, and also what a blowout the Otter-Allred race turned out to be. Oh well. However, I am very pleased to report that the Teabagger candidates running in Latah County were defeated. Thank God for that. I don’t mind the GOP taking back the House — in fact, I must say I kind of agree with Cabbage about the benefits of gridlock — but I really, really can’t stand the thought of Bohner as Speaker of the House. Did any of you hear him bawling last night? Geez… the spray on tan is bad enough …

Question: Were you disappointed in the outcome of any race last night? Which one(s)? Why?

ReggieH: Who Needs A Landline?

ReggieH: Do you all have landlines or something? I never get robocalls. Or political calls of any sort, actually. Which is fine by me. My mind is usually made up pretty early on, anyway, and I always vote, so I don’t need to be reminded.

Moscow Minidoka: Yes, Reggie, I have a landline — primarily for internet access, but also because I prefer to have people call my house and leave a message. I’ve got caller ID, so I haven’t actually ANSWERED any of these robocalls, but I’ve enjoyed (and been annoyed by) listening to the messages left on my answering machine.

Question: Do you still have a landline?

MM: I Dislike New FB/Twitter Icons

Moscow Minidoka: Dislike the new facebook/twitter icons. Poor design (too big, not incorporated well into existing HBO design). Integrate them better, or jettison them. As-is, they’re obnoxious. A better way to do this is to add these buttons after the jump. People who are prone to tweet/face these items can do so there, and the rest of us can look at a nicely designed front page.

Question: What do you think of the new Facebook/Twitter icons that were added to each Huckleberries Online post this afternoon?

MM: Why No Jazz Station in Hamptonville?

Moscow Minidoka: I don’t know how many of you regularly listen to Spokane’s NPR station (KPBX) on Friday nights, but there is just something really special about having classic jazz set the mood on Friday night. Bruce Davis’ show (focused on the swing era) is a highlight of my week, but the jazz they play afterwards is great, too. My biggest complaint is they fill the airwaves with classical music all week long, and just give us two nights of jazz. My time in Boise and Seattle spoiled me, ‘cause there you could get jazz on the radio every night … just wonderful. It frustrates me that the town that hosts the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival has no jazz station …

Question: What’s your favorite public radio program?

MM: Bob Dylan Puts On Good Show

Moscow Minidoka: I’ve seen Dylan five times in various places, and loved every show. I don’t mind Mellencamp on the radio, but I don’t own any of his music and am not a fan. If Nugent comes on the classic rock station, I change the channels — heard too much of him in high school, and now he just annoys me. I’d go to the concert in a heartbeat if it wasn’t midweek. I really wanted to take my kids to see Dylan, but it’s not worth the drive to Post Falls on a school/work night, especially since Dylan will probably be the last act. I should have followed my heart and driven to Boise for Dylan at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. There’s also that little thing about price

Question: How many of you are going to the Dylan/Mellencamp concert at the Greyhound Park tonight?

MM: Crocs, Sweat Pants Are A Sign

Moscow Minidoka: Crocs are as stupid as sweat pants. I wouldn’t be caught dead in either. To paraphrase an episode of Seinfeld, they both signal to everyone that the wearer has simply given up.

Question: Have you ever worn sweat pants in a public place, other than for the purpose of working out?

MM: The Lesser Of 2 Evils

Moscow Minidoka: One thing I have found interesting (in subscribing to Moscow-Pullman Daily News on a trial basis), though, is the profiles of local candidates for the upcoming primary elections. Where do they find these people? I swear, some of the candidates are less articulate than my two-year-old. I intend to vote in the GOP primary simply to prevent the stupidest candidates from getting a spot on the November ballot. I’d certainly rather be represented by articulate and intelligent members of *either* party than a mouth-breather who actually believes the Idaho Legislature has the power to overturn the Endangered Species Act.

Question (to the progressives of HucksOnline): Do you intend to cross-over and vote Republican in the spring primaries in two weeks?

MM: Facebook Just A Passing Fad

Moscow Minidoka: Here’s a comparison for you: Facebook is like “fellowship hour” after church. Everyone is polite, you avoid controversial topics, and you try not to fall asleep while Mr. Johnson tells you about the new fence he’s putting up this summer. But HBO is like a Saturday night BBQ where alcohol is served - everyone gets a bit loose, some people are funny, some people are annoying, some people embarrass themselves. I’d rather be at the party and leave fellowship hour to those who prefer not to step on toes (or to have their toes stepped on). …  it’s fun and new for about a year. Then it’s just as boring and annoying as email, and you’ll start to wonder why you found it so neat when you first created your account.

Question: I’ve wondered the same thing that MM brought up here — that Facebook will lose altitude and go the way of e-mail. What do you think?

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