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Mr. Bill: Mayor Hasn’t Changed Ways

If you thought that OpenCDA-dot-Com was going to leave the failed recall attempt alone, you need to think again. Mr. Bill was busy spinning a City Council encounter between Mayor Sandi Bloem and audience member Charlotte Gherke, whom I thought was borderline rude in her statement to Bloem and the council at the last City Council election. Mr. Bill, of course, dumps everything on Mayor Bloem: “Let’s play make-believe that Coeur d’Alene Mayor Sandi Bloem has changed her ways since the recall effort and has begun being honest with the citizens.  We have to make believe, because it certainly isn’t reality.” You can read the rest of Mr. Bill's trip through the Looking Glass here. Someone should tell Mr. Bill that his side failed to trigger a recall election despite one of the most intense political campaigns I've seen in almost 30 years in Coeur d'Alene. He's acting as though he represents the majority. Which, fortunately,, he does not.

Question: Isn't it time Mayor Bloem & the council quit listening to the bellyachers who couldn't get enough signatures to recall 4 of them — and move boldly ahead with their agenda?

OpenCDA Lauds Quinn Decision

Unsurprisingly, OpenCDA & Co. are celebrating the decision by 2nd District Judge Michael J. Griffin that voided the appointment of Wanda Quinn to the Coeur d'Alene School District Board of Trustees. Quoth Bill McCrory: “Judge Griffin’s decision took three pages.  It was elegant in its simplicity,  and Judge Griffin applied a concept that would likely be considered unique and innovative (maybe even 'anarchy') by our First District Court judges:  He read and followed Idaho law.” You can read the rest of Blustery Bill's all-out snark here.

Question: It seems to me that Mary/Bill & sympathizers believe in the justice system only when they agree with verdicts. But they seem to think a judge is on the take when a verdict is rendered with which they disagree. What do you think?

OpenCDA Blasts MikeK Not Hayes

Bill McCrory, Mary Souza's sidekick at, provides yet another reason this week why you should take every rant publishe on that blog with a proverbial grain of salt. Silent about the 45 miscast ballots in the recent city elections in Kootenai County, Bill levels his considerable bile for all things “Corrupt d'Alene” and Mike Kennedy in a silly screed that protects new County Clerk Cliff Hayes. Bill takes umbrage at Kennedy's comments from last week castigating Hayes for not being present to answer questions re: all the miscast ballots in the Nov. 8 elections. (Remember when Bill blazed away at far fewer ballots miscast in the 2009 Kennedy-Brannon election?) Spinmeister McCrory dismissed Kennedy's comments as “offensive, unprofessional, and misinformed.” Then, he defends Hayes: “The Kootenai County Clerk is not a mind reader; no one from the City had invited him to attend or to send a representative to the December 6, 2011, Coeur d’Alene City Council meeting.” You can read the rest of McCrory's hypocritical spiel here.

Question: How loudly would McCrory/Souza be yelling at the moment if 45 ballot mistakes were made under the watch of Democrat Dan English rather tha Republican Cliff Hayes?

Yes, Mary, Mike Really Did Win

Gracious! Mary Souza is still selling the snake oil, for all gullible readers (both of them), that Councilman Mike Kennedy didn't beat Jim Brannon in the 2009 Coeur d'Alene City Council race. This, despite a court decision that he did. Mary suggests that County Clerk Cliff Hayes has uncovered some profound evidence that Mike actually tied Brannon. Or mebbe, shazam, that he lost to Brannon. Mary: “Mike Kennedy won his re-election in 2009 by only 5 votes.  During the lengthy and sometimes contentious Election Challenge trial that followed, the court decided to invalidate 3 of Mike’s votes.  That brought Mike’s margin of victory down to 2.  Now, it seems, the election was possibly a tie or, in my opinion, an almost certain win for Jim Brannon and probably other candidates in that election as well.” Mary goes on to explain her “rationale” for her theory. You can read all about it here.

Question: How many conspiracy theorists does it take to concede an election?

McCrory Opposes Kennedy Pay Out

Since several of you have been discussing Bill McCrory’s latest broadside against all things involving the city of Coeur d’Alene, I figure I’ll post a link to his latest toxic screed, lambasting the request by Councilman Mike Kennedy to pay his legal bills for the 2009 municipal election. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Jim Brannon, pictured, is still pursuing his lawsuit to over turn his bitter 5-vote loss to Kennedy more than a year ago. Now, he and attorney Starr Kelso have appealed Judge Charles Hosack’s adverse decision against them to the Idaho Supreme Court. Meanwhile, ally McCrory explains why the city shouldn’t pay the $105,000 Kennedy accrued for making the mistake of beating sore loser Brannon. You can read McCrory’s thoughts here. Interestingly, a poll being conducted by the Coeur d’Alene Press overwhelmingly opposes the city paying Kennedy’s legal bills.

Question: Do you agree with any of McCrory’s points?

Mary To MikeK: Stay Off Hucks Online

Mary Souza, the former Coeur d’Alene planning commissioner who finished 3rd in a 3-way race with Mike Kennedy in 2005 and never got over it, suggests that Mike Kennedy stay off “savage” Huckleberries Online. And she accuses Kennedy of providing Hucks Online with blow-by-blow text accounts of proceedings during the six-day Jim Brannon election — not that I can see anything wrong with that if he had. Responding to a comment in the Coeur d’Alene Press story on Kennedy Sunday (“Vindicated … validated”) the he was getting savaged in court filings and the blogs, our contrary Mary advises at that Mike should stay off the “gossip blog” he frequents — “You know, the one he was live blogging on during the trial, while he was sitting in the back of the courtroom. Someone was getting savaged on it, but I don’t think it was Mike K!” Please follow this link, Comment No. 16. OpenCDA needs the page-views.

Question: Should Mike Kennedy take Mary Souza’s advice to reduce stress in his life?

OpenCDA Fires On Dan English Again

At, Gookin & Co. have seized on Jim Brannon’s challenge in his five-vote loss to Coeur d’Alene Councilman Mike Kennedy to try to undermine County Clerk Dan English. The keyboard commandos of the Web site have questioned the competence of Dan of the County and his office in handling elections on several occasions. In the latest episode, the Gookin has targetted “irregularities” in the handling of the 2006 Eastside Highway District election here. Dan has told Huckleberries on several occasions that he expects to face his toughest challenge yet as a result of the continuing attacks of the Gookin Gang and the quality of his opponent, former Post Falls police chief Cliff Hayes. In the middle of the harassment, Dan of the County, ever an individual of good cheer, took time to ride a four-wheeler in the Rathdrum Days Parade — and win first place in the Novelty Class. (Photo courtesy of Dan English’s Facebook page.)

Question: Do you think the attacks on Dan’s competence and character by will have enough effect in this fall’s election to unseat him?

HBO, OpenCDA … Yin & Yang?

OrangeTV: Comedy gold as usual. I’d quite miss the ongoing HBO vs. OpenCDA war if it were to ever end. It’s like yin and yang, two opposites that would be incomplete without the other. Two “gossip blogs” feeding off each other in a beautiful, natural way. Two lovers running down the beach in soft focus, like a TV commercial for a feminine hygiene product. OK, maybe not so much. I love Bill M’s reference to CDA-TV as “the city’s propaganda channel”. I’m assuming he’s talking about my favorite show, the always gripping “Perils for Pedestrians”, hosted by that dashing sexpot John Z. Wetmore.

Question: OTV, thanx for the coffee spitter. Which brings up a coupla interesting questions: How are Huckleberries & Not-So-OpenCDA similar? How are the two blogs different?

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