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OTV: Banned In Facebook Land

OrangeTV: For what it's worth, I attempted asking Mary Souza several days ago via her campaign Facebook page if she had permission to put her signs where she was putting them. My post was deleted within several hours and I was permanently blocked from commenting on her page.

Question: Why have you booted people from your Facebook page?

OTV Review: Donut Burgers!

Anyway, I had already been done with my shift for an hour or so and was getting just a skosh tipsy wipsy and extremely tummy-rumbly.  Suddenly, a figure emerged at me from out of the smoky darkness of the bar, carrying an armload of white Styrofoam to-go boxes.  It was one of my most beloved regulars. “Hungry? You’ll never guess what I found at this food truck down on Sherman.” I cracked open one of the boxes, not totally sure what to expect, and there it was, something I’d only ever heard of as a gluttonous internet food meme, something I was terrified of and delighted by simultaneously at the same time, something enough to make Paula Deen’s boobs bounce excitedly at the possibility of adding new calories to their bodacious bounty. It gleamed in front of me, reflecting the colored lights of the dance floor like a golden, sugary disco ball. Behold: the Glazed Donut Burger/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Are you kidding me?

OTV: Where Does Gookin Stand?

OrangeTV: I’m also curious what Gookin’s thoughts are on this recall effort. He’s been suspiciously silent on the issue. Could it be that once he got into his position of city councilman he came to realize that the city council wasn’t all the smoke-and-mirrors, backroom dealing shadiness that he had been harping about for so long and that his co-council members are just normal people following due process and not the conspiracy laden bunch of folks he once imagined?

DFO: I also want to know where Steve Adams and his new best buddy, Ron Edinger, stand on this issue. It's one thing to disagree with other members of the City Council on a major issue — and quite another to support a recall attempt or remain mum while colleagues are trashed.

Question (for non-targetted half of the City Council): Where do you stand on this recall bid?

OTV: Tea Partiers Had Worst Entry

OrangeTV: Just like last year, my vote for most over-the-top unbearably obnoxious parade entry goes to the Tea Party “float”. They drive the most gigantic, louder than hell, bright yellow monster rig (what IS that thing anyways?), have cloying, cornier-than-corny “patriotic” country music blaring at full volume and a half and have a handful of people shouting hollow political slogans through megaphones. It’s like a slow hurricane of white people and bitterness and it leaves children clinging to their mothers’ bosoms in fright and gives everyone else within a 3-block radius a powerful migraine and an excuse to reach for that 2nd valium pill.

Question: Which 4th of July Parade entries did you consider to be the best/worst?

OTV Review: Atilano’s Mexican Food

The exterior is nice enough, with a splashy new yellow and red paint job screaming “we're authentic!”, but open the door and walk inside and certain thoughts occur. Who broke into this poor old KFC, stole all the decor, then spray-painted over all the logos with a can of red spray paint? Was it a mad electrician with a fetish for exposed wires? (There are literally open outlet boxes with wires sticking out of the walls in several spots.) Can I still get a “famous” fried chicken, corn and mashed potato bowl and a side biscuit and coleslaw? Other than the employees, the only hint of old Mexico was the tejano music floating through lightly the air, and frankly, the place could use some serious sprucework and love on several levels/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Do you plan to visit Atilan's Mexican Food (old KFC building on Appleway) within the month?

OTV: Working Holidays Doesn’t Suck

OrangeTV: I lived in Seattle years ago on Christmas and couldn’t make it over to Idaho for the holiday and only had plans with friends for Christmas Eve. I worked at a retail store and we were the only place on Broadway open on Christmas besides a Chinese quickie mart. I worked and ended up having a wonderful, festive day with my co-workers and regular customers.

Question: How do you cope when you have to work a holiday?

OTV’s ‘Tina Lisa’

After reading about the squabbles among warring Kootenai County Republicans, OrangeTV/Get Out! North Idaho offers this little parody that he entitles the “Tina Lisa,” for your viewing pleasure.

OTV: Sad To See Willies Building Go

Re: Fire destroys Coeur d’Alene bar Willies (formerly Eduardo’s, Peabody’s, etc.)

OrangeTV: Anyway, I never really hung out at Willie’s, but it’s always sad to see a building with a lot of local history go up in flames.I spent many lunchtimes there in earlier times for Eduardo’s all you can eat taco bar. Also, I remember that Peabody’s was the hottest spot in town during the ‘80s before I was old enough to even try sneaking in. I have vague memories of one of my mother’s friends managing the place when I was even younger, but I don’t think it was called Peabody’s at the time. Or maybe it was. Anyone know the building’s history prior to Peabody’s?

Question: Do you have a connection to the building that burned over the weekend on Lake Coeur d’Alene Drive that housed Willie’s (and before that Eduardo’s & Peabody’s)?

OTV: What’s Happening To Bella Rose?

On Facebook, OrangeTV/Get Out! North Idaho reposted this from Bella Rose Cafe on Sherman/downtown Coeur d’Alene Saturday: “Thanks for 5 great years of business. Today will be the last day in business. We are looking forward to the new owners opening June 1.” Adds OTV: “I’m curious to see what’s happening in there next.”

Question: Anyone got the scoop re: what’s going to become of Bella Rose?

HBO, OpenCDA … Yin & Yang?

OrangeTV: Comedy gold as usual. I’d quite miss the ongoing HBO vs. OpenCDA war if it were to ever end. It’s like yin and yang, two opposites that would be incomplete without the other. Two “gossip blogs” feeding off each other in a beautiful, natural way. Two lovers running down the beach in soft focus, like a TV commercial for a feminine hygiene product. OK, maybe not so much. I love Bill M’s reference to CDA-TV as “the city’s propaganda channel”. I’m assuming he’s talking about my favorite show, the always gripping “Perils for Pedestrians”, hosted by that dashing sexpot John Z. Wetmore.

Question: OTV, thanx for the coffee spitter. Which brings up a coupla interesting questions: How are Huckleberries & Not-So-OpenCDA similar? How are the two blogs different?

OTV: Bosses Cross Off Tat People

OrangeTV: The sad reality is, especially in places like Idaho, the majority of employers do cross applicants with visible tattoos of their list of potential new hires. I don’t quite agree with that kind of old fashioned nonsense, but that’s just kinda the way it goes. I see young people with a ton of crazy tattoos and I wonder if they realize that they’ll either have to deal with being rejected by The Man or else find some form of self-employment, the latter being a good option anyway and something that most of my heavily tattooed friends have done quite successfully.

Question: Would you hire a tattooed person?

OTV Review: KC’s Breakfast Club

Actually, that might just be about the only thing that’s not on the menu at KC’s Breakfast Club. Q. and I had to send the waitress away twice while we attempted to absorb the plethora of items causing a quiver in our breakfast-bones and come to a final decision. We were enjoyably distracted, eavesdropping on a nearby table full of catty hairdressers. Apparently Satan’s House of Beauty is somewhere in Post Falls, because that’s how totally vicious they were, ranting about an absent co-worker for whom they clearly had no love. “She looks like a dog,” drawled one woman. Another girl cackled, “Yeah, her face matches her stinky poodle perm. She’s just low-class 80’s trash.” Q and I had to chuckle at that last quip, considering that these girls themselves were not exactly Paris runway material themselves; in fact they looked quite like they could have appeared as extras in some other random totally tubular Ringwald flick from way back. Their conversation faded into the general chaos of the room as our waitress re-filled our coffee mugs and asked again “Did you have a chance to decide?” Um, just one more minute please!/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Above, OTV tells of overhearing a group of beauticians hammer a co-worker. What kind of workers — office or otherwise — are the biggest gossips?

OTV: Youth Ranch Moving On Up

What the %*@# was a Medidi Monkey anyway? I never did venture in that bad California-lady acid trip of a furniture boutique with the silly name, which briefly held existence in the old Ponderosa motors building on in Midtown Cd’A. Something much better is moving in, or rather moving on up. The Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store is relocating one block north on 4th street somewhere toward the end of this month. Their current spot will become a pile of rubble to make way for some “affordable urban” condos. Hm. This is a little sad for two reasons. One: I’m enough of a geezer to remember when that building was the mighty Sears Catalog Store, before Coeur d’Alene was actually big enough to merit an actual Sears store. The Sears catalog was a massive and delightful tome, and the Christmas “Wish Book” was an annual event for the whole fam. I remember poring through them for hours, picking out school clothes then going in that store with my mom to stand in line and order, returning in a few days to stand in line again and pick up our order in grey paper packages. Seems like they had a ton of washers and dryers and maybe a TV or two on site, but that was it. I’ll miss being able to visit that space/OrangeTV. More Random Bits from Get Out! North Idaho here.

Question: Which Inland Northwest thrift store is your favorite?

OTV: Ex-Henry’s Owner Returning

New restaurant scoop! Local eyes are moist with joy, or at least mine are, with the news that former Henry’s owner/architect Joe Chapman is returning to the Coeur d’Alene restaurant scene soon when Grumpy’s opens for business in the former Bambino’s location in midtown Cd’A, which for aeons before that housed a cracked-out all-nite laundromat. If you know Joe at all, you’ll know that Grumpy’s is THE perfect name for his new culinary endeavor. As I’ve mentioned before, Joe was my first boss and an old family friend; I washed dishes there at age 15, and it was a default hang-out spot for several decades/OrangeTV. More Bread Crumbs & Tuna Chunks.
Question: How often do you dine at downtown and Midtown eateries?

OTV: East Sherman V-Day Getaway

Irish author and notorious wit Oscar Wilde once observed “Who, being loved, is poor?” In this long cold winter of recession, even with your sweetheart to keep you warm, the quick answer to that question is, well, just about everybody. Still, it’s Valentine’s Day and you want to do something special to show your true love exactly how much they put your gizzy in a twirl without going too far in the red. You sent away for a Gold Kit envelope, and returned it filled with the tacky jewelry you inherited from your great Aunt Fanny. The local Coin Star machine repairman knows you on a first name basis. You cut off your long, gorgeous hair and sold it on the black market to a drag queen in desperate need of a weave. Now you’ve finally got some cash together, but how can you take your sweetie on a whirlwind trip to the moon for $187? Why not stay right here in Coeur d’Alene and have a Romantic East Sherman Valentine’s Day getaway?/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Do you frequent any East Sherman Avenue business?

OTV Review: Susie’s

There aren’t many places left in our modern realm that harbor such a rarefied, historic aroma like the one that hits like a whammy upon entrance to the bar portion of Susie’s, where Q. and I landed one recent Saturday morning. It’s a mix of cigarettes, dust, the men’s room, heavy cuisine, beer taint, and loads and loads of time. Not that it’s necessarily a terrible odor, in fact it’s oddly comforting, reminiscent of an era when it was possible to sit down with your neighbors and loved ones and have Whiskey Sours and Pall Mall Lights with your bacon, eggs and hotcakes. It’s a scent that seems to have been present in nearly every diner/lounge or truck stop I dined at as a child in the 1970s, the last truly carefree era before health freaks ruined it for everyone with their overwrought concerns about the dangerous effects of second-hand smoke, trans-fat and getting drunk by noon/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Do you have a favorite eatery in the north end of Kootenai County?

OTV: 12 Dead Restaurants From ‘89

  • Mr. Steak
  • Ritz Cafe
  • Henry’s
  • Jimmy D’s
  • Log Cabin
  • The Atrium
  • Bonanza
  • Father Guido’s
  • Papino’s
  • Rosauer’s Family Restaurant
  • Topper, Too
  • 3rd Street Cantina

Question: OrangeTV/Get Out! North Idaho provides snippets re: these days-gone-by places that once dotted Coeur d’Alene. You can read his post here. Do you have any memories to share re: these places?

OTV Review: Subway Sandwiches

I thought I was being so good, so healthful. So proud of myself for sticking to my diet plan, even sacrificing yummy Monterey Cheddar bread for a sensible nine-grain wheat and opting for light mayo. Anyway, I’d always thought of tuna as weight-loss-in-a-can, touted by obsessive bodybuilders as a protein-rich miracle food that can help achieve maximum muscle hypertrophy and give you that fetching Lou Ferrigno glow. At least it felt like a step in the right direction away from the Baconator blues. Au contraire, for my research reveals that a juicy Wendy’s Baconator burger weighs in lightly at a mere 830 calories, with 51 grams of fat. A foot-long Subway tuna with cheese and all the fixings and extra banana peppers waddles in at 1,060 calories, with a fat count of 62 grams. 62 grams of fat sounds like a heck of a lot to me, especially when I think of it in raw form, jiggling away like flan on a silver tray in the liposuctionist’s office/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Chicken teriyaki is my favorite Subway sandwich. What’s yours?

OTV: Get Me Outta Margaritaville

It’s no secret that I have great disdain for anything and everything to do with Jimmy Buffett. Bully to the parrots, the beachy latitudes, and the cloying light rock sounds! Karaoke versions of “Margaritaville” have been known to turn me into a violent ashtray-thrower. I’d sooner eat Dung Beetle Supreme than dine at one of his hoaky burger joints. There’s something so smug about the cliquey gatherings of aging fans who don painfully tacky hawaiian shirts and jerk arrythmically to Jimmy Buffett tribute acts on the tragic dancefloors of cruise boats and casino lounges. CDA Press columnist and local negative nelly Mary Souza has reprtedly been spotted getting all dance-funky at several of these types of events and the very thought of her doing it, her flaxen hair bobbing to and fro, her tight lips in an upturned grimace, makes my brain burn all dull and hot. /Orange TV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Do you share OrangeTV’s aversion “to aging fans who don painfully tacky hawaiian shirts and jerk arrythmically to Jimmy Buffett tribute acts on the tragic dancefloors of cruise boats and casino lounges”?

OTV: Mac-River Pizza Is Calling Me

I’ve been getting my first reports back about the new MacKenzie River Pizza joint in the old failed Cheesecake place on US95 and word is that it’s pretty gosh darn cool. One of Stephanie’s house cleaning clients said that “The Athenian” was actually some of the most intense pizza she had encountered in ages, and that the service was good to the point of being over the top cheesy. That’s fine, as long as the pizza’s over the top cheesy as well. Stephanie and I plan on conducting a thorough investigation as soon as we can get a large enough party together to be able to try several different menu items. She’s already got a clutch of her other house cleaning clients on board, so it should be kind of a trip. I’m going to hang up my health plan for the night for this place, and I cannot wait. This boy needs some hot pepperoni/OrangeTV. Get Out! North Idaho. More Bread Crumbs here.

Question: Any of you tried out MacKenzie River Pizza, yet? What did you think of the food and the place?

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