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Saving Critters Part Of Summer Job

Otis G provides this feel-good photo & cutline information from the Spokane Valley: “Each year, the City of Spokane Valley Stormwater Utility hires some summer interns to do inventory on our storm drain systems. Last week, Tim Kincaid (who is a current student with the Spokane Community College Water Resources Program) looked in a drywell and found a marmot that had fallen in. It was still alive, so he fished it out and let it go in a field.”

Otis: Lady Looks Like A Dude

On his Facebook wall, Otis G tells of a close encounter in the Spokane Valley Costco food court involving a store worker recently. As the worker handed him a sausage, Otis said: “Thanks, brother!” Only to have the dude huff at him. Otis wasn't sure why he got that treatment in return, until he saw the dude's name tag, identifying him as a her. At that point, he didn't know whether to apologize or leave. So he opted for the latter. Otis: “I felt terrible about it when I got back to work, and it made for quite a discussion. It was universally voted that in a situation like that, you don't try to explain or apologize. You just make a hasty exit.”

Question: Did Otis make the right call by beating a retreat in a situation like this?

Diamond Ring Doesn’t Shine Any More

A couple days ago, we stopped into Axel’s Pawn Shop on Sprague Avenue. A couple walked in the same time as we did, the guy holding a motorcycle helmet. They approached the man behind the counter. “Any chance we can sell this helmet? We need to get milk. And cigarettes.” “Sorry,” the man replied, “We’re loaded up on helmets right now.” The couple gave each other a frantic look, and then the woman said, “How about my wedding ring?” “Sure, let’s take a look,” the man said as he leaned over the counter. “Yeah, I’ll give you (whatever) for it.” “Great!” the husband exclaimed. “That’s perfect! Now I can still ride my motorcycle!”/Otis G, Otis G Experience. More here.

Question: What would you like to say to the husband in this situation?

OtisG: Son Brings Back LL Memories

On Facebook (and printed here with his permission), Otis G writes about his Little League experience: “My personal little league memories consist of running to the wrong base, almost getting knocked out by a pitching machine, and peeing my pants in the outfield. (Son) Bailey not only loves playing baseball, he’s good at it. It makes me so proud to see him have the confidence I never did.”

Question: Did you have a good experience playing youth sports — Little League, soccer, flag football? Or do the peeing-my-pants incidents crowd out successes? Are your kids better athletes than you were?

Otis G: Saying Goodbye To Skateboarding

I’m still not sure why, but my board flipped out from under me. When I hit the transition, I felt something slide in my knee. As I lay there assessing the situation, Brent asked what I thought was wrong. At that point, all I knew was that it felt really weird… and my foot was pointing in the wrong direction. “I think my knee came out of joint. Maybe I can twist it back.” “Dude… if you can get yourself out of this pool, then I could get you to the hospital… and you won’t have to pay for an ambulance.” I was immediately feeling the weight of hospital bills. Skipping the ambulance sounded good, so I did probably the worst possible thing - and tried twisting my leg back into joint. After feeling a couple snap crackle pops, I decided that probably wasn’t a good idea. “I’m not going to make it out. Call 911”/Otis G Experience. More here.

Question: Did an injury force you to give up a sport or activity that you enjoyed as a youngster? And/Or: What’s the worst sports injury you’ve suffered?

Otis G: Supreme Chancellor Of Typing

I was a total geek in high school. I played the tuba. I was in advanced math classes. I was too afraid to go to dances. But, besides ALL that … I was proud to be the fastest typer in keyboarding class. It was slightly old school, we actually used electric typewriters. I think it was about the time that schools were trying to figure out how to integrate this new-fangled computer thing. Ever since, I would occasionally find myself looking at a roadside sign, and typing it out in my head. I felt stupid for doing so/Otis G Experience. More here (caution: Eye Candy).

Question: How many words can you type a minute?

Otis G: ‘I Felt Hope For America’

A few years ago, I went to visit my aunt in St. Louis. I was excited to visit the University district, after hearing it was culturally diverse. I found my way there, and for the first time in my life, experienced what I had always wondered possible. There were Muslims. Latinos. African Americans. Everything I’d never seen in Idaho. They were all shopping, walking among each other, and surprisingly… talking to each other. And the best part? Nobody seemed to really think anything of it. Just the naïve white guy from Idaho. I felt hope for America. At the same time, I also wondered why this wasn’t the norm for America. I returned to the boring, white safety of Idaho/Otis G’s Experience. More here.

Question: How will Obama’s election and performance is president affect racism in America?

Otis G: High Heels … For Men

Men don’t understand women’s obsession with shoes. They always seem to have 1,378 pairs. High heels, boots, tennis shoes… and other assorted “foot coverings”. Like most guys, I probably have around 5 pair. In years past, I’ve had 2. We just don’t get excited about such things. So I wondered, what is it that guys get excited about? T-shirts. I have probably 30 t-shirts hanging in my closet. Some of them I’ve never worn. Some of them were bought purely on a whim. Some of them I paid too much for, while others were absolute bargains. And granted, some of them should have been retired years ago. Sound familiar, ladies?/Otis G. More here.

Question: Has Otis G hit on something here? Are T-shirts to men what shoes are to women? Depending on your gender, how many shoes/T-shirts do you own?

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