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Gookin Balks At Council Guidelines

At the North Idaho Pachyderm Club last Friday morning, Coeur d'Alene City Councilman Dan Gookin complained that the “Council Member Information Packet” (which he is holding in the inset) is inadequate. Also, according to a Berry Picker who recorded Gookin's talk to the Pachyderms, Gookin said he's not happy with the agreement he was asked to sign as a member of the City Council. Gookin said he refused to sign. Curious, I checked to see who onerous were the council's 24 “standards and norms.” 

  • 1. I will maintain confidentiality on personnel and other matters that are discussed in executive session.
  • 2. I will show respect to Department Heads.
  • 3. We acknowledge the Department Heads are a team and we respect open communication between them.
  • 4. If I have an issue with a Department Head, I will bring it to them first and then to the City Administrator.
  • 5.The citizens are our customers and their problem is our opportunity.
  • All 24 “standards & norms” here.

Question: Would you want your City Council members to abide by the guidelines of the “Coeur d'Alene City Council Standards and Norms”?

Gookin: You Done Me Wrong, DFO

Dan Gookin (re: Gookin's State of the Union to Pachyderms): Thans(sic) for the misinformation, Dave, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from someone who isn’t willing to give me a fair shake. Your bias against me is overt. Whatever. This morning I wasn’t asked to predict the outcome of the recall, and I didn’t make any such a prediction. I referred to the four being recalled, not that they were “going” to be recalled. Your “berry picker” is not a journalist, after all, and you weren’t there.

DFO: @ 11:30 a.m., Dan Gookin challenged the report made out front re: what he said to the North Idaho Pachyderm Club this morning, denying he’d said that Mayor Sandi Bloem & the 3 targeted City Council members would be recalled. Now, I have the exact wording from his speech today: “Those four that, you know, are being recalled … they are not listening to the public and they don’t understand that … umm … this is a tremendous burden.” That’s dang close to what was originally reported … Also, the individual who quoted Dan told him before the meeting that he was taking notes, photos and a recording for Huckleberries Online — at which point, my Berry Picker said, Gookin outed him to others near them at the back of the room in a loud voice. My Berry Picker also offered to let Gookin look at his notes after the meeting to ensure that they were accurate. But Gookin declined to do so. You judge whether or not the proper steps were taken to ensure accuracy — and whether or not the first version was very far off from what was reported: “Those four who are going to be recalled … . ”.


Gookin State Of Union To Pachyderms

At the Pachyderm Club meeting this morning, Coeur d'Alene Councilman Dan Gookin complained that the “Council Member Information Packet” he's holding is inadequate.  He also was not happy with the agreement the council wanted him to sign as a member of the City Council which can roughly be described as an agreement to cooperate.  Gookin refused to sign.

This morning Coeur d'Alene City Councilman Dan Gookin spoke to the North Idaho Pachyderm Club which is a local Republican organization.  Following are some quotes from his talk (according to an embedded Berry Picker):

  • Gookin commenting generally about the City of Coeur d'Alene:  “Like Congress, the City doesn't necessarily have to follow their own rules.”
  • Gookin in reference to Councilman Mike Kennedy:  “Last Council meeting Mr. Kennedy berated me.”  Kennedy said, “there are no secret meetings.”
  • Gookin speaking of the City's view of LCDC:  “They do not levy taxes, they impact them.
  • Gookin speaking of the City:  “They can use urban renewal as a bank of convenience.”
  • Gookin, in reference to certain members of the City Council who make up the majority:  “Those four that, you know, are being recalled … they are not listening to the public and they don’t understand that … umm … this is a tremendous burden” (from a tape recording).
  • More below

Adams Calls For City Staff Layoffs

In a presentation to the Kootenai County Pachyderm Club Friday morning, Coeur d'Alene City Council candidate Steve Adams said the city staff of 350 employees was up to 100 jobs too many.  All this pased on an article published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, an Austrian school of economics and libertarian political and social theory. Reporter Tom Hasslinger of the Coeur d'Alene Press quotes Adams as saying: “That doesn't mean my top priority is going to be to chop 100 jobs right away, but it's something to look at,” said Adams, following a Seat 5 candidate debate Friday morning, where he announced his stance. “Maybe we could trim 25 or 50 (positions.)” You can read the entire story here. (Facebook photo of Steve Adams)

Question: What do you make of a political candidate basing a call of at least 25 to 50 layoffs of city staff on an Austrian libertarian polical theory?

Gabriel Replies To Adams’ Claim

I received this note from City Administrator Wendy Gabriel moments ago: “This morning, Steve Adams, Coeur d’Alene City Council Candidate, said in a Pachyderm meeting held at Jonsey’s that he requested to attend my  individual department head meetings regarding the 2011-12 budget.  He said that I stated he could not attend, and that I stated only union members were allowed to attend.  His statement is not true.  Attached is my emailed response to him. ” Click here.

Huckleberries Hears …

(File this one under “Daniel in the Lions” den) … that City Councilman Mike Kennedy spoke at the North Idaho Pachyderm Club this morning re: McEuen Park. Mike tweets: “Talked park history, process, and future. Polite reception.” I'm trying to contact the local GOP's favorite-Democrat-to-hate now. To make sure he's OK. Meanwhile, check the river …

Republicans (Heart) Fedora Grill

What’s with all the buzz re: Fedora Pub & Grille (at Kathleen & Ramsey)? I hadn’t paid much attention to the new restaurant in the old sauerkraut place until the Republican Pachyderm Club decided to change their hangout on Friday mornings from IHOP to there. Then, on Election Night, Old Guard Elephants hung out there while the Phil Hart Fan Club commandeered GOP HQ in Appleway Square. Then, the Reagan Republicans have announced that they’re moving their meetings to Fedora. Now, CdANightOut tweets: “Have you been to Fedora and tried the Monte Cristo Sandwich special? Was in there today and it is a big hit!” What’s up?

Question: How has the Fedora restaurant been able to gain so much attention so quickly?

Redux: Nilson Declares War On NIC

Redux: This originally appeared on Hucks Online on Jan. 9, 2009:

Huckleberries hears that … That Ron Nilson of Ground Force Manufacturing declared war on the Education Corridor at the weekly meeting of the Pachyderm Club. A Berry Picker reports: ”Speaking very passionately, he encouraged all in attendance, whom he referred to as ‘the silent majority,’ to stand up and fight.  ’The easiest way for evil to triumph, was for good men to do nothing,’ he quoted. He told them to not be silent anymore. He had tears in his eyes, I swear. I thought I was at a revival. …. Duane (Rasmussen) had to give Ron the hook or he’d still be talking.” More Nilson gems in dropdown box:

Question: Ron Nilson is running for the open seat of Rolly Williams. Does is seem to you that he has the best interests of North Idaho College in mind?

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