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Christie: Done With Partisan Politics

Christie Wood: Today is my birthday. I woke up with a plan that would set the world on the right course for me again. I drove to the clerk’s office and changed my voters registration card to unaffiliated. It felt so good to be free of ideals and platforms I do not support. The State Republican platform failed to include support for Human Rights. The National Republican platform has no exceptions for abortions even if a woman is raped. What has happened to the party that used to be celebrated and recognized for the great people in it like Nelson Rockefeller? Oh let me guess…too moderate. Not pure. On the other side of the aisle the Dems can’t decide if they want God or Jerusalem in the platform (well I guess they did decide last night). Whew- I am free to look at candidates for their strengths and weaknesses rather than their party. It feels good. My new moniker is UNAFFILIATED. So happy now. Something tells me they won’t miss me…

Question: What do you think of Christie's move?

Carlson: Definitions Of Political Party

“You’re really a Republican, you just don’t want to admit it,” my publisher said to me the other day. “I’m a business Democrat,” I countered, “if you insist on trying to label me.” “No such thing,” he replied, adding “and just what the heck is that?” Back and forth we go, having fun by trying to put each other on the defensive and deliberately distorting what the other says. We take our politics seriously and often disagree without being too disagreeable (at least in my case!). At the end of the day, though, we both say a pox on the houses of each party for being enthralled to their particular special interests. Neither of us has ever voted a straight ticket and both of us sometimes despair about the future direction of both Idaho and the nation. We are both dismayed at the inability of the two parties to work together for the common good/Chris Carlson, St. Maries Gazette Record. More here.

Question: Do you vote straight ticket for either party?

Mary Lou: Increasingly Partisan CdA

Partisan creep is moving in on non-partisan territory and threatens to wreak havoc on our good government. I am angry and very sad for Coeur d’Alene. In the just-concluded, by-law-nonpartisan city elections in Kootenai County, the Reagan Republicans won all the races they invested time and dollars in. Shamelessly, they pulled out all the stops on their party machine and played all the negative cards in their hands. Is there anything wrong with their game plan to insert partisan politics into local nonpartisan elections, practically, politically and/or ethically? I say a loud “yes” to all of the above. It’s not just a question of changing the rules in the middle of the game (although that rankles, too). There are longstanding reasons why some elected positions are historically and appropriately nonpartisan/Mary Lou Reed, Inlander. More here.

Dan Gookin Facebook statement:Sour grapes from one of the Democrat kingpins of Kootenai County. A woman who has mercilessly injected her own partisan politics into non-partisan elections for over a decade know. The left knows no shame.”

Question: Critics would say that Mary Lou and Kootenai County Democrats have unofficially injected partisan politics into nonpartisan local elections for years. Would you agree/disagree?

Letter: Clerk Shouldn’t Allow Politics

I was shocked to find on Kootenai County Elections’ website, beside the names of the two challengers for Post Falls School Board, partisan website links that promoted the candidates based on their political affiliation (Reagan Republicans).  It is extremely unfortunate, and questionable, that our county officials allowed these partisan websites to be posted. (Those websites were pulled after complaints.) The leaders for our local school boards should be chosen on their experience, ability to lead, to understand and solve complex financial issues facing our schools.  This is especially true in difficult times.  We need leaders who set aside partisan policies, personal political agendas, who work together in a common sense positive manner for our children/Dawna Shepard, Independent, Post Falls. (County Clerk Special Election site here.) More below.

Question: Do you see the same problem that Dawna Shepard sees?

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