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Joker: Let’s Settle This WWE Style

Joker: Can’t we just solve this (recall/McEuen flap) WWE style and have an six-person tag match in a steel cage? Imagine the revenues it would generate. I see Mad Mary Souza trying to give Sandi “Lookn’ Fierce” Bloem a pile driver only to be blocked by Chicago Mike’s vicious clothesline off the top rope. Then Mary uses a hidden tape in her tights to knock Chicago Mike out. Bloem uses the McEuen Ruin, a choke slam to put Mad Mary out of commission. Frank Orzell uses his patented “Get off my lawn” body slam on Woody McEvers, but the Woodman recovers to apply his special sleeper hold called the “Doobie do” and Frank is sleeping like a baby. Woody is disqualified when he leaves the cage to get a snack. Meanwhile, Kathy Sims is using her URL claw, which cuts off blood to the brain on Bloem. It looks bad for Bloem when Deanna Goodlander, aka the Legendary Lee, uses an amazing submission hold called the Tubbs Hill leg breaker, forcing Sims to submit. What a match … Pay per view revenues. The possibilities are endless.

Question: Who would win a tag team match featuring Bloem-Kennedy-Goodlander on one side & Souza-Orzell-Sims on the other?

Joker RE: Post-Apocalypse CdA

Joker paints a bleak future for DFO after Mary Souza and seize control of Coeur d'Alene City Hall and Steve Adams is mayor: The cell didn’t have any windows and the metal floor made Dave’s back ache. The lights in the cell would flicker on and off. “Fight the power…” bounced off the steel walls as the Public Enemy roared from a speaker built into the ceiling. When the music stopped, he could he faint screams from the other prisoners in the camp. Then the door opened, a small portable TV with DVD was rolled into the cell by two elderly men wearing theater masks. One of the old guys plugged the unit into the set. The screen flickered. Mary Souza appeared. “Hello. Welcome to the Corrupt Alene education center. We will teach you why your government is whorehouse. We will show you how LCDC is a socialist organization led by evil people. When you leave, or rather, if you leave. You will have the knowledge to make a difference. This is the beginning.” The men removed the TV and left. In the door way, a tall muscular man with a billy club sneered, “Get up. I am your huckleberry now.”

Question: Feel free to join in on the possible post-Bloem apocalypse?

Bloggy: War On Xmas Post-Apocalypse

Mr_Bloggy: Mr_B is 99.9% bad. The remainder is held in reserve for the coming War on Christmas Post-Apocalypse in which, if it were a movie, there would be a scene: Lone man walks down smoking, crater filled city street. Shadows fall from the hulks of buildings. The sun is a diffused ball behind a gunmetal sky of blanched clouds. Man carries a heavily modified 7.62x51 mm NATO GE “Minigun” 6-barreled air-cooled machine gun. He is clad in a black tactical haz mat suit. A cigarette hangs limply from his lower lip, he sucks on it and exhales the smoke in two thin streams from his slightly flared nostrils. More below

Question: If you were to be judged by Santa re: being naughty or nice, would you get a nice present or a lump of coal this year?

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