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2nd Luna Recall Drive To Launch

Comedian Ron “Pete” Peterson, who finished fourth with 5 percent of the vote in the 2010 GOP primary, says he's organizing another run at removing Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna from office. Peterson, of Boise, was a key player in the effort that fell more than 100,000 signatures short of putting a Luna recall on the Aug. 30 ballot. Now, Peterson says, he's aiming for the Nov. 6, 2012, general election. About 158,000 signatures are necessary to force an election. “No, this is not a joke,” Peterson told the Statesman, “although I will be telling some jokes during this second recall attempt. One of the things that killed us was a lack of planning and organization.” Peterson said he'll kick off the effort Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Hollywood Market in Boise's North End/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Did you sign the 1st Luna recall petition? Would you sign a 2nd one, if given the chance?

Recall Luna Founder Issues Statement

“No matter what you hear, this was NOT a partisan effort, this was not started by teachers or unions or Democrats. Anyone who says it was, is NOT telling you the truth! There were MANY Republicans who told me face to face, 'I voted for Luna, and now I am sorry I did. I want to sign the Recall petition!'” — Nancy Berto, Recall Luna founder, in a prepared statement. Full Statement here.

Question: Did you sign a petition either to recall Superintendent Tom Luna or to place referendums against three pieces of Luna education reform bills on the 2012 ballot?

Johnson: Recall Luna Try Misfires

There was never a real chance that supporters of a recall of Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction would be able to collect the nearly 160,000 valid signatures needed to force a recall of the controversial superintendent. Now that the recall effort is officially dead, the question becomes whether opponents of Tom Luna’s education reform ideas can keep the public concern – even anger – at a level sufficient to make a 2012 referendum, already qualified for the ballot, successful? I’d argue the failure of the recall is a significant strategic setback for those who think Idaho’s education policy is headed in the wrong direction. The decision to mount the recall was, with perfect hindsight, a miscalculation that will now be portrayed as a sign of weakness/Marc Johnson, The Johnson Report. More here.

Question: Do you agree with Marc Johnson that the Recall Luna effort was a miscalculation that will hurt attempts to turn back Superintendent Tom Luna's so-called education reforms?

Semanko Hails Recall Luna Failure

Chairman Norm Semanko, of Idaho Republican Party, issued a statement re: failure of Recall Luna drive, which reads in part: “This is a huge blow to the anti-education reform establishment.  The Union leadership’s efforts to use scare tactics and spread misinformation in order to maintain the status quo and to place Union interests ahead of the true recipients of public education, the students, have failed in Idaho.  This confirms that the will of the people was made known in the 2010 elections, a year that proved most successful for the candidates of the Idaho Republican Party.” (H/T: Idaho Conservative Blogger, more here)

Question: Is the Idaho Education Association a legitimate target for Semanko's comment since it didn't take part in the Recall Luna effort?

ISJ: Sign Recall/Referendum Petitions

If you haven’t signed petitions to set up a recall election for state superintendent of schools Tom Luna and place a major and sudden revamp of Idaho’s public school system in the hands of voters, now is the time. If the necessary number of registered voters sign the four petitions — one to recall Luna and three to challenge legislation that stripped Idaho teachers of most bargaining rights while reallocating diminished resources from instruction to technology — all Idahoans will have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Whether you favor the major changes in public schools or not, a statewide vote on the issues would settle two burning questions. Does a majority of our state’s residents favor the so-called “Students Come First” plan? Would voters have supported Luna’s re-election if he had run on the merits of his plan?/Idaho State Journal Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Are you surpised a southern Idaho newspaper would support signature gathering efforts on the Luna recall and public education “reforms” passed by the Idaho Legislature?

Ex-Ada Clerk Joins Luna Recall Try

Dave Navarro, who retired in January as Ada County Clerk, signed one of the petitions seeking the recall of Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna. Navarro was the chief elections officer in Idaho's largest county for 20 years, having been elected in 1990. Navarro wasn't available for comment Tuesday morning. Navarro was among 34 valid signatures from Ada and Canyon counties that started the recall effort. Petitioners have until June 27 to collect 158,107 valid signatures to force an Aug. 30 special election/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Trillhaase: Referendum Not Recall

Sixty days after this dreadful legislative session ends, round up at least 47,432 signatures from registered voters - or 6 percent of the electorate - and demand a referendum on Luna's legislation. That would provide what Luna denied you -empowerment. A chance to be heard. It would be only the fifth time that the voters could repudiate or sustain the actions of their Legislature - the others being sales taxes (1936 and 1966), right to work (1986) and term limits (2002). This would become the defining issue of the 2012 state election. The GOP legislative majority and its agenda would be on trial. Majority vote wins/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Does it make more sense to seek a referendum on Tom Luna's education “reforms” or to try to recall him?

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