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Vieselmeyer Slams Campaign Lies

In a letter to the Coeur d'Alene Press editor, Ron Vieselmeyer, a former Republican legislator who is retiring from the North Idaho College Board of Trustees, decries false information circulated by Reagan Republican trustee candidates:

“What bothers me the most about the deceptive campaign literature some of it was distributed by people that I agree with philosophically and politically. Since I was not a candidate for an elected office, most of the deception did not affect me personally. However, I am offended by the NIC Board of Trustees candidates who accuse the present board of outrageous tax increases and wasteful spending. It is amazing how you can separate figures from the larger picture of the various sources of revenue and expenditures regarding North Idaho College.” Full letter here.

Question: Is it allright to claim anything during a political campaign, as long as your candidate gets elected?

Vieselmeyer: Voters Unhappy w/Hart

(Phil) Hart's primary opponents include Ron Vieselmeyer, 71, an outspoken Christian conservative, ordained minister, former state lawmaker and current North Idaho College trustee; longtime Hayden real estate appraiser Ed Morse; and local firefighter Fritz Wiedenhoff. The winner of the four-way race will face Democrat Dan English in November. Vieselmeyer said issues aren’t as much at stake in this year’s race as people. “It’s either somebody else wins and represents them, or they continue to have Phil Hart representing them,” he said. “And that’s been an uncomfortable situation for a lot of people”/Betsy Russell, SR. More here.

DFO: I've been trying to figure out how former legislator Ron Vieselmeyer will affect this race. He attracts the same conservative crowd as Hart. Meanwhile, Reagan Republicans have endorsed Ed Morse. I view this as a three-man race with Fritz Wiedenhoff finishing a distant fourth.

Question: Will Ron Vieselmeyer pull votes away from Hart or Morse?

Hart Makes A Point At Tea Party Rally

At the Tea Party speed-date event at the Greyhound Park Wednesday night, state Rep. Phil Hart emphasizes a point while opponents for his House Seat 2B seat listen. They are (from left): Fritz Wiedenhoff, Ed Morse, Hart, and Ron Vieselmeyer.

A Berry Picker reports: There seemed to be a pretty good crowd at the Greyhound Events Center when we got there at 5:20 or so.  Walked in & was immediately greeted by Luke Malek who was holding the door open for folks entering the venue.  There were lots of other people offering flyers and talking point cards of their candidates in the entryway.  The Recall booth was located just passed the bar (!) and next to the booth where people could register to vote. We were approached to sign the Recall petition several times and we declined, politely. More below.


Popkey: Democrat Can Win Hart Seat

Dan Popkey, the Idaho Statesman political writer and columnist, picks state Rep. Phil Hart's District 2 seat as one of six legislative seats in which Republicans are vulnerable to a Democratic upset this year. He writes: “Kootenai County’s District 2 is among the half-dozen most Republican strongholds in the state. But if tax scofflaw and timber thief Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, wins a four-way GOP primary, it’s game on. Democrat Dan English is a licensed professional counselor and popular former city councilman, school board member and county clerk, who was president of the Idaho Association of County Recorders and Clerks. English is the sort of common-sense Democrat who used to win in North Idaho and enough embarrassed Republicans might be willing to vote D to end the Hart farce. Former GOP Rep. Ron Vieselmeyer could give Hart trouble because of lingering name ID, but a four-way race always favors the incumbent. If party elders have any sense, they’ll be pressing for a further thinning of the GOP ranks. (Hayden City Councilwoman Jeri DeLange dropped out last week, citing the crowded field.) The other GOP hopefuls are real estate appraiser Ed Morse and firefighter Fritz Wiedenhoff. And: More here.

Question: Do you think Democrat Dan English can with the House District 2 seat from the Republicans?

Read more here:

DFO: I Did Not Write That …

Ron Vieselmeyer, a current North Idaho College trustee and a former legislator, called to ask if I'd posted that he entered the House District 2B race to help state Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, get re-elected. Ron said he'd been told second or third hand that I had. I assured him that I hadn't, although I did consider it strange that he jumped into a five-candidate race and that Hart would probably survive the GOPrimary as a result. Vieselmeyer responded that he entered the race because he thought Hart wasn't going to run for re-election. Both men filed Friday, I believe. I wished Ron hadn't gotten involved in the race because he will pull votes from others. Ditto for Jeri DeLange and Fritz Wiedenhoff. I wanted Ed Morse to take Hart on, mano a mano — so there would be no winning with a plurality of 35 percent or so. Morse would beat Hart straight up. Hart's Far Right troops are passionate. He has his cut of the vote locked in. Meanwhile, Vieselmeyer, DeLange and Wiedenhoff will be tripping all over themselves and Morse trying to get traction to beat the Artful Tax Dodger. Vieselmeyer is one of the most honest men I know. He's to be believed when he says he's not on Hart's team. However, his candidacy will help Hart by further splitting the vote. Isn't the purpose here to make Phil Hart a former Idaho legislator? — DFO

Question: Who would you like to see drop out of the House District 2B race?

Vieselmeyer Joins Race For Hart Seat

In Idaho’s upcoming elections, North Idaho’s most-Republican legislative district will have a Democratic challenger vying for every seat. No Democrat has even run for the Legislature in the district since 2002, when there was just one candidate, who lost; the last one elected was in 1994. But this year, there’s a high-profile Democrat running, former Kootenai County Clerk Dan English, who for many years was the only Democratic elected official in Kootenai County. English is running against tax-protesting Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, and he’s not the only one. Hart, who filed Friday to seek a fifth term in the state House, also faces four challengers in the GOP primary: Longtime local real estate appraiser and Hayden businessman Ed Morse; Hayden City Councilwoman Jeri DeLange; former lawmaker Ron Vieselmeyer; and Fritz Wiedenhoff of Rathdrum. The district, which is the new District 2 for the upcoming elections but was District 3 for the past 10 years, includes Hayden, Hayden Lake, the Rathdrum Prairie, Spirit Lake and Athol/Betsy Russell, SR. More here. (Jesse Tinsley SR photo: Rep. Phil Hart, R-Idaho, talks to someone at Ron Paul rally in Spokane Feb. 21)

A Rally Prayer

At the rally for former Pennsylvania U.S. senator Rick Santorum, an embedded Berry Picker snapped this photo of (from left) North Idaho College Trustee Ron Vieselmeyer, Santorum, and David Hill praying after the Coeur d'Alene rally.

Question: Do you believe in the power of prayer?

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