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Limbaugh Surviving Fluke Putdown

Protesters carry boxes containing petition signatures Wednesday in Jefferson City, Mo. The protesters delivered 35,000 petition signatures Wednesday to the House speaker's office opposing the inclusion of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh in the Hall of Famous Missourians in the latest in a series of opposition efforts to Limbaugh's selection. Story here. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Meanwhile: Furor caused by Limbaugh's comment re: Georgetown student Sandra Fluke is dying down here

Question: Are you surprised that Rush Limbaugh seems to be surviving Sandra Fluke putdown?

Musicians Want Off Limbaugh Show

In the wake of Rush Limbaugh's attacks on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke last week, nearly 50 advertisers have fled his show, including Netflix and AOL, undeterred by the fiery announcer's subsequent apology in which he regretted his choice of words but little else. First the money walks, now it's the music. Rush, Peter Gabriel and the Fabulous Thunderbirds have all demanded that their music immediately stop appearing on Limbaugh's program. (And lest you think it's confined to rockist quarters, the Philadelphia Orchestra, which bought a package of ads through CBS Philly, has also “taken steps to ensure that our ads no longer run on the Rush Limbaugh show,” according to its Twitter feed)/Pop & Hiss blog, L.A. Times. More here.

Question: Could this possibly be the beginning of the end for the seemingly untouchable Rush Limbaugh?

Signe: Lining Up To Sponsor Rush

Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Inquirer

EN: Beginning of End For Limbaugh?

Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, left, is a guest on “The View” in New York earlier today, after her stand on contraception coverage prompted Rush Limbaugh to deride her as a “slut” and a “prostitute” on his radio talk show. Interviewing Fluke, from right, are hosts Barbara Walters, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd. (AP Photo/ABC, Lou Rocco)

Diehard Rush Limbaugh supporters are hoping this, too, shall pass. But I'm banking on the end of Rush's influence after he called a Georgetown University student a “slut.” It had the “death by tongue and arrogance” feel that has spelled the end to the power of other folks throughout history. Sen. Joe McCarthy's Communist-hunting campaign wound down after an Army lawyer called him on his craziness in 1954 with this line that's gone down in history: “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” Don Imus' radio career never really came back to life after his “nappy headed hos” comment in 2007 about the Rutgers women's basketball team/Rebecca Nappi, End Notes. More here.

Question: Will Rush Limbaugh's influence diminish as a result of this controversy? Or will he be as influential as ever 3 months from now?

MJ: When Limbaugh Wore A Fedora

Rush Limbaugh apologized over the weekend for a choice of words that he admitted “was not the best,” a reference to his radio show delivered “slut” and “prostitute” characterization of a  Georgetown University law student. Conservative commentator David Frum summed up El Rushbo’s latest tirade when he wrote, “Limbaugh’s verbal abuse of Sandra Fluke set a new kind of low. I can’t recall anything as brutal, ugly and deliberate ever being said by such a prominent person and so emphatically repeated. This was not a case of a bad “word choice.” It was a brutally sexualized accusation, against a specific person, prolonged over three days.” “Brutal, ugly and deliberate” for sure, unprecedented not so much. Mostly forgotten now, and that may be the ultimate justice, is the man who was Rush before Rush. Limbaugh with a fedora – Walter Winchell/Marc Johnson, The Johnson Report. More here.

Question: Am I the only one who remembers Walter Winchell?

MM: Who Needs TV For News?

Moscow Minidoka: I know I'm probably in the minority (my wife and I haven't had TV in the house for over ten years now), but I get all my news from the radio, print, or internet, so I don't really pay any attention to the cable news noise machine. I did use to be a Rush listener back in the 1990s when I was young and very right-wing, and I enjoyed his show while spending long hours driving tractors. I listened to him recently and found a different show than when he had Clinton as his whipping boy. His voice is different, due to his deafness, I suppose. But his tone *does* seem more extreme than I remember it… less funny, less taking the piss out of authorities than I remember, and just more… angry, I guess. Extreme. Maybe that's because I've mellowed and turned away from seeing the world in black-and-white terms, maybe it's because he's actually gotten nastier with his deafness and painkiller addiction and too soft a life… or maybe both.

Question: Where do you get your news?

Pitts: Limbaugh’s Calculated Outrage

It is, of course, a calculated outrage. Meaning, it was spewed by a clown in the media circus to kick a familiar sequence into motion: angry denunciation by bloggers, pundits and supporters of President Barack Obama (the “he” whose failure is hoped), followed by Rush Limbaugh refusing to retract a word, a courageous truth teller who will not be moved. And, trailing behind, like the folks with brooms who trail the elephants in the circus parade, Limbaugh’s devotees, complaining that their hero has been misquoted, misunderstood or otherwise mistreated. “What Rush meant was … yadda yadda yadda.” A calculated outrage/Leonard Pitts, McClatchy Newspapers. More here.

Question: Do you hope Barack Obama fails or succeeds? Did you want Bush to fail or succeed?

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