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Sho-Con: Rammell Over McMillan? No

Sho-Con: Yes, Rammell polled well in Idaho and Bonner Counties when he ran for Governor, but they weren’t voting FOR him, so much as they were voting AGAINST Otter. Also, that was BEFORE his two arrests, and his bizarre “sovereign citizen” line that he used in open court. Unless you’re banking on them setting up a polling place at the State mental hospital in Orofino? Look at what he’s posting on @FakeRexRammell on Twitter (yes, it says “fake” in the name, but I’ve heard that’s really him) for an idea of how he’s gone completely bonkers … Bonner, Idaho, and Clearwater counties have a right-wing constituency, especially in the GOP, but they haven’t gone THAT far off the deep end.

Question: Can controversial Rex Rammell beat incumbent Rep. Shannon McMillan in the new far-flung House District 7?

Extra! Rammell To Challenge McMillan

If the far-flung new Legislative District 7 wasn't enough to scare off state Rep. Shannon McMillan, this might. Dustin Hurst/Idaho Reporter just tweeted: “Rex Rammell has filed to challenge Rep. Shannon McMillan in the Republican primary!” I wouldn't wish a race against Rex Rammell on anyone.

Richert: From Idaho To DC Without ♥

When you get past the lofty parliamentary title, “joint memorials” are nothing more than legislative e-mails to Congress. They are nonbinding. They carry no weight, but they give lawmakers a forum for carping about the federal gummint — something they might otherwise be reduced to doing around a Statehouse water cooler. But they do send a message, all right. Sometimes, the message is that our Legislature is populated with yahoos with a tad too much time on their hands. A case in point: on Monday, Rep. Shannon McMillan, R-Silverton, trotted out House Joint Memorial 9, which would tell the Environmental Protection Agency to pull out of the Silver Valley within five years/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Should we treat “joint memorials” the same way we do bomb threats? Don't report 'em?

Silver Valley Bill Wants EPA Evicted

The House Environment, Energy & Technology Committee has voted to introduce Rep. Shannon McMillan's non-binding memorial calling for the EPA to pull out of the Silver Valley and halt its Superfund cleanup there within five years, with two “no” votes, one abstention and some concerns about whether the state can do what the resolution says. In addition to sending a message to Congress and the EPA, the memorial declares that the Idaho Legislature “vehemently opposes and rejects the ROD (Record of Decision) amendment proposed by the EPA, and hereby demands that our local, state and federal elected officials do all in their power in order to ensure that the EPA … end its presence in Shoshone County and rescind the Superfund designation within the next five years”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Is there value in passing a nonbinding resolution, other than it makes its author and maybe other legislators feel as thought they're taking a stand on something?

McMillan Leads Conservative NI Ranks

Believe it or not, only one North Idaho representative received 100 percent marks from conservative Adam Graham for votes during the wild 2011 Idaho Legislature — Shannon McMillan, the freshman legislator from House District 2. Graham scored Idaho legislators on 16 different votes. Uberconservatives Phil Hart of District 3 and Dick Harwood of District 2 were docked for voting incorrectly, in Graham's estimation, for voting against advertising on school buses — and received a 94% grade as a result. Another uberconservative Vito Barbieri of District 3 missed a perfect score by voting for GARVEE bonding, against Graham's wishes. 4 North Idaho solons scored 94s — Harwood, Barbieri, Bob Nonini, and Frank Henderson, while Hart scored a 93. Rep. George Eskridge scored lowest with a 56%. Everyone else was at 81 percent or better. Adam Graham's conservative scores here.

Question: Were you surprised by the scores?

McMillan: Let Them Eat Cake

Rep. Shannon McMillan, R-Silverton, debating against HB 109 on extended unemployment benefits, said, “My problem isn’t with the hand out or the hand up. My problem is with the length of time. … How long are we going to extend it out? It’s kind of like a diseased limb now, we’re dragging it out and dragging it out. Isn’t perhaps the cleaner cut, the more merciful cut, instead of keep dragging it on? Because it doesn’t sound like there’s ever going to be an end to it. … I understand there’s people on the verge of losing their house and things. But we have to stop it sometime. … When is it ever going to end?” (via Eye On Boise)

Question: In the comments section, Phaedrus labels the comment above by Rep. McMillan as “the definition of heartless.” Do you agree/disagree?

Poll: McMillan Wrong About EPA

  • Monday Poll: 70 of 119 respondents (58.8%) disagree with state Rep. Shannon McMillan, R-Silverton, who said health concerns have been addressed in the Silver Valley and there's no longer a need for Superfund efforts by the EPA. 44 of 119 (37%) agreed with Rep. McMillan that the EPA should get lost. Five respondents were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Would Superintendent Tom Luna have been re-elected, if he'd run touting his education reform plan?

Silver Valley Rep: EPA’s Work Done

New state Rep. Shannon McMillan (pictured), R-Silverton, introduced her first bill last week, but it’s actually from her son, Wallace attorney James McMillan. She told the House State Affairs Committee, “I would like to yield my time to my son to explain this further,” to which Chairman Tom Loertscher, R-Iona, responded, “I think that would be appropriate.” It’s a nonbinding memorial to Congress demanding that the EPA be removed from Shoshone County, along with its Superfund designation, within five years. He said the EPA’s proposed multiyear cleanup plan “would have a devastating effect upon our mining industry.” James McMillan said human health concerns in the Bunker Hill cleanup already have been addressed. “Now they say that their focus is fish and wildlife,” he told the committee. “They keep changing the focus. … We need to tell them that this needs to stop”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Do you think the EPA's work is done in the Silver Valley?

Rep Wants EPA Out Of Silver Valley

New Rep. Shannon McMillan, R-Silverton, introduced her first bill today, but it’s actually from her son, Wallace attorney James McMillan. She told the House State Affairs Committee, “I would like to yield my time to my son to explain this further,” to which chairman Tom Loertscher, R-Iona, responded, “I think that would be appropriate.” It’s a non-binding memorial to Congress demanding that the EPA be removed from Shoshone County, along with its Superfund designation, within five years. “I’m actually the ultimate author of this resolution and I am here on behalf of Rep. Shannon McMillan,” James McMillan told the committee. He said the EPA’s proposed multi-year cleanup plan “would have a devastating effect upon our mining industry”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Do you think the EPA should get out of the Silver Valley?

2 Harwoods Represent D-2 For Now

The Idaho Legislature has a new power couple — Dick and Carole Harwood (pictured). Rep. Dick Harwood, R-St. Maries, is a sixth-term District 2 representative. Now his wife Carole is in the House chamber too, filling in for newly elected Rep. Shannon McMillan, R-Kellogg, whose husband is ill. “Maybe we set a record,” Carole Harwood said with a smile - spouses serving in the House representing the same district. She said McMillan just called her to ask her to sub yesterday. “As I was leaving the house, I got a call,” Carole Harwood said. “I'm available as long as she needs me”/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

Question: Is there room enough in the Idaho Legislature for two Harwoods, even for a little while?

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