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Sholeh: Recall Removes Voter Choice

Nevertheless, despite the absence of criminal or other extremes, a group of citizens is attempting to recall not one, but four elected Coeur d'Alene officials, at least nominally over park improvements. To be fair that's just icing on a cake of dissatisfaction (with lawful, if disapproved, choices) this group has long had. Their view is these officials ignore the populace and want to spend too much public money on what the public does not want. The other view is that the proposed changes have been studied, discussed, are lawful and will use funding specifically designated for this purpose when the urban renewal agency (and its funds) were created. Never mind McEuen Park for the moment. No matter which way you see it, the process itself is at issue as much as the dispute, perhaps even more. A look at recall elections is called for/Sholeh Patrick (pictured), Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: No matter how you feel about the single issue of McEuen Field, do you want council members Dan Gookin, Steve Adams and Ron Edinger thwarting the 2009 municipal election by deciding who will be mayor and on the council for the next two years?

SP: What’s To Fear w/’Pink Slime’?

With a nickname like “pink slime,” it's got to be bad, right? Not so, say the U.S. Department of Agriculture and meat producers. But is it? How did simple (natural meat) fillers for ground beef get such a bad reputation anyway? Why do some meat packers use it and not others? Is it really slimy? Is it dangerous? First, the product: boneless, lean beef trimmings - remnants of butchered cows not otherwise used, added to ground beef as “filler.” These parts are simmered at low heat to separate the fat from muscle. Then they're spun in a centrifuge and minced to a fine texture to become “lean, finely textured beef,” or LFTB. Because pathogens (e.g., E. Coli and salmonella) are more likely found in such parts, LFTB is treated with ammonium hydroxide (gas) as it goes through a pencil-thin tube. Finally it's frozen and shipped to meat packers to mix with regular beef/Sholeh Patrick, CdA Press. More here. (AP/Beef Products photo: boneless lean beef trimmings are shown before packaging)

Question: Would you object if Coeur d'Alene schools used “pink slime” in school lunches?

SP: Human Rights Deserve Holiday

I try to keep an open mind. Compassion can't be exercised without one, so I strive to understand the viewpoints of others as deeply as I can. Still, when a friend says, “I don't see why Martin Luther King Day should be a national holiday, or why human rights merit one,” and wasn't the first to say so, I struggled. Monday wasn't just MLK Day; it was also Human Rights Day in Idaho. January 1947 marked the initial drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which outlines basic civil rights including marriage, voting, religion, and economic equality (many on which MLK also focused, leading to several changes in U.S. law now considered fundamental). This document was signed December of the following year, when most other states and nations celebrate Human Rights Day.  To be honest, I hadn't encountered such a viewpoint until moving to Idaho from another state, so I spent the weekend exploring why/Sholeh Patrick, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here. (AP photo for illustrative purposes)

Question: Have you encountered anyone who questioned the need for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday?

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