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Cis: Enough Of All The Gadgets

The electronics that are coming out fast and furious is getting so out of hand for those of us over 60. Most of us held our heads high with the coming of computers. Even as they changed, we slowly came along with each one… but now? I don’t know.. I know my computer is far smarter than I am… and if some teen came in and
used it .. they could get it to stand up and sing, so to speak. But I-pods, I-pads, I-phones, Blackberry’s, Adroid or something like that, Kindles and Nooks instead of books. And there are so many other electronic things there that I don’t have a clue how to operate/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: Which type of electronic equipment intimidates you most?

Cis: Thank You Notes Are Lost Art

I was watching television the other day when they were interviewing a man who wrote a book. The book was about writing thank you notes. I forgot what brought him to the start of writing thank you notes, A friend who wrote one to him? He found a relative’s thank you note? What ever it was, he decided to start writing them himself. And because of that, he wrote the book. He talked about how good the person who receives one feels. And I can testify to that … as I have received some over the years, which I have kept/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: How important are thank you notes?

Cis: Media Gave Killer What He Wants

But when I see the picture of the young man in the paper, I have got to say, I am not only upset with him even in his demented state of mind … but also with the Media … To me, the picture says it all. There he is in his range, with a big smile on his face … like he got what he wanted. MEDIA COVERAGE. He doesn’t have the demeanor of say the Unbomber, (which by the way, his lawyer has stepped up to the plate to be a lawyer for this mental case.) No head bowed like one usually is … when someone thinks the government is taking over his mind, and other claims by this person. No anger of say, like McVeigh, but it appears to be the, I am enjoying all of this attention. Sad on so many levels/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: How do you think the media have handled the Tucson shootings?

Simple Mind: Real Men Sew

We usually celebrate New Years Eve, New York style. We say HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! at 9pm our time, as that is New Years on the East Coast in Time Square. And then head to bed. But this year it was different… we stayed up the whole time, in fact we didn’t go to bed until 1 a.m. You see I got something special for the King. As you can see in the picture he is sitting in front of a sewing machine. We were walking thru the store 4 days before Christmas, and as we went by the sewing machines, he said, I sure would like to have a sewing machine. I asked him what would he do with it.. and he said, sew, of course. Like what I asked. He said well, deer bags for one thing. He got a good deal on some mattress covers and thought he could make them out of that. So the next day I went down and bought it. As I had no clue what to get him before that/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question (to men): Do you know how to sew?

Cis: Joys & Sorrows Of Facebook

After a year at Facebook, I think I have figured it out. Facebook is real life soap opera … Or like an accident that is happening and even though you don’t want to look , you do. About 2 years ago, l actually I started out very limited. I had a family member who would send pictures and she was a member of MySpace and Facebook. So it was easier for me with dial up, to go there and look at all their pictures.. and not have to wait an hour for them to download. Since thing Face book has become a thing of joy and of sorrow. I have got to see my grandchildren by my children’s Facebook. I have reconnected with some of my grandchildren. Even got to see my latest Great Granddaughter Ava. I have more contact with some of my friends.. So it does have it’s positive side of it. But I have also seen part of my family fall apart thru Facebook. Heart breaking/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: Have you had a similar experience to Cis' re: your time on Facebook?

Cis: Reaching Your Breaking Point

Who of us of the work force, hasn’t thought that (“Take This Job and Shove It”) at least once and actually many times. … Even housewives have thought it. Some have actually ran away … I sent a friend many years ago, into fits of laughter when he caught me talking to myself. I was on the floor scrubbing with a brush some extra heavy dirt or stains. And mumbled aloud … “I am going to break out of this joint one of these days”. So when we see in the media that some one has finally reached the breaking point, we understand. … We all have different breaking points. Some of them (are) stretched to the max due to survival. Some who can’t take it anymore but can’t put their families in jeopardy. Or in this day and age, are so grateful for a job in a jobless market, that endure all kinds of abuse in the workforce. Sadly some bosses know that.

Question: Have you ever gone Johnny Paycheck on a boss and told him to “Take This Job and Shove It”?

Cis: Not A Marilyn Monroe Wife

I was not the Marilyn Monroe type of a wife. I was/am the one who went hunting and fishing. Clean fish, help wrap or cut meat. I cleaned up pretty good to go out, but I have never been the makeup and hairdo type … While my husbands were never ashamed to be with me, I was never a trophy type of a wife … But I have been a loving wife. Always there to go thru the rough times of life with each one of them, when we were married. (divorced once, widowed once and still married to the third one). I tried never to take them for granted … and while from time to time they drove me nuts, I figured out, that I probably drove them nuts as well.

Question: Cis also mentions that she wasn’t a Martha Stewart wife or a “Leave It To Beaver” mom. Which famous person would you compare your spouse skills to?

Cis: Sleeping Double In A Double Bed

When you go to bed, who sleeps near the door? And does that change if you go to a friend’s house. Is it important to be on the door side or is it left or right of the bed to sleep. Or even West or East or South or North? Which side do you claim?/Simple Mind. More here.

DFO: I always sleep on the righthand side of the bed (as you face the bed from the foot). Dunno why. But I don’t like it when the right side is against the wall, when we’re spending the night at friends of family.

Question: Do you sleep on a set side of your bed?

Simple Mind: Don’t Buy Me Flowers

The King and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. And nothing would tick me off more than if he bought me flowers. You can go to buy flowers during the year and get some really nice dozen of roses for $9.95. But this week, it is $39.95 and $100. Highway robbery. We don’t need candy … neither of us. And we have even given up on the cards. They aren’t our words. See the King and I feel you should be Sweethearts every day. And we are. So what is the big deal? And we don’t need a guilt day/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: What kind of gift would you like to receive on Valentine’s Day?

SM: One’s A Crook, One’s A Manager?

In our local paper there was an article about how a young woman had taken some money from the employers she worked for. She is alleged to have taken the money for personal reasons. So she has been charged with embezzlement. And she will go to jail for this, if proven. Which from the article it looks pretty much given, as she has confess to taking the money. In New York, and other larger cities, we have employee’s of different titles of CEO’s who have taken money from the company and the US government, used it for hundred of thousands, for remodel of bathroom (waste basket cost $1,500) and another redid his office, another gave bonuses to his fellow employees and etc. This is called “mismanagement of company funds” and there is no jail time for such things/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: Can someone explain to Simple Mind what’s the difference between the embezzler and the well-rewarded CEOs who robbed from their companies and the government?

Simple Mind: Let ‘Em Eat Carrots

Let me set the disclaimer first. I love meat. Hamburger, hot dogs, chickens, fish, turkey, well you get the idea. But if the idea of e-coli in the meat keeps up and if the pump up shots for quick growth, and the possible side effects on humans keeps coming.. well, it makes you start to look at exactly what are you eating. Being most of us don’t raise our own anymore. So we feed (no pun intended) into the idea that being a vegetarian is the way to go, what would happen if we ALL became vegetarians. Worldwide/Cis, Simple Mind. More here

Question: Do you ever see yourself embracing veganism?

Cis: Pizza Hut Outsourcing Calls

My daughter was telling me about one of the gals who works at the place she works. The gal called (Ponderay) Pizza Hut for a pizza delivery … and it went down hill from there. She lives 1 and half miles from Pizza Hut (in Kootenai). Yet the person who is on the other end of the phone is FROM OVERSEAS!!! Yes, I said Pizza Hut call was answered overseas. She had to spell the name of the street 5 times. It was Brittany St. The man never heard of it. This took at least 15 minutes, and finally he has it right. Then he tells her they don’t deliver there. She said WHAT? The man repeats, Pizza Hut doesn’t deliver there. He had Googled her address, and it wasn’t there. She told them she lived a mile and half away and had pizza delivered there before.. Sorry, ma’am, it isn’t on Google. She hung up/Cis, Simple Mind. More here.

Question: Is this taking outsourcing a bit too far?

Simple Mind: Beware Of Microwave Ovens

I put the black cat in the microwave oven, and turn away to get a drink of water while it warmed up. All a sudden I heard crackling, and looked at the microwave, and saw the cat on fire. I open the oven, and threw the cat into the sink and sprayed it with water. Seems the cat’s tail had a wire in it. Cut off tail, snipped burnt parts off and put in the dryer, which I should have done in the first place/Cis, Simple Mind. More here.

Question: What’s the greatest mess you’ve made that involved a microwave?

Cis, Because You Asked …

Cis/Simple Mind asks: I know the gathering up of the local blogs is a pain, but I got to ask … How do you decide which ones to grab. Is it a random thing, like whatever is there for the day you decide to take from one of us. Or do you read thru the last couple days titles and see which one is a good one. As sometimes you will pull my one for the day, and some times you will pull one from a couple days before. 

DFO: Cis, there is a method to my madness. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I highlight the blogs from A through M. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I highlight the remainder. On the off-days, when I have time, I also check out the bloggers that post regularly (like Dogwalk, Slight Detour, TUBOB, and yours) in search of material for a stand-alone post. For regular posters like you, there’s a chance that good material will fall through the cracks on off-days.

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