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Stick: 8000 More Poop Bags To Fill

Stickman: An anonymous benefactor sent Walkabout another 8,000 dog poop bags again this year. The support she gets from this one person is very admirable and keeps her doing her job, which is keeping Tubbs Hill and the dog park clean. We would never be able to afford the amount of bags she uses each year, so this is a godsend. Plus, not many people in this world would do what she does, so she is my hero in a sense. I could never do it. I guess this is just a reminder to please pick up after your animals. Thanks.

Question: Do you take poop bags with you when you walk your dog? Do you confront individuals who let their dogs poop on public sidewalks or parks without cleaning it up?

Stickman: Still Enjoying HBO Ride

Stickman: I haven’t been here from the beginning like Digger, but pretty close. Maybe 7 years now. I have and will always enjoy this ride, it’s been great. DFO has allowed us to vent, to express, to get mad, to fly off the handle, to say our peace, to pretend, all of that. It’s a New Year coming, so let’s reflect on that fact and maybe be a little more kinder, more compassionate, less grinding on each other, and remember that we are all a family here and sometimes we don’t like each other, but at least we can put up with whomever at times and smile at that fact. I will try to do that more this year. (Courtesy photo: Kerri Thoreson)

Question: Who was your favorite HucksOnline commenter in 2011?

Stickman: Army Straightened Me Out

Stickman: I have never been caught for anything in my life, but as a young teen that craved attention, nobody was better than me at stealing anything in any store at any time. My sister, who was three years younger than me, was the best I have ever seen at stealing. I guess I learned from her. She and her boyfriend one time stole a canoe from Sears with a receipt dangling from her hand. I am not proud of that fact, and maybe these days I am trying to make up for some of that, but at the time, I surely got a thrill from it. When I turned 18, I got bored with life and joined the Army. I was sent to Vietnam, and my life changed. I always say that was the most important year of my life, though most of it was truly something to forget.

Question: How did you time in the military change your life?

Fisherman: How About Herb & Stick?

Old Fisherman: DFO’s banner says it all “KVNI needs to get their act together” It needs to start in Spokane, but they won’t listen to the locals, Big Brother knows best. Good luck to the new host, whomever it may be! Herb Huesland and the Stickman would be a good duo.

Question: Let’s think outside the box here. After all, we’ve already anointed Kerri as the next KVNI morning announcer. Who would you like to see matched as a morning broadcasting team at the local radio station, along the lines of Jane Curtin & Dan Aykroyd’s “Point-Counterpoint”?

Stickman At Work

Monster Hat Tip — to Don Sausser, for providing this YouTube of Coeur d’Alene’s Stickman at work in his breezeway in the shadow of East Tubbs Hill:

Stickman Wows Ironman Triathletes

You can do a coupla things with those floating golf balls that bob westward from the Coeur d’Alene Resort’s floating green during spring winds and storms. Keep them. Or make nice gifts of them, with that swell resort logo on one side and the word “floater” on the other. Or, if you have 850 of them, you can form them into a massive Ironman Coeur d’Alene logo in your yard to inspire the triathletes as they struggle past your home. Stickman and his bride, Walkabout, did that on their little corner of the Ironman course, across from East Tubbs Hill Park. Seems Walkabout, who patrols Tubbs Hill daily looking for litter, collects about 1,000 golf balls from the resort each year/DFO, Huckleberries. More here.

Question: Have you ever played golf at the Coeur d’Alene Resort course?

NIdaho Blogs: Stickman’s Ironman Salute

Don Sausser e-mails: “Stickman’s grotto is adjacent to the busy Ironman route. He and Walkabout formed a perfect Ironman logo on his lawn using the Coeur d’Alene Resort’s floating golf balls that she collects on her Tubbs Hill cleanup rounds.” Also: you can see Kerri Thoreson’s shot of the same scene for More Main Street here. And Kerri’s Ironman photos here.

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Stickman: Many Need Duct-Taped Mouths

RE: Union defends cop who punched woman/HucksOnline

Stickman: I think there are quite a few people out there that need a good pop in the mouth. I heard a young woman yesterday walking around my part of town on the phone as loud as she could possibly be using the F word at least 10 times a sentence. There was many young children around and she didn’t care. She deserved a good pop and maybe some duct tape while you’re at it. One of my true pet peeves is language and what we put up with.

Question: Does foul language bother you?

NI Blogos: Stickman Hosts Bentfest

“On a warm Chamber of Commerce day visitors to Stickman’s ‘Sticks & Stones’ residence imbibed Bent’s super brew while enjoying Tubbs hill’s cool east side,” e-mails Don Sausser, who almos paid a visit to the mini-Bentfest Sunday afternoon in Stickman’s breezeway. You can see more photos of the big event here.

HBO Numbers (for week of June 6-12): 48,006 page-views/29,143 unique views

Stickman Gets Some Stolen Sticks Back

Stickman: I did have a young woman come by yesterday, maybe in her early 20’s, that got out of a SUV and was carrying 7 or 8 very fine looking walking sticks. I recognized them as mine, and was very intrigued. She told me her sister was going out with this guy and eventually broke up with him, as he was a bit wild and ended up in jail for something. But, her sister also mentioned that he was one of the guys that stole some sticks from the Stickman about a month ago that some of you might remember. This really pissed off this young woman, as she knows who I am and what I do. So, the both of them went over to his apartment and found about half of the sticks that were taken from me that night and took them, and she brought them to me yesterday. Full comment here.

Question: Doesn’t this restore some of your faith in humanity?

Keith: Bentfest Announcement Coming

KeithinCDA: I think we’ll be making an announcement via Mr DFO in the next day or so plus I want to confirm with the Stickman that he is cool with it (I actually already know he is!). Having cracked another newly capped bottle tonight, everyone that happens by will love the beer by the way. :)

Question: Is a mini-Bentfest brewing at Stickman’s house this weekend?

Marmie: Walking Tall w/Stickman’s Stick

Marmitetoasty: Our Stickman was my saviour the weekend before last … ya see, I wanted to go the the burning of the Wickerman which was being held at the Buster Ancient Farm … having been to this ritual a few times in the past I knew that there would be hundreds of people there and that the car park would be in a farmers field a couple of fields away from the site … so I was a bit apprehensive about going, ya see, I still walk a bit like a penguin with piles … I aint as yet got the best of gaits lol … and Im a bit wobbly still on uneven ground such as a bloody ploughed farmers field and climbing over a hedge sty … its all to do with the pro-procepter muscles that surround me bionic fake knees lol and it means that uneven ground is still a bit dodgy … anyways I SOOoooo wanted to go, especially as me matie had got some free tickets to the event and it was a great place to go ‘people watching’ or ‘weirdo watching’ lol … I had found my people :) — me matie said ‘take ya crutches’ I said ‘I aint no crimple’ so I took one of the beautiful sticks that The Stickman and Don Sausser had sent me … so every time I wobbled to the left or the right I had just that little stick to stop me going arse over tit :)

Question: Do you actually walk around town and country w/a stick from Stickman? Or do you put it in a corner and admire it?

What?! Another Stickman?!

Dennis Enger of Portland, N.D., (who was called Stick Man by the Associated Press) receives a hug earlier today, after he was honored for making hundreds of walking sticks for wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. (AP Photo/Dave Kolpack)

Question: Is this country big enough for two, kind-hearted individuals named Stickman?

Arpie: Recession Stopped Fancy Dancers

Arpie: Stickman’s comments make me realize how the recession has (at least temporarily saved Sandpoint. The “Fancy Dancers” were just starting to take over town when the recession hit. Now one can drive by mothballed developments, half built marinas and a 15 hole golf course knowing those people won’t be here for a few more years. It’s been refreshing to go out on the town these days- say to a movie or a concert at the Panida and see people you know and people dressed north Idaho style instead of the fancy dancers.

Question: Does it bother you that developments such as John Stone’s Riverstone expansion are on hold as a result of the recession? Or are you relieved that the recession has slowed down the onslaught of the fancy dancers?

Stickman: Tourists Bug Me

Stickman: Money doesn’t always equal good. I hate them in a sense. I love the winter months, when no one is around. This time of year, they all come out of the woodwork and want to look good. I call them ‘fancy dancers’, it’s all for show and how much they have. This town has become a rich man’s environment and will continue to do so. I doubt many locals like this time of year. I sure don’t. Many say growth is progress, but I strongly disagree. I will take the Coeur d’ Alene of the late 80’s and early 90’s over what we have today. Of course it was a depressed town and people were struggling, but what we have today is far different from what I envisioned when I first moved here. I still love it here and always will, but I surely don’t like where it’s heading.

Question: What do you think of tourist season in North Idaho? And/or: Do you prefer 21st century Coeur d’Alene to the 1980s/1990s version?

Marmie: Stunned By Stick Theft

Marmitetoasty: Im gobsmacked that someone would steal the sticks, it must of been holidaymakers that do not know of your generous heart … Shame on them … I myself am the proud owner of not 2 but THREE of stickman sticks kindly carved by dear Stickman and posted to me by dear Don … the prettiest of the 3 I used only yesterday when I walked/hobbled along Langstone Harbour with a gaggle of nippers … I LOVE and cherish my sticks … just as I cherish you Stickman and Don.

Question: How many of you own a stick of Stickman’s?

Stickman: HBO Family Has Passion

t’s the passion of course, why else do we visit here each day. The passion of Bob, and Cindy, and Digger, and Truly, and ThomG of course, and Gary, and Mama, god I would hate to forget her, such an passionate person is she, and TT, and Brent, and Marmite, god bless her, and Jbelle, a tear for that, and John, such love of life, and Toad, such a beautiful family, and Jen, what a wonder, and bent, such a brew, and Christie, what she has to put up with in the name of service, and all the Blue, such fine young men, and MikeK, such service to us all, and to the mayor Sandi, such a nice woman is she, and the police chief, such a man is he, and can I possibly forget keith, one of a kind, and everyone else that has happened by here and maybe someday will, we have such a beautiful group here, let us not ever forget that/Stickman. More here.

Stickman: Make Right Choices For Kids

The world is already way too crowded. Have the children you want and that you can take care of, properly. Children are the work of the gods, but let’s not take advantage of that fact. I had three, and they are all very special and making a difference in this world. I also know of a mother who has eight, and they are all headed for prison. Who’s fault. The parents? Definitely, so make the right choices for your children, they will be very happy you did/Stickman.

Question: Are you to blame if you child turns out bad? Or do you deserve most of the credit if your kids turn out good?

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