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McEuen Price Tag: $23.7M To $27.9M

The upgrade of McEuen Field name has a price tag — between $23.8 million and $27.97 million — with the possibility that the high end of those numbers could increase to almost $40 million, depending on embellishments. The cost estimate for parking, for example, is $7 million to $8.3 million. But another $5.5 million could be added to that estimate if the City Council decides to go ahead with a third-level to parking on north side of Front Street that would replace the large 3rd Street lot. Also, the cost estimates include $2.3 million to $2.7 million to replace the boat launch with one at Silver Beach and $1.8 million to $2 million to build a state-of-the-art baseball stadium for the American Legion elsewhere. Parks Director Doug Eastwood estimated the additional maintenance and operation costs at $24,000 per year. You can see the cost estimates for the McEuen Field upgrade here. And for maintenance and operation here. (SR file photo)


AM: Pro-McEuen Rally @ 5 Today

Darrell Dlouhy and a few hundred of his closest friends are going to rally for 10 minutes in favor of proposed changes to McEuen Field this afternoon at 5 o'clock on the grassy knoll across from the Coeur d'Alene Mines building @ 505 Front Ave./CdA.

5 Q’s w/McEuen Backer Darrell Dlouhy, another supporter of the 10 minute show of support for proposed McEuen Field changes, provides her insights about the project here.

Question: What do you intend Thursday by meeting for 10 minutes (beginning at 5 o'clock) to promote McEuen Field change?

Darrell Dlouhy: I wanted to get some faces behind the people who are supporting the changes proposed. Names and faces of those opposing are thoroughly out there. (The meeting is planned after Team McEuen unveils cost estimates at a 7:30 a.m. workshop Thursday.)

  • DFO: Tell us exactly what's planned Thursday?
  • Dlouhy: The 10 minutes are intended to get a group of significant size that would be able to be photographed to show there are people who are truly behind this. There will be no speeches. No public conversation. Maybe we'll shake hands and get to know each other. We're going to meet above the old tennis courts on the knoll (in front of Hecla Mines). We want to do something positive.
  • 3 more questions below

Team McEuen To Release Estimates

Item: Show us the money: Cost estimate for McEuen project to be unveiled Thursday/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press

More Info: On Thursday, the architect team behind the McEuen Field redevelopment project will present estimated price tags tied to revamping the downtown park. While estimates are just that - estimates - releasing the financial figures for the first time will quantify a number that has been debated and used by some as a reason not to do the project. The next step after city officials learn those numbers is up in the air.

Question: What role will the propose overhaul of McEuen Field play in the 2011 Coeur d'Alene muncipal elections?

DanG On McEuen: Show Me The $$$

Dan Gookin: Even so, the big nut in the McEuen fruitcake is the cost. The public has a right to know how much it will be paying, not only for the whole enchilada but (as Mr. Edinger mentioned over and over yesterday) the maintenance and operations for eternity. I find it sad that such information is unknown at this point. From my viewpoint, it’s predictable from a City Hall that is unwilling to be completely honest with the public regarding costs and impacts of something that will have a major impact to the city. I also find it highly questionable that such an ambitious project is taking place with such urgency in these economic times. Full post below.

Question: Do you think proposed changes to McEuen Field are affordable and sustainable?

Reed: Law Prohibits McEuen Vote

In a 9-page report presented to the General Services Committee Tuesday, attorney Scott Reed argues that state law prohibits the City Council for asking for a public vote on proposed McEuen Field changes. Writes Reed: “The McEuen Park Plan is an administrative action, not legislative, and cannot be under any circumstance or future revision be subject of a city election for a public vote.” You can read Scott's entire opinion here. After a public discussion on the matter Tuesday, Councilman Ron Edinger made a motion to hold a public vote on McEuen Field changes. The motion died for a lack of a second from Councilmen John Bruning and Mike Kennedy, who chaired the meeting.

Question: Do you agree with Scott Reed's opinion?

Protesters Attend 2nd McEuen Meeting

Item: Take two brings skeptics: Citizens wear hats, wave signs protesting possible removal of Third Street launch/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press

More Info: The encore presentation, in many ways, was a lot like the original. One difference this time around: Some came with hats shaped like boats and some held signs in the crowd. But after Team McEuen shared its vision of a redeveloped McEuen park with the public Thursday night at Woodland Middle School, opinions on the proposal varied, just as they had after the January presentation.

Question: Anyone attend the meeting last night? Do you want to provide a report?

Hucks Poll: Don’t Touch Tubbs Hill

  • Wednesday Poll: A plurality of respondents voted that they didn't want any changes made to Tubbs Hill. 82 of 175 respondents (46.9%) don't want to see changes made. Of those who want to see changes, 37 of 175 (21.1%) want a northern trail that's handicap accessible; 29 (16.6%) want trailheads improved, 15 (8.6%) want a sledding hill on the north side; and 12 (6.9%) want trails widened.
  • Today's Poll: Which proposed change to McEuen Field/Tubbs Hill concerns you most?

2nd McEuen Field Meeting Tonight

Tonight is the second public presentation on the park's conceptual plan, which will detail 24 itemized enhancements with the project. But since the plan went public a little over a month ago, some of the most polarizing input has been on the controversial suggestion to swap the city launch with one about a mile away near North Idaho College. “We're getting lots of written comments on the boat launch,” said Dick Stauffer, Team McEuen designer who helped craft the overall plan. “It was expected.” Meanwhile, Team McEuen is crunching the numbers on survey results still coming in. The group is nearing 1,000 written and online surveys submitted, with an approval rating on the scope of the project around 65 percent, Stauffer said/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here. (SR photo: Kathy Plonka)

Question: Which of the contoversial elements of the Team McEuen plan bothers you most — moving the boat launch, moving the American Legion field, changing Tubbs Hill?

Tubbs Hill: To Change Or Not?

Item: Mountain out of a Tubbs Hill: Lakeside trail is one of three big issues citizens have with McEuen plan/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press

More Info: The proposed changes include a new, eastern trailhead that would connect a wider, Americans with Disabilities Act compliant-trail across the north face of the hill. That new trail would connect with the current west entrance. Both entrances would be beautified, with possible water and garden features nearby. The new path would connect also with a path hugging the base of the hill completing an easily-accessed half mile hiking loop for anyone who might find Tubbs Hill's current trails too narrow or difficult. And along the top of the new trail, a portion of the hill would be cleared to create a sledding hill.

Question: Are there any changes to Tubbs Hill that you'd like to see?

Deanna: A Little Disappointed w/Ron

Deanna Goodlander: I disagree with Ron on the public vote. this is a planning process, not written in stone, and frankly I am a little disapointed that Ron would make such a big deal about being left off the planning group. I also asked to a be a part of that group, since my father was so involved in the group that saved McEuen from becoming a shopping plaza. I remember him going to meetings and working on plans. In fact I have one of the original drawings that shows a stage on Tubbs Hill for concerts and events. We all have our responsibilites to the Council and liason to different departments. Mine is Library and Arts Commission and Building department. I know Ron has streets and fire and police. John Bruning is Park and Rec. It was appropriate since he was liason that he be part of the group.

Question: Do you believe most Coeur d'Alene residents want some change for McEuen Field?

Edinger Supports McEuen Vote, Too?

  • Update: Councilman Edinger verified most of the post. See my comment below. has posted an item in which the author (Dan Gookin?) reports on a speech by Mary Souza at the Reagan Republicans Thursday afternoon. Souza maintained that the public should have a vote on any significant changes proposed for McEuen Field. No surprise there. But the post goes on to say that Councilman Ron Edinger in the audience agreed with her. Quoth: “During the meeting, Ron spoke for the need of a public vote. Like other big issues in town, such as the hydroplane races or Hagadone’s memorial garden, the McEuen project affects almost everyone. The public should have a say, a vote.” Then: “After the meeting, Ron pulled me aside. He told me that he sincerely wanted to be on Team McEuen, but was turned down. Ron explained that he’d been told he wouldn’t be a good mix.” You can read the entire post here.

Question: Do you think a public vote would doom chances for any change to McEuen Field?

Mary: P&R Director Deserves Thanks

Mary Souza, of, sees no problem with the Idaho Parks & Recreation Department spending $11,000 to warn boaters in 42 states that Coeur d'Alene has proposed to close the 3rd Street boat launch. In fact, the usually fiscally conservative Souza uses the expense in her latest newsletter to jab at her favorite pincushion, Lake City Development Corp. Then, she harangued state Sen. John Goedde, “who is cozy with City Hall,” for launching a “Senate inquisition” of P&R Director Nancy Merrill this week. “What, is he looking for heads to roll on this?” wonders Mary. Ultimately, Mary says that Merrill “deserves a thank you, not a grilling,” for sticking up for boaters.

Question: Does P&R Director Nancy Merrill deserve a 'thank you' or 'a grilling' for spending $11,000 to send out 36,000 letters to boaters in 42 states re: possible closure of the 3rd Street dock?

2nd McEuen Field Meeting Set Feb. 3

Item: McEuen Park proposal to be held Feb. 3: Encore presentation will be at Woodland Middle School/Coeur d'Alene Press

More Info: An encore presentation and open house for the proposed McEuen Park Project will be held Thursday, Feb. 3, at 6 p.m., at Woodland Middle School. Elements of the plan presented in earlier meetings will be shared again in the larger, more accommodating setting provided by the middle school, located at 2101 St. Michelle Avenue.

Question: Will city leaders listen to input and change portions of the Team McEuen plan, or are is the final plan already decided and these meetings simply an exercise to placate?

Citizens Respond To McEuen Proposal

Councilman Mike Kennedy has compiled a number of reactions to proposed changes to McEuen Field, including this one that reads in part: “I think funding is very crucial to this and I believe it should be part of the discussion now. That is so no one is concerned that their taxes will go up at on account of the construction. I think this is very crucial as I noted above. I don't think it is too soon to reveal the sources of the funding, including the bonding authority of LCDC, its 12-year remaining life, and also the other sources of funding (i.e. the Parking Fund reserve, any Water and Wastewater funds that will be used for those improvements, street funds for reconstructing Front Avenue (including impact fees), parks impact fees, and any others I may not have considered. The plan will gain momentum if people actually think (as I know) that there are funds available to make much of it happen.” You can read the many other responses here.

Question: Have you bothered to fill out the online questionnaire re: your response to proposed changes to McEuen Field that were revealed earlier this month by Team McEuen?

Survey: Big Support For McEuen Plan

Item: Survey says … Team McEuen releases numbers, seeks more feedback/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press

More Info: The written surveys say 75 percent of its 133 responders approve of the project, and 17 percent disagree with 8 percent no response. Online reaction is slightly lower, but still positive, the team said. From the first 358 online responders, 66 percent overall agree with the plan, and 29 disagree, with 5 percent no response.

Question: The survey results seem to fly in the face of online polls and comments. Is it possible that there's wide-spread community support to overhaul McEuen Field?

Hucks Poll: Save Legion Field

  • Tuesday Poll: 80 of 159 respondents (50.3%) voted that they want the American Legion baseball field to stay at McEuen Field. 67 of 159 (42.1%) said the field should be moved elsewhere. 12 of 159 (7.6%) were undecided.
  • Today's Question (from Lewiston Tribune): What is the most indispensable electronic device in your life?

Hucks Poll: Vote On McEuen Plans

  • Weekend Poll: Overwhelmingly, Hucks Online readers want any significant changes proposed by Team McEuen and city leader to be put to a public vote. 145 of 232 respondents (62.5%) said they wanted a public vote on proposed changes. 85 of 232 (36.6%) didn't support a public vote. 2 respondents were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Do you want the American Legion baseball diamond to remain on McEuen Field?

Hucks Poll: McEuen Field Change OK

  • Weekend Poll: An overwhelming majority supports some change to McEuen Field, with a plurality of 70 of 209 (33.5%) enthusiastically embracing the proposal unveiled by Team McEuen Thursday. By identical votes of 46 of 209 (22%) each, others voted that they either wanted a scaled back version of the plan, with the boat launch and ballfields remaining or they didn't want anything done to McEuen Field. 29 of 209 (13.9%) said they want a scaled-back version with the boat launch left intact, while 18 of 209 (8.6%) voting that they thought Team McEuen's plan was good but a little over the top.
  • Today's Poll: In wake of the Arizona shootings Saturday, do you think the country needs to better fund mental health services?

Spencer Sides With ‘Little Guy’

I ran into Larry Spencer sitting by himself outside the meeting room after the Team McEuen presentation re: McEuen Field expansion and upgrades last night, sitting by himself. “I bet you're the only person in here who wasn't impressed in some way about the presentation,” said I. To which Spencer mumbled, “Someone has to be here to watch out for the little guy.” Which prompted me to ask exactly who the little guy was in Spencer's estimation. Seems he's the boater who'd be booted from the 3rd Street boat launch under plans unveiled by Dick Stauffer & Co. last night. “Well,” I said to Spencer, “I must be littler than the little guy because I don't have a boat.” Seems like most of us don't. So is Team McEuen looking out for the true little guy by trying to provide more direct access to the waterfront by their innovative proposals that'll provide more lakeshore recreation opportunities. Or is Spencer? Who is siding with guys who own expensive boats?

Question: Who is the true Little Guy that needs to be protected when changes to McEuen Field are being discussed?

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