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NIC Trustees Seek To Define Tenure

The tenure process at North Idaho College underwent intense scrutiny Tuesday during a special meeting of the college's board of trustees. During the nearly two-hour workshop, the trustees heard from speakers they invited, including members of the community, the faculty and the college's administration. “I know this workshop that we planned has created a great deal of concern amongst the faculty, and that's quite understandable, quite frankly,” said board chair Ken Howard, before the meeting's conclusion. “This was an opportunity for this institution to tell the world what tenure is at NIC, not what they think it is someplace else or what they were told it was or what they imagined it might be, but what it is here at NIC,” Howard said/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here. (Gabe Green's Coeur d'Alene Press photo: Chairman Ken Howard introduces a speaker during a open forum workshop at North Idaho College)

  • DFO: Did Trustee Todd Banducci behave himself?

Question: How would you define “tenure”?

RRs Cry Foul In PF Trustee Races

Item: Election plan draws concern: But teacher union denies wrongdoing, district finds none/Brian Walker, Coeur d'Alene Press

More Info: The Kootenai County Reagan Republicans are raising red flags over the Post Falls teachers union plan to support school board candidates for the May 21 election, but the union denies any wrongdoing and the school district and county clerk didn't find any. The Republican group obtained an April 18 email the Post Falls Education Association sent to its membership, outlining an action plan to support candidates and containing form letters to the editor. Jeff Ward, treasurer of the Republican group, said he believes the union would be crossing the line of using taxpayer-funded resources for campaign purposes if it acts on its candidate support plan - if it hasn't already.

Question: Do the Reagan Republicans have a legitimate beef here?

Reagan Repubs Target KMC Seats

A local Republican group is gearing up to aggressively campaign for two seats on the Kootenai Hospital District Board of Trustees - seats that largely have gone uncontested for decades. “When I ran for the board, we didn't even have to hold an election because I was uncontested,” said Leise Razzeto (pictured), the only incumbent in a field of four candidates vying for the two positions. In fact, she said, the only contested race that she can recall drew about 70 votes countywide. Even then, those voting were typically involved somehow in the medical community. “I would say there is definitely a change in the landscape now,” she added. According to Jeff Ward, of the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans, the days of uncontested elections - even in the smallest nonpartisan taxing district races - are over/Jeff Selle, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: What do Ron Lahr and Jeff Ward want hospital seats for, in their quest to build a political empire? A rear-guard action against Obamacare? Power for power's sake? What?

NIC Wannabes Spend $32K So Far

The amount of campaign cash flowing into the North Idaho College Board of Trustee election races is up to $31,882. That's the total amount of contributions reported by 10 candidates involved in the races for three seats up for grabs on the community college's governing board. The deadline for candidates to file their seven-day, pre-election campaign finance reports was 5 p.m. Tuesday. This election is the first time community college trustees have had to disclose their campaign spending/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Is this too much money to spend on nonpartisan races for jobs that don't pay anything?

Meyer Leads NIC Trustee $$$ Raising

Incumbent Judy Meyer outraised challenger Paul Matthews in one North Idaho College trustee race and incumbent Mic Armon and challenger Paul Matthews were fairly even in the fund-raising in another race, according to the seven-day, pre-election campaign finance reports. Meyer (report here) has raised $6,356 to defend her seat on the NIC board, while challenger Matthews (report here) has raised $3987. In the second race involving an incumbent, challenger Todd Banducci (report here) has raised $5329, while incumbent Mic Armon (report here) has raised $5007. Matthews and Banducci are also aided by the considerable fund-raising of the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans, who have spent $30,402 so far this year to support a slate of candidates at county, legislative and nonpartisan levels.

  • Also: As reported Tuesday, Ron Nilson, owner of Ground Force, has raised $12,500, including a personal loan of $4539, in his six-way race for an open NIC trustee seat. Former legislator Dean Haagenson, his chief competition, still hasn't turned in his finance report. You can read the breakdown of Nilson's report and 4 others turned in here.
  • Also: Dean Haagenson, a candidate for the open seat, has turned in his finance report, showing he raised $1325, including $750 of his own money. You can see it here.

Question: Find anything of interest in the financial statements?

NIC Candidates Debate Partisanship

A question about partisanship is the one that most clearly divided North Idaho College trustee candidates participating in Tuesday's forum held on the college's downtown campus. Eight contenders running for three seats on the college's board of trustees squared off Tuesday during a forum held on campus and hosted by the Associated Students of North Idaho College, NIC's student government organization. A written question, one of several fielded from audience members, asked the candidates if they felt the nonpartisan nature of community college trustee elections is important. It also asked those who have chosen to run from a partisan position to explain why/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here. (NIC Trustee Judy Meyer gives a thumbs up during candidates' forum Tuesday night)

Question: Challenger Todd Banducci has missed both forums for North Idaho College trustee. He's running against incumbent Mic Armon. Does he deserve your vote?

Nilson Wants NIC Trustee Spot

Ron Nilson said he's running for a seat on the North Idaho College Board of Trustees because the community's future leaders are its children, and their success relies on the quality of the education they receive and how well they are taught to maximize the use of their skills as they move forward. Nilson, 60, is running for election to Seat C on the NIC board. Ron Vieselmeyer, who currently holds that position, is not seeking re-election. “I support Joe Dunlap, the new president of NIC, and his efforts, and I am committed to working with him to build a bridge between the private sector and the college,” Nilson said. A Coeur d'Alene resident, Nilson is president and CEO of Ground Force Worldwide, a Post Falls-based multinational company that manufacturers mining equipment. He has lived in Kootenai County for 12 years/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Other Press trustee profiles

Question: Do you think Nilson will play well together with other NIC trustees, if he is elected but other two challengers on his Reagan Republican ticket aren't?

Trustees Take No Stand On Props 1-3

After hearing testimony Monday from several teachers, Coeur d'Alene school board members decided against taking a united stand in support of the education reform referendums, Propositions 1, 2 and 3 on the Nov. 6 ballot. A discussion of the referendums was placed on the meeting agenda at the request of Trustee Terri Seymour. “I would like to at least discuss and hear what people have to say, including myself,” Seymour said. She said she would like to ask the board to endorse a yes vote on Proposition 1, at the very least. But first, they heard from the teachers, who waited through several hours of other board business for their chance to speak on the agenda item, slated late in the meeting/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here. (Jerome A. Pollos/Coeur d'Alene Press photo: Mamie Geib, right, and Bette Price, show their support for voting no against the proposed “Luna Laws” near the MidTown Center in Coeur d'Alene Monday)

Question: Do you think the School Board made the right move by personally supporting Propositions 1-3 but not  taking a united stand?

Christie: Nilson & Co. Have Agenda

Christie Wood (re: Judy & Ron chat at NIC event): udy is a class act. I wish to have her grace someday. I am hoping she will eventually rub off on me. I tend to call people on being insincere so it is unlikely you will see me chatting it up with Ron. I say this but wish to take nothing away from the credit he deserves for all of his charitable contributions in the community. But I believe Ron has a clear agenda to change the direction of the college and that is why he is running. The contrast is when I ran for the board it was to give back to the community, and work on behalf of a college that brought such positive change to my life. I am deeply concerned that NIC has become the next pawn in the Reagan Republican chess game. Nilson, Mathews and Banducci are their hopeful “game changers.” I am well aware that we have many talented citizens that can fill our board positions. None of us expect to be lifetime trustees. In this election however, we have candidates running that I believe have a do harm agenda all in a quest for power, and to promote their ideology. More below.

Question: What do you think of Christie's comments that the three Reagan Republican-endorsed candidates have an agenda to change North Idaho College?

Ex-NIC Teachers Back Armon, Meyer

North Idaho College Trustees Judy Meyer (pictured) and Mic Armon have won the endorsement of a group of prominent former NIC instructors with 337 years of collective experience, including Tony Stewart, Virginia Johnson and Rolly Williams. In a letter to the local media, the 10 former instructors said of the two incumbents: “Our recommendation is based on our having worked, shoulder-to-shoulder, with students to help them build a successful future. Judy and Mic also work creatively to support the college missions.” Meyer is being challenged by Paul Matthews of Rathdrum. Armon will face Todd Banducci of Coeur d'Alene. The county Reagan Republicans have endorsed Matthews and Banducci in these nonpartisan races. The 10 former instructors listed five notable achievements of the two incuments, who are seeking re-election Nov. 6. You can read those achievements and the rest of the letter here.

Question: Do you realize the importance of the nonpartisan North Idaho College trustee elections after watching the turmoil caused by partisan politics in wake of the 2011 Coeur d'Alene School Board election?

Christie: Beware Of RR NIC Wannabes

Christie Wood: I saw your thread that the RR’s (Reagan Republicans) are targeting Judy Meyer and Mic Armon because they want to replace them with more conservative people. It just does not. make. sense. to. me. There does not seem to be any dialogue about education itself and what we need to have in place for future students. Past candidates have been very vocal about their oppostion to the Ed. Corridor. As I rode through there today it became very clear people must get involved and vote in small local elections. If the other candiates had prevailed the Ed. Corridor would still be a closed mill site with an old industrial look to it, with no public waterfront access. Students that are seeking programs in the health sciences (the long term goal of Ed Corridor programs)would need to leave home for those education opportunities.Long story short, Mic and Judy are to be thanked for their contributions, and I certainly hope they retain their board seats.

DFO: The choices for 2 or the 3 North Idaho College trustee positions are easy: incumbents Judy Meyer and Mic Armon are superb trustees. The third choice is more complicated since Trustee Ron Vieselmeyer is not seeking re-election. Ground Force boss Ron Nilson is running again, with support of the Reagan Republicans. Also in the race are: Gary W. Coffman, of Coeur d'Alene; James W. Ruch, of Coeur d'Alene; Fritz Wiedenhoff, of Rathdrum; and Dean Haagenson, of Hayden.

Question: Who would you pick for the third trustee, if you don't support Nilson?

3 NIC Trustees Face Election

The last day candidates can file declaration/petition of candidacy forms with the local clerk of the North Idaho College district for the three open positions on the NIC Board of Trustees is 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 31. Individuals who miss this deadline will not be placed on the ballot. They may file as a declared write-in candidate if they file a declaration of intent no later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 21. NIC is governed by a five-member board of trustees elected at large from within Kootenai County for staggered terms. Seat A, Seat B, and Seat C currently held by Judy Meyer, Mic Armon, and Ron Vieselmeyer (pictured) respectively, will appear on this year’s general election ballot during Idaho’s general election on Nov. 6. All positions are four-year terms. More below.

Question: Do you expect a last-minute ticket of Republican hardliners to file in attempt to politicize yet another nonpartisan local government board?

SD#271 May Appoint As Early As Tonight

Coeur d'Alene #271 School Board of Trustees are convening a special meeting today at 5 pm to discuss the open vacancy for Zone 4 left by Dianne Zipperer when she resigned earlier this month.  There are five applicants to be considered:  Ann Seddon, Linda Davis, Rebecca Smith, Dan Sheckler, and Jeff Childs.  It is not clear whether or not the trustees will hold a formal panel interview or will question candidates based on their applications.  Also unclear is whether or not the board members will hold a vote to appoint at this evening's meeting.  What is clear is that the board meeting agenda alots 45 minutes tonight for this process.  You can view the agenda here.    You can view the Coeur d'Alene Press article that includes letters of interest and resumes of the five applicants here.

NIC Trustees Name 5 Prez Finalists

The North Idaho College Board of Trustees has just announced the five finalists to replace retiring President Priscilla Bell:

  • Jack Becherer, who serves as president of Rock Valley College in Rockford, Ill.
  • Joseph Dunlap, who serves as president of Spokane Community Colleges.
  • Karin Hilgersom, who serves as vice president for instruction at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Ore.
  • Nathan “Clark Williams, current vice president of operations at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Ore.
  • Denise Yochum, who serves as president of Pierce College/Fort Steilacoom in Lakewood, Wash.

The college will conduct open public forums for each candidate beginning the week of April 9. You can see the schedule for those forums and read more information about the candidates above here.

CdA Trustees Don’t Declare Vacancy

Item: Coeur d'Alene trustees decline to declar a vacancy/Maureen Dolan, Press

More Info: After ratifying the district's 2011-12 budget, passed in July with Quinn making one of the majority affirmative votes, the trustees did not formally declare a vacancy on the board before adjourning. “I would say that at this time, it certainly is our option to declare a vacancy if we'd like to do so, and frankly, the board has the option at this point to proceed through with an appointment. There may be wisdom in that,” Hamilton said. “I would put forward that during the last election, there was a very close election. That's a possible solution, but I'm not sure that warrants discussion tonight or if prudence would dictate that we seek the advice of legal counsel on how to proceed.”

Also: Huckleberries hears the following witnessed the trustee meeting: Duncan Koler and his wife, Hamilton's attorney, Mary Jo Phinney, Jim Purtee, and Christa Hazel. At one point, Hamilton wondered aloud whether Purtee might be a good choice because he narrowly lost a trustee election 3 years ago.

Question: Should the board appoint Jim Purtee, who lost a close trustee election race three years ago? Or accept applications from everyone interested in the vacancy, including Wanda Quinn?

Trustees Extend Bauman Contract

Hazel Bauman will continue leading the Coeur d'Alene School District for another three years. At Monday's school board meeting, trustees voted unanimously to extend Bauman's contract as superintendent for another year through June 30, 2015. The terms of Bauman's employment contract have not changed, nor has Bauman's salary increased. Her annual pay amount remains $123,971, the same amount she has been receiving since July 1, 2009. In March of that year, the board allowed Bauman to take a voluntary 5 percent pay cut decreasing her then $130,496 salary by $6,524.80/Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Bauman must be doing something right to get the unanimous endorsement of the split Coeur d'Alene School Board trustees, right?

Wood, Howard Snag NIC Seats

Vote for 1
Kenneth B. Howard. . . . . . . . 16,221 51.61
Ronald D. Nilson . . . . . . . . 15,211 48.39
Total . . . . . . . . . 31,432

Vote for 1
Robert G. Ketchum. . . . . . . . 13,637 40.70
Christie Wood . . . . . . . . . 19,870 59.30
Total . . . . . . . . . 33,507

NIC Trustee Q-and-A Has Hart Query

I just returned from the noon luncheon of the Kootenai County Democratic Club for NIC trustee candidates, where Norm Gissel asked about a hypothetical situation that was disallowed by moderator Mary Lou Reed. Who didn’t think it was relevant to the trustee races. But candidate Ron Nilson answered it anyway. In the hypothetical, Norm asked the 4 candidates what they would do about an individual who stole trees that supported children’s education. Nilson said: “No way should anyone enter public land & take timber that belongs to our kids.” Rep. Phil Hart’s name wasn’t mentioned once. But everyone knew who Norm & Ron were talking about.

Letter: School Schedule Hurts Families

I am concerned with the new school schedule, as are many of my friends with children in the district. For those of us that are in a family with two full time working parents our question is what are we to do with our small children for an extra hour and a half every Monday, as it is not feasible to adjust our work schedule. We live too close to the school for our children to catch the school bus, and wouldn’t leave them home alone anyway.  One of our children will start kindergarten at Borah and the other will be starting the 1st grade/Amy Secord, letter to the editor, Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

Question: Do you know of a family that will be affected by the new Coeur d’Alene School District schedule that calls for classes to begin later on Mondays to allow teachers to collaborate?

Trustees Delay Collaboration Decision

Item: Parents question late start: School trustees will not vote on new hours until June 7 meeting/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: School officials in Coeur d’Alene will wait another month to decide if the school day will start later on Mondays next year. Superintendent Hazel Bauman recommended at Monday’s school board meeting that trustees delay voting on the change to school day schedules. They are being considered to give teachers time to collaborate before classes begin on Mondays. Trustee Bill Hemenway said he favored delaying taking action, having heard many concerns from his constituents in Zone 3.

Question: Did the board make the right decision by delaying action on the controversial collaboration proposal for a month? And/Or: What should the trustees do re: this issue while waiting for the next board meeting?

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