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Widmyer For Mayor On FB, Twitter

Steve Widmyer's candidacy for mayor, in what is now a four-way race, has hit the social media. Widmyer, owner of the Fort Ground Grill, has started a Facebook page. Which announced today that Widmyer is also on Twitter. You can check out the Facebook page here.

Question: Has social media had an impact in recent local elections?

Twitter Trending, Facebook Fading

If you want to know social media, ask a teen. Better yet, ask a bunch of them. A group of Spokane teenagers who took part in a social media engagement project at Hoopfest – the Digital Street Team – agree that Facebook is fading and Twitter is trending. The team of 24 high school students was deputized to collect stories, photos and video at Hoopfest, and that material was posted to the event’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest accounts. Some of those teens, along with one of their social media mentors at Hoopfest, recently assessed the fast-moving social media landscape/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR. More here. (Tyler Tjomsland SR photo: Jenna Carroll, 28, right, reacts as Chelsie Hadden, 22, shows her her phone while Liz Hooker, left, checks her phone for updates during a meet-up for social networkers last week at Boots Bakery in Spokane)

Question: How many of you have made the jump to Twitter or other social media beyond Facebook?

Portlandia producer drives through

So my BFF Bill Oakely, a producer of the television show Portlandia, and former writer for the Simpsons, breezed through Spokane this weekend and tweeted me this photo to prove it.

Oakley, you may remember drew my ire when he read my article about the wonders of Spokane in an inflight magazine and tweeted that he didn't think the city was worthy of a 20-page spread.

This is all part of my plan to lure him to my fair city to shoot a pilot of Spokanlandia. Next time, I've asked him to let me know ahead of time so I can at least take him to see our garbage eating goat!.

What would a TV-show based in Coeur d'Alene be about?

Boise PD 4th-Highest For Twitter Fans

The Boise Police Department has been ranked fourth-highest in the country among mid-sized police agencies for its number of Twitter followers, with more than 6,300. The only other city in the region to make the ranking was Salt Lake City, which ranked 10th at 3,712 followers. “Twitter connections mean a lot to us, and it’s good to know that, judging by the number of followers, that connection means a lot to citizens as well,” said Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson. The chief said his department uses Twitter to “share urgent and important public safety information” along with safety-related community events, and citizens use it to interact with the department. On Twitter, the BPD is @BoisePD/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

Question: Do you follow the Coeur d'Alene Police Twitter feed (@cdapd) or on Facebook?

In Bozeman, Words To Get Fired By

After he was fired for dissing Bozeman Chronicle corporate bosses on Twitter, sports editor Colter Nuanez posted on Montana State Bobcats social media: “Well Twitter, my disdain for corporate America and my respect for the public’s right to know has gotten me terminated,” former Bozeman Daily Chronicle sports editor Colter Nuanez tweeted this afternoon. “No more Chronicle.” He elaborated this morning on the Bobcat Nation message board: “Well people, this place finally came back around to bite me in the butt. Because of my comments and opinions expressed on this website, I have been terminated effective immediately”'/ More here. (Romenesko photo of Colter Nuanez)

Words to Get Fired By: This is one line from Nuanez that Chronicle Publisher Stephanie Pressly  apparently referred to, in commenting on the firing: “But you must understand that we are all handcuffed by money-hungry corporate f***ks who want to run newspapers as a business rather than an essential part to maintaining a free-flowing democracy.”

Question: Should Nuanez have gotten a second chance?

Twitterless On The Palouse

John Blanchette's funny column re: WSU football coach Mike Leach's ban on Twitter:

John Blanchette @JPBlanchette

Coach Mike Leach has banned Washington State’s football players from Twitter. #ProblemsBabeHollingbery Didn’tHave

Generation Z @GenZCoug Who’s Babe Hollingbery?

Double Down @DoubleDownCoug

Does that change the point spread this weekend?

Cyber Stalker @CyberStalkingFan

My buds think the personal flotsam I find following players on Twitter means I hang with them. There goes my cachet. #40YearOldsWithNoLife

Cougar Crazy @CougarCrazy

Where will I go now to read crude, misogynistic hip-hop lyrics?

More here.

Leach Bans Cougars From Tweeting

Just one week after players were instructed by a professional about the dangers of social media, Twitter is no more for the Washington State football team. The decision was made Tuesday, coach Mike Leach said, to ban his players from the social media site effective immediately. “Quite frankly, if after today you see anything on Twitter from our team,” Leach said, “and I don’t care if it says, ‘I love life,’ I would like to see it because I will suspend them.” So, what prompted this decision? “Because I decided to, that’s what prompted that,” Leach said/Christian Caple, SR. More here. (AP file photo)

Question: Did WSU football coach Mike Leach go too far in banning his players from tweeting?

Twitter: Friday Funnies

Today my weekly wrap-up from the wacky world of Twitter includes: pig stuff, communication woes, debate summary, swearing and waking up. Not necessarily in that order. Friday Funnies.

Spokane Valley Rep Blocks Media

Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea must be feeling pretty low about “the media.” Shea — the same guy who pulled a gun on another driver in an apparent road rage incident and took photos of himself standing in his opponent's driveway — has blocked multiple reporters from following his Twitter account. Arts Editor Mike Bookey and reporters Daniel Walters, Chris Stein and myself have all been shunned from following or communicating with Shea on Twitter. Seriously, what did @Bookeyblender ever do to Shea? But it's not just us. Spokesman-Review columnist Shawn Vestal also says he's been blocked — and that Shea posted correspondence with Vestal to the legislator's blog. The Twitter blocking is only the latest talk-to-the-hand by the conservative legislator. He hasn't responded to a request for comment by The Inlander on any story we've called him for in 2012. (Daniel Walters did, however, speak to him in person during a February Ron Paul event)/Joe O'Sullivan, Pacific Northwest Inlander. More here. (Phantom Photographer photo from Ron Paul rally in Spokane this winter: Phil Hart, Matt Shea, Paul staffer and Vito Barbieri)

Question: Do you think this guy would fit in well as a representative for Kootenai County's 2nd Legislative District (Hart, Barbieri & Vick)?

Twitter CEO: “truckload of money”

LOS ANGELES – Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Dick Costolo said the short message social network has a “truckload of money in the bank” and would remain a private company for as long as it wants.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times staff members on Tuesday, Costolo reiterated that the company has no reason to go public.

The market for initial public offerings, especially in the wake of Facebook Inc.’s fiasco, has been weak. “We are going to remain private as long as we want,” he said. “I like being private for all sorts of reasons. It allows us to think about the business and the way we want to grow it in the small boardroom as opposed to being beholden to a particular way of growing the business, such as quarter to quarter.”

To what do you attribute the vast appeal of Twitter?

Tweeter Atwitter Over Notoriety

When Spokesman-Review columnist/blogger Dave Oliveria started bugging me about Twitter, I scoffed at the notion that I needed any more social media in my life. Facebook already ate up too much of my time. Oliveria insisted that Twitter is far more valuable than Facebook when it comes to tracking and reporting breaking news. However, the only breaking news I usually cover is when I break a fingernail. Yet as more and more of my media friends started jumping on the Twitter-wagon, I wondered if I might be missing out/Cindy Hval, SR Front Porch. More here.

Question: How long will you resist the Twitter bug.

Indiscreet Tweets Lead To 3 Firings

Note to self: Don't drink on the job, don't swap insults about the “idiot boss” (aka the congressman) and, oh, don't tweet about it. Three congressional aides for U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen apparently failed to follow that script, resulting in their swift sacking after they inexplicably broadcast their high jinks via Twitter. Larsen, a Democrat from Lake Stevens, fired the three staffers Thursday, just an hour after being alerted to a stream of indiscreet tweets dating back to July. The Twitter feeds were filled with comments about watching Nirvana videos on taxpayers' dime, swigging “Jack” behind desks and other depictions of congressional staffers behaving badly/Kyung M. Song, Seattle Times Washington bureau. More here. (Wikipedia photo of Congressman Larsen)

Question: Have you ever read an indiscreet Twitter/Facebook post by someone about his/her boss or work place that might get them fired?

Twitter Simplifies To Attract More Biz

Twitter is changing to address a paradox about a service that revolves around messages limited to just 140 characters. As simple as it sounds, the concept remains too confusing and frustrating for a lot of people. A redesign is supposed to make Twitter easier to navigate. It offers more accessible features that customize the experience for each user. The service is also expanding users’ profile pages to accommodate more detailed information about brands in text, photos and video as Twitter tries to convert more companies into advertisers/AP. More here.

Question: Now can I get you to try Twitter?

3Rs: Breaking Down Twitter Bios

I’ve only been on Twitter for 7 months, not nearly long enough to have assimilated the unwritten rules and conventions, so who knows how many I’ve trampled and broken out of ignorance.  But in those 7 months of searching for like-minded tweeps to follow (see, I’m picking up a little lingo along the way), I’ve read thousands of profiles.  In that time I’ve noticed some trends.  See if you recognize any of these under-140-character descriptions:

  • 1.  Laundry-lister

Dog lover, runner, cellist, under-water basket weaver, sleep walker, vegetarian, married, MSU alum, martini drinker, neat freak, accountant.

This tweep tries to cram every self-describing noun she can into the character count, separated by commas.  The laundry-list profile is efficient. It lets you connect over common interests and is a great way to quickly locate other under-water-basket-weaving-accountants who sleep walk with their dogs after drinking martinis.

Question: Which type of Twitter bio do you appreciate most?

Seahawks wide receiver blocks Sam T.

Mike Williams leads the Seattle Seahawks with 52 receptions this season.

It seems our own Sam Taylor had a little dust up on Twitter with Seahawk wide receiver Mike Williams. Sam took exception to William's tweet about a “white boy hatin on the Seahawks.”

Williams didn't appreciate Sam's comment and promptly blocked him with a little profanity tossed in for good measure.

You can follow the action here.

Do you follow any professional athletes on Twitter? Have you ever been blocked by someone on Twitter?

P.S. Shirtless In D.C.

This undated photo taken from the website, run by conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, purports to show Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., shirtless. After days of denials, Weiner confessed today that he tweeted a photo of his bulging underpants to a young woman, and he also admitted to “inappropriate” exchanges with six women before and after he got married. The scandal escalated when the website,,, posted photos, including the one shown, purportedly from a second woman who said she received shirtless shots of the congressman. The site said the pictures were in a cache of intimate online photographs, chats and email exchanges the woman claimed to have. The website did not identify the woman. (AP Photo/

Anderson: Anthony’s Junk

Nick Anderson/Houston Chronicle

Christie: We’re Keeping Up w/Times

re: Liz Arakalian's Quotable Quote: ““The Coeur d'Alene Police Department just put up a fan page on Facebook. Would it be terrible to post some virtual doughnuts on it”

Christie Wood: Well … if you feel you must, please make some of them for me Maplebars. Those are my favorite. Facebook and twitter are very new to me — as of yesterday! I have never logged on before. But I do see an opportunity to get out critical information in a hurry to the public. DFO became an instant friend, and also re-tweeted the info on the rape suspect for us. I think it is going to be a good communication tool.
Chief Longo is from the same “vintage” as me and I doubt he has a personal facebook page, but he is always supportive of new ideas and means to communicate with the public. It is great to have leadership that keeps up with the times.

Question: Do you plan to follow the Coeur d'Alene Police Department on Twitter and/or Facebook?

CdA Police Now On Facebook, Twitter

The Coeur d’Alene Police Department has eagerly embraced the age of social networking by starting up a Facebook page and utilizing Twitter. Both entities will prove valuable in posting timely, and critical information necessary to public safety. The Facebook site will provide general departmental information, crime prevention tips, the latest press releases, and details about various events. Twitter will be used to provide instant information about crimes in progress, road closures, or any hazards to the public/Christie Wood, Coeur d'Alene Police Department spokeswoman. More here.

Question: Do you plan to follow the Coeur d'Alene Police Department on Facebook and Twitter? Why? Why not?

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