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CdA Man Wins $145K Lottery Jackpot

It could be said that breathing easier is a way of life for Coeur d'Alene's Ralph Paul. That metaphor though took on a whole new meaning when the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality air shed coordinator for North Idaho won a $145,000 Wild Card jackpot from the Idaho Lottery. The winning ticket was sold for the Oct. 8 Wild Card draw.  “I checked my numbers and couldn't believe it,” said a still disbelieving Paul when he claimed his winning ticket with his wife Jody at Lottery Headquarters in Boise. “I matched every single one of the numbers”/Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Rick Thomas Wild Card — 8.17.10

Let’s dedicate today’s Wild Card to Rick Thomas, the long-time business writer who no longer is employed by the Coeur d’Alene Press. Rick provided a lot of good stories for the Press. But his services apparently are no longer needed. He may not have gushed enough in a recent story re: a local big shot. Coeur d’Alene Press writers always have to be careful what you write re: the various tin gods in this community. I’ll miss his reports. Now, for your daily Wild Card …

Venomous Vixens Wild Card — 8.12.10

I can’t decide which coming event to promote today. So I’ll promote all three of them. Coeur d’Alene police are sponsoring another movie night in City Park Saturday, featuring “Charlotte’s Web.” You can read all about it here. Tonight, Riverstone Park will be the scene of another free concert, beginning at 6, featuring Diana Clemons classical viola, fiddle, & piano. On Thursday night, the Snake Pit’s Venomous Vixens are squaring off with the Hellgate Rollergirls in a roller derby match at Skate Plaza. Here’s the hype of Facebook: “Will the Venomous Vixens douse the acrid inferno with their toxic venom? Or will the gates of hell close in upon the snakes rendering them soulless minions?” Now that those PSAs are out of the way, here’s your Wild Card …

Wild Card/Monday — 7.19.10

Dunno how many Spokane Shock fans there are out there. But the team will be dining at 6:30 p.m. at Azteca in Riverstone tonight. And fans are welcome to join the team there. Whoever put up the post about the PAR-tee on Facebook misspelled Coeur d’Alene, rearranging the “e” and “u.” Which launched a small thread re: the spelling of Coeur d’Alene and whether it should always be written in caps. Which prompted a fan named Robert to get things back on track with this comment: “Shoot this sounds like a dang good reason to go to Coeur D Alene to me and join with the Idaho fans…I am Idho born and bred so is my wife so it will be like going home.” Do you follow the Shock? You can answer that question or use this Wild Card to launch your own thread …

Friday The 13th Wild Card — 2/13/09

In the news this evening, the Senate is expected to pass the bailout package with at least 60 votes after the House OK’d it earlier today (sans votes from Idaho lawmakers) here. The Buffalo plane crash killed a 9/11 widow who was active in anti-terror work here. Obama’s about to unveil a plan to stem the tide of foreclosures here. The Supreme Court learns that Justice Ginsburg’s cancer hasn’t spread here. And the Wild Card remains on the table …

Wild Card — 2/11/09

In the news this evening, suicide bombers killed dozens in Iraq in the worst mass murder since Obama took office here. The $790B porkulus package will add a “whopping” $13 per week to the paychecks of American workers here. John McCain announces that he’s going to seek another term as a U.S. senator here. A Sussex spaniel became the oldest dog to win the top prize at the Westminster Kennel Club show here. And the Wild Card remains on the table.

Wild Card — 2/7/09

In the news this morning, the hero pilot who glided his jet safely into the Hudson River received the keys to New York City here. The public is furious about the California woman who birthed octuplets here. The No. 14 Memphis Tigers will invade The Kennel tonight to take on the No. 18 Gonzaga Bulldogs here. Coeur d’Alene High’s top-ranked and undefeated girls basketball team is one win away from advancing to the state tournament here. And the first weekend Wild Card has been turned up on the table …

TGIF Wild Card — 2/6/09

In the news this evening, 2 Repubs broke ranks to give Demos enough votes to reach a tentative agreement for the $805B porkulus package here. Actor Christian Bale admits he was a ‘punk’ during his well-publicized outburst on the set of ‘Terminator’ here. The Dow shot up today despite lousy job news here. Mr. Sarah Palin is in hot water here. And the Wild Card remains on the table …

Wild Card/Thursday — 2/5/09

In the news this evening, Justice Ruth Ginsburg has surgery for pancreatic cancer here. Senate Demo Leader Harry Reid says he has the votes to pass the $800B porkulus bill here. A Senate panel postpones a vote on yet another Obama nominee with tax problems in the family here. Octupulet Mom says a huge family was always her dream here. And the Wild Card remains on the table …

Super Bowl Wild Card — 2/1/09

In the news this morning, a report says that Tom Daschle waited for a month after being nominated as HHS secretary before telling Barack Obama about his tax problems here. The Steelers and Cardinals will dominate attention for four quarters but the halftime show belongs to The Boss here. What stinkin’ recession? NBC sells out Super Bowl ads for a record $206M here. A newspaper provides a photo that shows Olympic champion Michael Phelps with a cannibis pipe here. And the Wild Card is on the table.

Wild Card — 1/31/09

As far as I’m concerned Winter 2008-09 ends Monday, Feb. 2. Groundhog’s Day has always been special for me. That’s the day my late father was born, in 1921. Mentally, I tell myself that Groundhog’s Day means winter’s back is broken, whether or not Punxutawney Phil sees his shadow. Of course, that strategy didn’t work last year as Winter 2007-08 went on forever. But it seems to be on the money this year. As we begin a new day, I just heard on the scanner that there’s a one-vehicle rollover in the e/b lanes of I-90 @ M/P 8 that has injured 2 people. On the national scene, a tour bus crash near the Hoover Dam has killed 7 Chinese nationals here. Tom Daschle, the cabinet nominee for HHS, has failed to pay $128,000 over the last 3 years here. The mother of the California octuplets was hoping for one more girl here. And the Wild Card is in play …

TGIF Wild Card — 1/30/09

In the news this evening, the Dow Jones Average fell almost 9% in January, the worst January in Wall Street history, here. Tom Daschle has hit a tax bump on his way to becoming HHS secretary here. Alaskans are braced for an eruption that has nothing to do with Sarah Palin here. More than the P-I newsroom is all shook up in Seattle here. The national Republican Party elects its first black chairman here. And today’s Wild Card remains on the table …

Hump Day Wild Card — 1/28/09

A coupla things in the news this afternoon worth mentioning: Boeing has announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs here. Starbucks will cut 6,700 jobs, close 300 more stores here. House Republicans led a successful move to stop a delay in the switch to digital TV here. The Mariners swung a trade today for two players in the Chicago Cubs system here. Anti-smoking activists want to add another $1 per pack in sin taxes in Washington (which’d push more Evergreen State smokers to buy their smokes in Idaho) here. And the Wild Card remains in play …

Wild Card — 1/27/09

In the news this evening, a Los Angeles man killed his wife, 5 kids and himself, after he lost his job here. Bill Clinton earned $6M in speaking fees last year, chiefly from foreign sources, here. The New York Times features the impact the late John Updike had on the literary world here. The mandatory digital TV switchover has been pushed back to June 12 here. A House Repub tells Rush Limbaugh to back off here. And the Wild Card is back in play …

Wild Card — 1/26/09

In the news this evening, the House Judiciary chairman has subpoenaed Karl Rove here. The Senate confirms Geithner for Treasury secretary here. Rush Limbaugh fires back at Obama criticism here. The Senate passed a bill to delay digital TV switch here. Obama says his Mideast envoy will ‘engage vigorously’ in a quest for Israeli-Palestinian peace here. And the Wild Card remains on the table …

Wild Card — 1/25/09

In the news this morning, Barack Obama took a swipe at Rush Limbaugh to make a point with congressional Republicans here. Mariana Bridi, the Brazilian beauty queen who lost her hands and feet to disease, has died here. ‘Slumdog’ won the top film award from Hollywood producers here. The pilot who landed his jet safely in the Hudson River received a hero’s homecoming here. And I’ll let you entertain yourselves with this Wild Card today …

Wild Card — 1/24/09

In the news this morning, Apple’s MacIntosh is celebrating its 25th anniversary here. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has taken to the offensive in the fight for his political life against federal corruption charges here. Starbucks employees are bracing for another layoff here. The IRS claims WaMu owes $12.5B here. Costco sees an upside to the down economy here. And you can play this Wild Card to start your own threads …

Wild Card — 1/23/09

In the news this evening, Rod Blagojevich’s attorney has bailed from the Illinois governor’s fraud and bribery case here. 45 Gitmo prisoners are on a hunger strike despite Obama’s order here. Hillary Clinton’s replacement in the U.S. Senate has risen quickly to political power here. 3 people are accused of an extortion plot against John Travolta here. And it’s time to replay the Wild Card and go home for the weekend …

Wild Card — 1/22/09

In the news this evening, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid predicts that Treasury nominee Timothy Geithner will win approval, despite his tax problems, here. Pro-lifers marked the 36th anniversary on Roe-v-Wade with a rally at the National Mall here. Reportedly, Sarah Palin is working on a book here. Obama’s urging Israel to open Gaza borders, a departure from Bush policies, here. And the Wild Card remains on the table …

Wild Card/Monday — 1/19/09

At Keokee Co. Publishing in Sandpoint, the staff is combining efforts to post their insights into Barack Obama’s inauguration with this new blog, Inaugural Afoot, here. Meanwhile, ThomG will be all atwitter with his Twitter feeds Tuesday (if he can get the signal out). The Wayward Episcopalian will be posting his thoughts in D.C., too. And Justin StormoGipson has been sending Huckleberries photos, like the one above. Finally, Video Journal colleague Colin Mulvany provides a poignant video of the Cheney High student who died in a car crash here. I’m off today, for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. But I’ll be ready to moderate the discussion re: the inauguration in the North Idaho blogosphere Tuesday. Now, for your first Wild Card of the week …

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