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WND Poll: When Chimps Go Wild

Question: What did you take away from the attack by the pet chimp on a human?/WorldNetDaily

  • It was a freak event - one you would expect to see in the wild but not from a pet
  • It was a tragic inexplicable event - no one is to blame
  • The 9-1-1 operator did a great job working with a hysterical caller in a highly unusual situation
  • All we can do is pray for the poor woman injured in this unfortunate attack
  • Don’t try to make a pet out of a chimpanzee  (More below)

WND Poll: Let Them Eat Pork

Question: What do you think about Schumer’s remark that Americans don’t care about pork?/

  •  He’s right - this is an emergency spending bill for an economic crisis
  •  He’s right - “pork” is just a biased term used by those opposed to government investment
  •  He’s right - great civilizations require great governments to lead boldl
  •  Americans are opposed to pork-barrel spending everywhere else but they want their own representative to bring home the bacon
  •  In a sense he’s right because man’s nature is covetous
  •  His wording was careless but if Americans really cared they could put a stop to pork-barrel spending
  •  He’s wrong - Americans are simply frustrated there’s no way to end pork-barrel spending
  •  Schumer also doesn’t believe Americans have Second Amendment rights
  •  Charles Schumer lives in a parallel socialist New York universe - he doesn’t have a clue what Americans care about
  •  It was an arrogant lie from a man who happens to occupy a safe senatorial seat
  •  Other

WND Poll: Dems To Regulate Radio?

 Do you believe Democrats when they say they’re not planning to regulate talk radio?/WorldNetDaily (WND news report here)

  • Yes, the Democrats are the party of truth - they have no reason to lie
  • Yes, Democrats are incapable of lying
  • Yes, but it’s an idea that needs to be pursued
  • I hope they don’t mean it - the Fairness Doctrine is something that’s desperately needed
  • Some Democrats will push for it - indeed, they already have - but it won’t go anywhere

WND Poll: Who’s To Blame?

 Who or what is most to blame for plunging stocks and worsening economy?/WorldNetDaily 

  • Nothing. It’s just happenstance
  • George W. Bush
  • Barack H. Obama
  • Democratic leadership in Congress
  • Republican opposition in Congress

WND Poll: Obama & National Economy

Do you think Obama is looking to nationalize the U.S. economy?/WorldNetDaily

  • No, and the suggestion is absurd
  • No, only right-wing nutjobs or conspiracy theorists would think that
  • No, but he should nationalize the economy. It’s a sure-fire recipe for success
  • No, while some of the measures he’s considering seem extreme, they’re necessary in this time of turmoil
  • No, he’s merely doing his best to rescue the national economy after George W. Bush broke it
  • No

WND Poll: Fairness Doctrine

 What do you think of the Fairness Doctrine?/WorldNetDaily poll 

  • It’s needed now more than over
  • Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have no business setting national agenda. The doctrine is necessary
  • Obama’s right. We can’t get good stuff done if we listen to Rush
  • It’s the only thing that will bring more diversity to media
  • It’s the only thing that will bring less diversity to media

WND Poll: Obama & Economy

What should Obama’s first objective be to turn America’s economy around?

1. Raise taxes significantly on the rich
2. Tax Social Security benefits for the rich
3. Raise taxes across the board
4. Implement a new “New Deal” that puts everyone to work
5. Create a massive program to rebuild America’s infrastructure

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