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Hillyard Blog archive for Oct. 2010

FRIDAY, OCT. 29, 2010

Mayor's budget presentation Monday 

Mayor Mary Verner will present her 2011 Budget proposal to the Spokane City Council on Monday during the Council’s legislative meeting in Council Chambers in the lower level of City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard. The Council has changed its meeting time on Monday...

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THURSDAY, OCT. 28, 2010

A "Jesus Garden" just off Market Street. October 27, 2010 (Pia Hallenberg)

Seen in Hillyard

As I'm getting to know the neighborhood better I pick up little bits and pieces here and there. I came across this very small and kind'a frozen community garden the other day - it's just off Market, by O'Brien Furniture. Fried green tomatoes anybody?

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Halloween decoration from Hillyard store front on Oct. 27, 2010 (Pia Hallenberg)

Get ready to howl

Just a reminder that the Hillyard Howl starts tomorrow - the blog will be there Saturday afternoon. Will the blog be dressed up? Hmm... Maybe? What should the blog dress up as? A newspaper man? Here are the howling details:Hillyard has three days of Halloween...

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 27, 2010

Hillyard Merchants meeting

Vendors are ready for the Hillyard Howl this weekend – apples and some candy have been donated by local businesses and volunteer groups. A decision was made to purchase more candy. Kiwanis has delivered a bunch of Halloween decorations already.The Hillyard Howl is at the...

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TUESDAY, OCT. 26, 2010

Waldref hosts Council Connection  

Am sharing this here, too, though it has an East Central focus. Check out the Neighborhood Business Center Advisory Board.Tune in to City Cable 5 on Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. when council member Amber Waldref hosts the “Council Connection.” During the first half hour,...

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FRIDAY, OCT. 22, 2010

THURSDAY, OCT. 21, 2010

SPD wants your Halloween photo 

Spokane Police are promoting healthy role models for children and would love to showcase any child dressing up as a law enforcement officer. E-mail photos of children dressed up in police outfits to; we will post the photos on our SPD Facebook page. Any...

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 20, 2010

TUESDAY, OCT. 19, 2010

Blaine Burrell hung this poster in Hillyard earlier this summer. Burrell is raising money for a monument to be dedicated to Cromwell Dixon who crashed his plane - at the age of 19 - during a show in 1911. (Pia Hallenberg)

Seen in Hillyard  

I came across Blaine Burrell's fundraising poster in Hillyard the other day. Here's a link to Mike Prager's story about the monument Burrell would like to erect commemorating 19-year-old Cromwell Dixon, who crashed his plane at a fair on Oct. 2, 1911. Reportedly 12,000 people...

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Open house about swim fees tonight

Share your thoughts about next year's proposed fees at city aquatic centers, the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex and the Franklin Park Sports Complex tonight.The Spokane Parks and Recreation Department is hosting an open forum at 6 p.m. at the Woodland Center (3404 W. Woodland Boulevard,...

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MONDAY, OCT. 18, 2010

Mark Carmichael transports a load of pumpkins from his Greenbluff orchard to a Spokane supermarket. (Photo Archive / The Spokesman-Review)

Get ready to howl

Hillyard has three days of Halloween fun and scares scheduled for Oct. 29 (noon-6 p.m.) Oct. 30 (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) and Oct. 31 from noon to 4 p.m. It's the Hillyard Merchants and the Hillyard Kiwanis that are putting together the Hillyard Howl at 5015...

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FRIDAY, OCT. 15, 2010

Downtown Hillyard on a sunny fall day  (Pia Hallenberg)

The blog has arrived

... and hey, it's feeling welcome, too. My office away from the office is The Outlaw Cafe and I had barely sat down before Richard Burris of Hillyard Community Futures came in and said hello. Burris is ready to approach his city council members and...

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THURSDAY, OCT. 14, 2010

A roundup of Hillyard stories

If you haven't been up to Hillyard for some time, be prepared for things to have changed. Market Street - the main stretch - was closed down for repair and restoration for a long time and it emerged with new sidewalks, parking stalls, street lights...

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 13, 2010

Pia Hallenberg covers everything going on in the Hillyard neighborhood.

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