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Crime forum next week

Spokane COPS is presenting its third crime prevention forum at Northeast Community Center (4001 North Cook) on Tuesday Oct. 4 from 6 to 8 p.m. Mayor Mary Verner and Spokane Police Chief Kirkpatrick will be there along side neighborhood resource officers and crime analysis specialists from SPD.
The crime prevention forum was requested by councilman Bob Apple for the Northeast quadrant of the city.

Hillyard Festival Associaton meeting Tuesday

The regular Festival Association meeting is Tuesday Sept. 27 at 6:30 at Northeast Community Center. The Association is wrapping up this year's 100 year anniversary celebration and looking ahead to next year's festival.
Elections are next. According to the minutes from last meeting, here is a little update on who's running and who's not:

“Desi Bucknell disclosed she will not seek re-election, as did Richard Burris and Vicki Peterson.  Jessie Anderson expressed interest in being President, Tom Stoltz indicated he would like to be either President or Vice President.  Ken Close would like to continue as Vice President.  Luke Tolley expressed interest in being Secretary, and Marty Phanco was suggested for Treasurer.”

Voluteers are always needed - just come to the  meeting.

Last night’s Garland District fires

As most everyone knows by now,  Ferguson's Cafe and Mary Lou's Milk Bottle on Garland Avenue burned down last night. It's a terrible loss to owners and customers - and to the neighborhood.
The blog promised to remind readers that businesses in the Garland District remain open. No word yet on rebuilding plans for the two landmark restaurants, and the cause of the fire has also yet to be determined.

Here's a link to photographer Colin Mulvany's picture story from last night.

Which building or place is a landmark in your neighborhood?

Scammers using city-like number

The city of Spokane is warning residents that there is an on-going phone scam using phone numbers with the common city hall prefix “625.”
The call looks like it's coming from a phone at city hall, and the person is asking for personal and bank account information.
Marlene Feist, spokesperson for the city of Spokane, said in a press release this morning that no one at city hall would call and ask for bank account information.
If you receive a call like this, call Crime Check at 509-456-2233 or the Attorney General's Office at 509-458-3509

Greater Hillyard Business Association meets

The regular Greater Hillyard Business Association meeting is tonight, 9/8, at 6:30 p.m. at the Northeast Community Center.
Guest speaker is state senator Mike Baumgartner.
Minutes from the last meeting are available here.
For more information contact Luke Tolley at 509.475.3509

Hillyard calling all hippies

The Hillyard Hippie Happening is this Saturday. Get back in touch with your '60s roots and enjoy that spirit. Lots to do for the whole family. Peace.

Hillyard Festival was a blast

Share your comments on the 100th Hillyard Festival this weekend, below. It was a great event - lots of people, live music, hot rods and fun vendors in the park.
What did you do? What was your favorite part of the parade?
If you have a good snapshot, e-mail it to the blog at
Don't miss this picture story from Sunday's paper.
The Hillyard Festival Association is meeting today at 6:30pm at the Northeast Community Center, for a debrief and preparation for the Hispanic Festival this weekend.
Questions? Call Luke Tolley at 509-475-3509

Ten things to know about the 100th Hillyard Festival

- it starts tomorrow, Friday. The official proclamation for Hillyard Festival Weekend is at 4:30 p.m. in Sharpley-Harmon Park.
- the Hillyard Hi-Jinks Parade is at 10 a.m. Saturday - going north on Market Street from Wellesley and Francis.
- there's another parade: Hot Rods in Hillyard parade south on Market immediately after the first parade. The Hot Rods stay in downtown Hillyard all day.
- find a place to park your car - the event is completely walk-able.
- Saturday is free swim day at the Hillyard Pool, all day. Remember to say thank you to Central Spokane Lions Club - they are footing the bill.
- there are more than 70 vendors at the park. There's bound to be one kind of food there you like.
- in case you left the house without cash, you can purchase commemorative 100th Hillyard Festival wooden coins with your debit or credit card to pay your way at the booths.
- you MUST have ID on you to get into the beer garden; no exceptions.
- pick up a Hillyard Festival Gazette at any Hillyard business for a full schedule of music and entertainment.
- If you haven't been to Hillyard in a while, come on up. It's going to be a great weekend.

Here's a link to this morning's story about the 100th Hillyard Festival

The blog is at Satori camp this morning

The Hillyard Blog is not so active this week, because it's teaching a class at the Satori Camp at Eastern Washington University.

We are talking about old style journalism in a new media world, and we are having a good time with it. The Satori Camp was founded in 1983 by Michael Cantlon and students between 12 and 19 years old come here and spend a week in college. They live on campus in the dorms and go to classes in food preservation, social ethics and philosophy.

Here is a picture of the journalism students.

Please stop the vandalism

The Hillyard blog received this letter submitted by Alex Bistrevsky, a former 4-H youth gardener, this morning, in response to the vandalism at the Slavic Community Garden earlier this week:

“The elderly Slavic gardeners who use the community garden at Andrew Rypien Field were given their gardening rights when their former gardening spot was destroyed to make room for a new building. At Andrew Rypien field they could finally find solace, gardening for large portions of the day, and taking pride in all of their hard work.

Recently this has not been the case. Their hard work has been devastated by a number of people who pray on the gardeners’ freedom to the pursuit of their one and only happiness: their gardens.

This week, these people broke into the gardens once again and caused an unimaginable amount of damage. A storage shed containing gardening tools was busted open, the lock completely broken and the gardening tools were stolen, and in addition to that, at least seven plots were completely flooded after someone turned on all the watering systems and left them to pour overnight. The gardeners affected will have to pick out the fragments of garden they have left, and start again from scratch. Other plots were damaged when intruders plucked and downright stomped on produce, and stole the support structures of the gardens. The end goal is clear: these actions were intended to severely hurt the spirit of the members of the Slavic community, and sadly that goal was accomplished.

Vandals hit garden again

The community graden at Northeast Community Center has been vandalized. Plants were pulled up and destroyed, and the water was left running in an effort to wash out the garden beds.
Jean Farmer, executive director of Northeast Community center, said this in an e-mail:
“(vandals) generally caused a lot of grief for those that have put their limited funds, energy and hearts into growing the gardens. They pay for their space and their seeds/plants and use the food to sustain themselves. They bother no one and in several years have held a harvest festival hoping to engage the community around them. I hope there are some neighbors out there who will help figure out how to stop such non-productive acts.”
Please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233 if you know who's responsible for ruining part of this summer's harvest.


Primary candidate forum coming up

The Northeast Community Center (4001 N. Cook) is hosting a primary candidate forum on July 28 at 6:30 p.m.
Candidates for city council district 1, position 1, and council president and mayor have been invited.
Don't miss this opportunity to meet the people who will represent your neighborhood.

Here is a list of all candidates for city office:

Mayor: Michael J. Noder, Robert A. Kroboth, Mary B. Verner, David Condon and Barbara Lampert(Incumbent is Mayor Mary Verner)
Council President: Ben Stuckart, Dennis Hession, Steve Corker, Victor Noder
(Incumbent Joe Shogan)
City Council district 1, position 1 (northeast Spokane):
Gary Pollard, Mike Fagan, Luke Tolley, Chris Bowen, John Waite and Donna McKereghan
(Incumbent Bob Apple)
City council district 2, position 1 (south Spokane):
Mike Allen
Richard Rush
(Incumbent is Richard Rush)
City council district 3, position 1 (northwest Spokane):
Steve Salvatori, Joy Jones
(Incumbent is Steve Corker)

For an updated list with contact information for all Spokane County candidates go to the County's election site here.

Want to ride a bull on Market Street?

If so, here's your chance: Hillyard is celebrating Wild West Days on July 16 with lots of activities, vendors and a chili cook-off all day. The center of activities is Big Sky's Tavern at 5510 N. Market Street.
Tickets are on sale for mechanical bull rides - the bull will be contained on the corner of Market Street and Olympic, waiting for mounts big and small.
At 6 p.m. there will be a western-style dinner at Big Sky, catered by The Outlaw Cafe. Steaks, beans, corn on the cob and baked potatoes and a huge salad bar, all for $15.
Get dinner and bull ride tickets at the Outlaw Cafe, 5012 N. Market Street.

Graffiti update -

The city's graffiti abatement officer Eric Walker called yesterday to say that Miller's Paint, Columbia Paint and Sherwin Williams all are offering some discount to property owners cited for graffiti.
Walker said that all property owners have to do to get the good deals is bring in the citation.

Getting there

And here's one last shot from this weekend's Chalk Art Walk, submitted by Luke Tolley. This year's Chalk Art Walk theme was 'Getting There' reflecting on the progress Hillyard has made over the past decade. If you've never been, don't miss this event next year.

Chalk Art Walk draws a crowd

Lots and lots of people come to Hillyard for the annual Chalk Art Walk. The weather wasn't too bad this year, when the artists hit the Market Street sidewalks on Saturday June 18.

Chalk Art Walk repeats success

The Hillyard Blog was on vacation during the Chalk Art Walk and missed one of the best family events in Spokane. This year's theme was 'Getting There' and as always kids of all ages lined the sidewalks and colored away. Luke Tolley shared a few photos with the blog - including this one featuring young artist Ryan Schatz.

The blog is back -

- from vacation, just in time for the sun to come out.
Hey, does anyone have some great pictures from the Hillyard Chalk Art Walk this weekend?
E-mail them to and I'll share some on the blog.

And here's a link to the early edition of the Hillyard Festival Gazette. This is the 100th anniversary of the Hillyard Festival and it runs from August 5 to August 7. I know the good folks behind the festival need all the help they can get as this year's festival is bigger than it's been in years.
The Festival Association meets every Tuesday at 6:30  p.m. at the North East Community Center - just show up - or call Luke Tolley at (509) 475-3509.
You can also join the Hillyard Festival Association on Facebook here.

Chalk art show and sale

In the “happening while the blog is on vacation department” here's the flier for one of the upcoming Hillyard events - the annual Chalk Art Show, and a yard sale. Register on the morning of the Chalk Art show - they will even give you chalk to use if you don't have any. This year's theme for artists is “Getting There.”

Follow the Hillyard Festival Association on Facebook here.

Blog vacation

Hello there blog friends - the Hillyard blog is going on vacation starting Thursday, and it will be back in circulation on Monday June 20. You won't see me at the Merchants meeting Wednesday morning, but feel free to e-mail me at
I'll put up a few more posts before I put my feet up :-)

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