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Seen in Hillyard

I came across Blaine Burrell’s fundraising poster in Hillyard the other day. Here’s a link to Mike Prager’s story about the monument Burrell would like to erect commemorating 19-year-old Cromwell Dixon, who crashed his plane at a fair on Oct. 2, 1911. Reportedly 12,000 people were watching. The crash site is located south of Trent Avenue and just west of Fiske Street, according to Burrell, who’s been researching the so-called “boy aviator” extensively.

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Welcome to the Hillyard neighborhood blog. My name is Pia Hallenberg and I’ve worked as a journalist in Spokane since the fall of 1998; for the last six years I've worked for The Spokesman-Review.

In April, I started a neighborhood blog on South Perry Street (where I live). When it came time to expand the blog activity, Hillyard was an easy pick: There is so much going on in this neighborhood in terms of new businesses and street improvements, festivals and new construction - and there is a strong sense of neighborhood history and pride. I'm looking forward to highlighting all of that on this blog.

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