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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 24, 2010

The Naked Truth About Tom

Dear Ms. Millsap, Several years ago you wrote an article in the Spokesman Review about your daughter and a picture of a turkey. I thought it was very funny and I gave copies to some of my friends. I even sent one to my 82...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 16, 2010

The One Who Was

(photo of George Ohr courtesy Ohr-O'Keefe Museum) Once, over a cup of coffee, late into the evening when confidences are easily shared, a friend leaned close to me and said, “I am meant for something special. I know I am. Since I was a little...

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MONDAY, NOV. 15, 2010

 (Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

A circle of friends and writers

(photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap) Most Monday nights we gather together We open the door of the small building that houses the studio of an artist friend and walk into the warmth of a room filled with the all the tools and spirit of creativity. There...

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Ready for what is to come

(Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap) This winter, if ominous predictions can be trusted, is going to be a big one. That’s what the forecasters say. That’s what was printed in the newspaper. That’s what I keep hearing on the radio. They say this winter the wind...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 2, 2010

Cheryl-Anne Millsap's Home Planet column appears each week in the Wednesday "Pinch" supplement. Cheryl-Anne is a regular contributor to Spokane Public Radio and her essays can be heard on Public Radio stations across the country.

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