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Signs of spring

In case you're luxuriating in the warm wonderful springness going on outdoors: You're welcome.You see, after last winter's endless snow fell on top of my half-prepared vegetable garden, roses and flower beds, I learned my lesson. I made sure all the winter preparations were made....

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Stepping back to Portland

I'm planning another trip by train to Portland. It's one of my favorite vacations. I don't mind the late departure, I don't even mind riding in coach. There is plenty of room to stretch out and I usually find someone interesting to talk to along...

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Where the Wild Rivers Run

Special to PinchMarch 2, 2010By Cheryl-Anne Millsap Waking early in the February morning, it took a minute to get my bearings in the dark Missoula hotel room before I dressed for the day’s drive. We were crossing a swath of the wide Flathead Valley in...

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Looking back: Raising a son

February 25, 2008 Home Planet: Kids often leave us hungry to know more Cheryl-Anne Millsap The Spokesman-Review The first person on my mind when I opened my eyes in the morning, was my son. I suppose that was because I had talked to him the...

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FRIDAY, FEB. 26, 2010

Riding the Amtrak Empire Builder 

Special to PinchFeb. 25, 2010By Cheryl-Anne Millsap The lights glowed in tiny pools on the sidewalk, piercing the darkness every few yards or so, reflecting in the polished steel as I walked along the idling train. Stepping up into the railcar, I stowed my heavy...

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TUESDAY, FEB. 23, 2010

Winter in Glacier National Park

Special to PinchBy Cheryl-Anne MillsapFeb. 21, 2010 We drove into the west entrance of Glacier National Park late in the clear February morning and our tires crunched into the frozen crust of last week’s snowfall. The cold, sweet, air bit at our faces as we...

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SUNDAY, FEB. 14, 2010

SATURDAY, FEB. 13, 2010

A Love That Never Grows Old

True love is truly ageless Cheryl-Anne Millsap Staff writerFebruary 13, 2006Standing at the window, high above the busy street, I watched them. The elderly couple walked slowly down the sidewalk. He was tall. His head was bent low over the woman at his side, and...

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FRIDAY, FEB. 12, 2010

Valentine's Day? Bite me.

It looked like a child’s Valentine, a square of red construction paper glued onto a lacy white paper doily. I noticed it on the floor, one edge trapped under the leg of a chair in the coffee shop. I picked it up and opened it...

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Real love, real lives

Thursday, February 11, 2010Another vintage Home Planet Valentine... Real love is the kind we are surrounded by every day Cheryl-anne Millsap The Spokesman-ReviewFebruary 14, 2005Chances are you've got love, or something like it, on your mind. After all, it's Valentine's Day.Did you buy roses? You...

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TUESDAY, FEB. 9, 2010

SATURDAY, FEB. 6, 2010

All the time in the world

The older I get and the more I watch the world around me, the more I realize that - good health allowing - eventually we all seem to sort ourselves into one of two groups. We decide to be happy or we don’t. We all...

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MONDAY, FEB. 1, 2010

The Sweetest Valentine

I've been going over some old Valentine columns and decided to post a few in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. After all, some things bear repeating.CAM February 11, 2008 Home Planet: Words much sweeter than gifts Cheryl-Anne Millsap The Spokesman-Review I love you....

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 27, 2010

Come back to me

By Cheryl-Anne MillsapJanuary 27, 2010Special to Pinch After almost 6 weeks of having her home, we just helped my middle daughter pack up her gear to return to school at the end of the long winter break. She was ready to go. She was ready...

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 20, 2010

Family Magic

Family MagicBy Cheryl-Anne MillsapSpecial to PINCHJan 20, 2010 One of the things I loved most about the Harry Potter books when my children were reading them, was the idea that photographs in newspapers, books and magazines were living images. The people in the magical photos...

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TUESDAY, JAN. 19, 2010

Waiting Out a Fickle Winter 

By Cheryl-Anne MillsapSpecial to PINCHJanuary 13, 2010 Winter weather, when it doesn’t behave as it should, leaves us confused about where we stand. And this January, living in a place that by now should be deeply frosted with snow, like a layer-cake covered with heavy...

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FRIDAY, JAN. 15, 2010

Puzzling over the pieces

By Cheryl-Anne MillsapSpecial to Pinch. January 6, 2010 We start every new year by searching for the right pieces to the puzzle. We open a box, upend it on the table and start building our boundaries. Of course, anyone who’s ever done a jigsaw puzzle...

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THURSDAY, DEC. 31, 2009

The gift of time

January 2, 2006 Celebrate the gift we all receive Cheryl-Anne Millsap I let a whole year slip through my fingers. Like the sand I scooped up at the beach on my vacation, months, days, weeks and hours trickled away until they were all gone and...

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THURSDAY, DEC. 24, 2009

A Christmas Eve Ride 

December 19, 2005 Ride unveils Christmas Eve secrets Cheryl-Anne Millsap Staff writer The first Christmas I was truly on my own, I left a party and drove back to my apartment late on Christmas Eve. There wasn’t any snow, but the air was sharp and...

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 16, 2009

One Little Bell

Standing just beside the front door of the busy store, bundled up to stay warm in weather that has turned brutal over night, she sees all kinds of people in the weeks leading up to Christmas. She sees the ones who are determined, who get...

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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 25, 2009

Giving Thanks for the Familiar Faces Around Me

Giving Thanks By Cheryl-Anne Millsap Special Correspondent to Pinch I cook the same meal each Thanksgiving, by request, and seldom make any dramatic changes to the menu. So each November the house fills with the savory fragrance of our traditional meal. Sage, celery seed, pepper...

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MONDAY, NOV. 23, 2009

A Lean Year in the Land of Plenty

Two years ago, I wrote a column about a woman and her child in the grocery store. The little boy was misbehaving, begging and crying for every candy bar, toy and soda in the store. The mother, losing patience, was trying to get through to...

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The Beauty of Giving

November 19, 2009 in Columns Putting a New Face on the Future Makeup professional creates way to collect, share cosmetics Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Down to Earth NW Tags: growing green makeup Spokane women People with new or gently used cosmetics are invited to donate them...

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FRIDAY, NOV. 20, 2009

The Days Between Fall and Winter

The fall color has faded. And the snow hasn't started falling in earnest. We're in the in-between time of the year. The column below appeared in Pinch several weeks ago, just as the fall color was at its most beautiful...Seasons Come and Go11/04/09 Pinch By...

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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 18, 2009

 (Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

Home Planet: One Frame at a time

11/11/09 Pinch By Cheryl-Anne Millsap Special Correspondent to Pinch I know there are people who have every photo they’ve ever taken organized in scrapbooks, labeled with names, dates and cute captions. And, then there are people like me...

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