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FRIDAY, AUG. 21, 2009, 1 A.M.

Cory Lockwood declared winner at Western Speedway’s Daffodil Cup

Cory Lockwood was declared the winner of the NSRA's stop at Western Speedway in Victoria, BC. (Photo courtesy of NSRA) (The Spokesman-Review)
Cory Lockwood was declared the winner of the NSRA's stop at Western Speedway in Victoria, BC. (Photo courtesy of NSRA) (The Spokesman-Review)

Richie Larson fails post race inspection giving NSRA's Western Speedway victory to Cory Lockwood.

Scott R. Cedergreen, ASA/NSRA media relations

Victoria, B.C. - August 15 - ASA/NSRA declares Cory Lockwood the winner of the Daffodil Cup after the #22 of Richie Larson failed post race inspection.  

Richie Larson had a near Cinderella experience over the two days.  The Daffodil Cup was one event spread over two days with qualifying, Trophy Dashes, and qualifying Heats run on Friday , the 14th, and the 50 lap Feature race on Saturday.  On Friday during a practice session Larson hurt his engine breaking the camshaft.  He had a backup engine with him and promptly made an engine change with the help of crew members from at least three teams.  Safety laps were provided to the #22 car and then Larson was ready for qualifying.  He qualified fourteenth seeding him into the B Trophy Dash which he won.

In qualifying, Jeff Montgomery clicked off a 13.673, the only car in the thirteen second range and quick qualifier, while Lockwood circulated the 4/10’s mile track in 14.284 for tenth quick, and Larson in fourteenth with a 14.371 effort.

The fifty lap feature started twenty-four cars all eager to find the number one spot as the winner would collect $3000 plus a $100 bonus for each lap led.  A dominating car could have a substantial payday.  Unfortunately, the race had seven cautions and one red flag condition shortening the event to forty-five laps.

The starting grid with a twelve car invert found the #11 of Duane Zeinstra on the pole with the #2 of Randy Vincent sitting outside.  The #99 of Lockwood was positioned in sixth, the #22 of Larson in fourth.  Season points leader Matt Hein rolled off in twelfth spot.  At the drop of the green Zeinstra kept his number one spot less than a lap yielding to Vincent while Larson promptly moved into third position overtaking the #26 of Cam McLean in the first lap.  Lockwood dispensed with McLean within the next few laps.  Larson got around Zeinstra to anchor down the second spot with Lockwood moving around Zeinstra to take over third on lap eight.  Larson moved into the lead by lap twelve moving Vincent back one spot with Lockwood maintaining third, Zeinstra fourth, and McLean fifth.

Lap thirteen brought out the red flag for the #17 of Justin Mack and the #91 of Darren Yates tangling coming off turn four, Mack spinning and Yates flipping his car once landing on all four.  Both cars went to the pits, Mack being pushed in, Yates on the hook.  Mack would return after changing a flattened tire, Yates surprisingly would return after several laps after replacing several bent/damaged parts and borrowing a main wing from the #44 team of Scott Aumen.  

On the restart the #44 of Aumen went off the track in turn one to an overrun area causing the first of seven yellows.  Aumen had no damage and rejoined the field at the back.  The green waved again with the cars still on lap thirteen.  Over the next eight laps the top three stayed the same; Larson, Vincent, and Lockwood.  The #42 of Guy Barrett and the #51 of Trevor Montgomery moved up to fifth and sixth respectively.  Lap twenty-one brought out the caution for the #94 of Merv Barcelo spinning in turn two.  The right rear had mostly come off the wheel requiring a hook to bring him into the pits to get a fresh tire.  During the caution the #44 of Aumen also came into the pits to make adjustments to his car.  Both rejoined the field at the back for the green.  The green cut through the night air on lap twenty-one only to have the yellow replace it once again on lap twenty-two for Barcelo and the #37 of Jim Brock making contact and spinning in turn four.  The #14 of Matt Mansell had also spun in turn two.  All three required a hook to remove the cars from the track, Barcelo and Mansell done for the night but Brock returning to the fray.

Again the green pierced the air with Lockwood going to work on Vincent for second place making the pass on lap twenty-three to assume second.  Lap twenty-six brought out the fourth caution for the #84 of Marty Venoit, his right rear suspension failing resulting in a hail of sparks around the track.  Venoit retired to the pits for the balance of the night.  During this caution Yates with the borrowed #44 main wing returned to the track.  

Back to green Larson continued to lead with Lockwood second but being challenged by Barrett.  Lockwood held onto second with Barrett starting to fade by lap twenty-nine.  The #98h of Matt Hein who had started twelfth was finally showing signs of competitiveness moving into sixth by lap thirty.  The #25j of Sierra Jackson worked her way up to the top ten as well from her sixteenth starting slot.  The caution flew again on lap thirty-six for Brock spinning a second time.  Brock retired to the pits, his night over. 

The restart on lap thirty-six saw the #51 of Trevor Montgomery spin on the front stretch doing a 360 but the caution came out immediately for Montgomery causing him to go to the back of the field.  This made the sixth caution for the event, the race director making the decision to shorten the race to forty-five laps.

Again the green unfurled over the field for just one lap before the caution waved for the seventh and last time for the #97s of Brian Smith spinning in turn four.  Smith was refired  to take his place at the back of the field.  

Jeff Bird in the #92 had worked his way into fifth and over the remaining eight laps moved around Barrett to take over fourth.  Hein managed to hold onto sixth place, Jake Mann in the #1 had spent the race diligently moving forward from his fifteenth starting position to seventh, Jackson made a pass on the last lap to take away eighth from Zeinstra.  Mack came from the back of the field after the red flag on lap thirteen to finish tenth.

After forty-five grueling laps the checkers ended the event showing Larson first, Lockwood second, Vincent third, Bird fourth, and Barrett rounding out the top five.

The #22 of Richie Larson failed post race inspection making the #99 of Cory Lockwood the winner.  The #2 of Randy Vincent became the second place car with #92 Jeff Bird third.

Jeff Montgomery, the quick qualifier and winner of the A Trophy Dash on Friday met with bad luck in his qualifying heat Friday evening jumping the right rear of the #94 of Merv Barcelo causing  Montgomery to impact the outside wall in turn two  rolling the car once landing on it’s wheels facing backwards.  Montgomery was okay but the car did not return to competition on Saturday, the damage to great and the time too short to assemble the back up car at their shop.

RACE RESULTS for the Daffodil Cup

25 cars

A Main (45 laps):  1.  Cory Lockwood, 2. Randy Vincent, 3.  Jeff Bird, 4.  Guy Barrett, 5.  Matt Hein, 6.  Jake Mann, 7.  Sierra Jackson, 8.  Duane Zeinstra, 9.  Justin Mack, 10.  Rob Scott, 11.  Trevor Montgomery, 12.  Scott Aumen, 13.  Brian Smith, 14.  Jesse Dardingo, 15.  Cam McLean, 16.  Tony Minard, 17.  Randy DuBois, 18.  Greg Ochs, 19.  Darren Yates, 20.  Jim Brock, 21.  Marty Venoit, 22. Matt Mansell, 23.  Merv Barcelo, 24.  Richie Larson.

Battle of the Border Heat race (top three qualifiers from Canada and the USA in an eight lap shootout)  1.  Matt Hein (USA), 2.  Merv Barcelo (Canada), 3.  Cory Lockwood (USA), 4.  Darren Yates (Canada), 5.  Scott Aumen DNF (Canada), 6.  Randy DuBois DNF (USA).

Off Island Heat race (all cars not based on Vancouver Island)  1.  Brian Smith (USA), 2.  Richie Larson (Canada), 3.  Sierra Jackson (USA), 4.  Cory Lockwood (USA), 5.  Matt Hein (USA), 6.  Justin Mack (USA), 7.  Jake Mann (USA), 8.  Greg Ochs (USA), 9.  Jim Brock (USA), 10.  Randy DuBois (USA). 

Heat 1 (8 laps): 1. 11 Duane Zeinstra, 2. 7d Randy DuBois, 3. 26 Cam McLean, 4. 91 Darren Yates, 5. 25j Sierra Jackson, 6.  92 Jeff Bird, 7. 15 Rob Scott, 8.  84 Marty Venoit.


Heat 2 (8 laps): 1. 2 Randy Vincent, 2. 22 Richie Larson, 3. 98h Matt Hein, 4. 44 Scott Aumen, 5. 1 Jake Mann, 6. 52 Jesse Dardingo, 7. 97s Brian Smith, 8. 14 Matt Mansell (DNS, engine failure during warmup laps).

Heat 3 (8 laps):  1.  17 Justin Mack, 2.  94 Merv Barcelo, 3.  99 Cory Lockwood, 4.  42 Guy Barrett, 5. 25z Greg Ochs, 6.  37 Jim Brock, 7.  12 Tony Minard, 8.  51 Trevor Montgomery (DNF, black flagged for rough driving), 9.  33j Jeff Montgomery (DNF, crash)   

B-Dash (4 laps): 1. 22 Richie Larson, 2. 26 Cam McLean , 3. 25j Sierra Jackson, 4. 17 Justin Mack.


A-Dash (4 laps): 1. 33j Jeff Montgomery, 2. 94 Merv Barcelo, 3. 91 Darren Yates, 4. 98h Matt Hein


Qualifying: 33j Jeff Montgomery 13.673, 98h Matt Hein 14.006, 91 Darren Yates 14.047, 94 Merv Barcelo 14.106, 44 Scott Aumen 14.119, 92 Jeff Bird 14.150, 42 Guy Barrett 14.157, 14 Matt Mansell 14.172, 7d Randy DuBois 14.216, 99 Cory Lockwood 14.284, 1 Jake Mann 14.292, 25j Sierra Jackson 14.305, 17 Justin Mack 14.309, 22 Richie Larson 14.371, 26 Cam McLean 14.432, 12 Tony Minard 14.458, 2 Randy Vincent 14.488, 11 Duane Zeinstra 14.567, 51 Trevor Montgomery 14.585, 52 Jesse Dardingo 14.660, 84 Marty Venoit 14.688, 25z Greg Ochs 14.795, 97s Brian Smith 14.854, 15 Rob Scott 14.867, 37 Jim Brock 16.606.

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