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Mon., Aug. 24, 2009, 12:30 a.m.


 (The Spokesman-Review)
(The Spokesman-Review)

Winners at ASA Sanctioned Yakima Speedway Saturday night were Kim Wennerberg in the Lone Pine Trucking Northwest Outlaw Street Stocks, Aaron Haley in the Limited Late Model Racing Series, Mel Patnode in the Burger Ranch Sportsman, Ryan Kallenberger in the CWI Security / EZ Credit Auto Sales Hornets and Donnie Stevens in the Bump to Pass division.

Courtesy: Kelly Hart, Yakima Speedway Media Relations

Winners at ASA Sanctioned Yakima Speedway Saturday night were Kim
Wennerberg in the Lone Pine Trucking Northwest Outlaw Street Stocks,
Aaron Haley in the Limited Late Model Racing Series, Mel Patnode in the
Burger Ranch Sportsman, Ryan Kallenberger in the CWI Security / EZ
Credit Auto Sales Hornets and Donnie Stevens in the Bump to Pass
division. In all there were five classes of racing on a night that saw a
great crowd and decent car counts.

            Since midseason when Wennerberg brought he car out and starting running
Street Stock events, he has been a force. Winning the Yakima Speedway
July 4th Street Stock Challenge event and now the NWOSS event at Yakima
Speedway Wennerberg is setting the stage for a wild Fall Classic in
October. Facing a stout field that included multiple time series
champions, track champions and open competition race winners as well as
local racers Mike VanAmburg, Chet Beaman Sr., Andy Beaman, Zach Beaman,
Dusty John, Barry Mueller and Ken Mullins, Wennerberg was the man to
beat on this night. He set fast time with a new track record for NWOSS
of 21.277. That time also beat the local Super Street track record held
by Chet Beaman, Sr.

            Trophy Dash wins went to Van Amburg and Dave Lund. Van Amburg came back
and won his Heat race with Mike Press winning the other Heat.

            In the 50-lap Main Event action got hot right at the drop of the green
flag and Eric Hector went sideways down the front stretch and into the
fence crossing traffic. After the dust settled, VanAmburg, Gary Homad,
and Mitch Kleyn were done for the night and back in their pits via tow
truck or flatbed. After the second green flag dropped, Andy Beaman shot
out to the early lead only to be stalled when a red flag came out for a
turn 4 incident when Montana Tischler lost the handle collecting Zach
Beaman and Hector for second time. This time none of the three cars
involved were able to continue. Beaman held the point until the 23rd lap
when NWOSS point leader Kevin Carver took his turn at the point.
Carver's lead was short lived, as Wennerberg went low and passed Carver
taking over the lead he would never relinquish on lap 27. At the
checkered flag it was Wennerberg by half a straight over a closing and
smoking Carver, Chet Beaman, Press and surprising Barry Mueller.

            It's always good to get your first win, even better when it comes at
your home track. For Aaron Haley of Gleed/Suntides/Naches Saturday night
he picked up his first LLMRS win at Yakima Speedway. Haley looked good
all night with fast time of 20.797, the fastest car at the track during
time ins. Trophy Dash wins for the Limited Late Models went to Darrell
Tidrick and Jeff Mullins. Randy Marshall, Jr. won the heat race and
looked good driving a Late Model once again after a few seasons in the
Sportsman Division. In the Main Event Jeremy Mullins led the first 5
laps before Darrell Tidrick took over the lead. Tidrick looked good up
front before dropping a driveline on the back stretch and oiling down
the track causing a lengthy delay. When the green flag flew, Haley was
in front and would lead the final 21 laps for the win. Marshall and
Walters exchanged positions on the 19th lap and were battling for second
and third before the two got together on the 24th lap and spun in turn 4
bringing out the caution flag and sending both cars to the back of the
pack. Marshall fought his way back to second and Walters to third at the

            The Burger Ranch Sportsman division saw Mel Patnode stretch his point
lead over Thomas Benscoter, Sr. Patnode set fast time at 23.339 and won
the Feature to go along with a Heat Race win. Benscoter and 17 year old
Bobby Stewart, Jr. won the Trophy Dashes. Everyone was chasing Buck
Noel, Jr. at the start of the main event with Patnode and Benscoter
swapping second and third many laps right on Noel's rear bumper. After
Patnode took over the lead on lap 15, Benscoter and Noel fought for
second and third the rest of the way to the checkered flag.

            Until the Fourth of July weekend it was the Greg Gargett/Ryan
Kallenberger show in the point chase for the CWI Security / EZ Credit
Auto Sales Hornets. Gargett had to give up a race night worth of points
when someone else had his car and that was about the time Kallenberger
took over. Since then Gargett has been on a tear picking off win after
win and closing the point gap which set up Saturday night's showdown. By
the 6th lap of the main Gargett's night was over with a busted up rear
end and Kallenberger was busy chasing down Josh Parmentier for the win.
Kallenberger caught and passed Parmentier on the 18th lap, leading the
final two go rounds for the win extending his point lead. Josh
Washington and Keith Erickson won the Trophy Dashes, and Parmentier and
Kallenberger won the Heat Races. Chris Morrison rounded out the top 3 in
the Main with a great run for third.

            Donnie Stevens and Jake Breshears have been THE SHOW in the Bump To Pass
division. Stevens won the Main Event leading all but two circuits of the
20-lap Feature. Stevens also won his Trophy Dash. Mark Mager won the
other Dash and Joe Stevens won his Heat race. Breshears finished second
in the Main in front of Fat Albert.



FAST TIME: Kim Wennerberg 21.277 (new track record)

B DASH: Mike Van Amburg, Brian Tischler, Zack Beaman

A DASH: Dave Lund, Chet Beaman, Kim Wennerberg, Mike Easley

B HEAT: Van Amburg, Andy Beaman, Dusty John, Eric Hector, Z. Beaman

A HEAT: Mike Press, C. Beaman, Mitch Kleyn, Gary Homad, Wennerberg

MAIN: Kim Wennerberg, Kevin Carver, Chet Beaman, Press, Barry Mueller, Bill
Rutherford, Brad Morrison, Ken Mullins, John, Lund, A. Beaman, Easley, Jason Ogle,
Tischler, Z. Beaman, Hector, Van Amburg, Homad, Kleyn

LAP LEADERS: A. Beaman 1-22, Carver 23-26, Wennerberg 27-50


FAST TIME: Aaron Haley 20.797

B DASH: Jeff Mullins, Ken Mullins, Jeremy Mullins, Jason Ogle

A DASH: Darrell Tidrick, Randy Marshall, Jr., Aaron Haley, Chris Walters

HEAT: Marshall, Jeff Mullins, Haley, Walters, Jeremy Mullins

MAIN: Aaron Haley, Marshall, Walters, Jeremy Mullins, Ogle, Ken Mullins, Jeff
Mullins, Darrell Tidrick

LAP LEADERS: Jeremy Mullins 1-5, Tidrick 6-8, Haley 9-30


FAST TIME: Mel Patnode 23.399

B DASH: Bobby Stewart Jr., Larry Norman, Dan Wilson

A DASH: Thomas Benscoter Sr., Buck Noel Jr., Don Klang, Patnode

HEAT: Patnode, Benscoter, Noel, Klang, Wilson, Stewart, Norman

MAIN: Mel Patnode, Benscoter, Noel, Klang, Norman, Stewart, Wilson

LAP LEADERS: Noel 1-14, Patnode 15-30


B DASH: Josh Washington, Chris Morrison, Greg Gargett, Ryan Kallenberger

A DASH: Keith Erickson, Julie Melville, Eric Coble, Michael Beck

B HEAT: Josh Parmentier, Chris Marang, Erickson, Eric Appleby, Beck

A HEAT: Kallenberger, Gargett, Washington, Appleby, Morrison

MAIN: Ryan Kallenberger, Erickson, Morrison, Marang, Jessica Tidrick, Ryan Scott,
Tim Breashears, Daniel Morfin, Appleby, Tyler Breshears, Coble, Cord Jackman,
Parmentier, Melville, Beck, Christian Hall, Gargett, Washington

LAP LEADERS: Parmentier 1-18, Kallenberger 19-20


B DASH: Mark Mager, Tim Stockwell, Allen Reid

A DASH: Donnie Stevens, Fat Albert, Joe Stevens, Jake Breshears

HEAT: J. Stevens, Albert, Breshears, Reid, D. Stevens

MAIN: Donnie Stevens, Breshears, Albert, Reid, Stockwell, Mager, J. Stevens

LAP LEADERS: D. Stevens 1, Reid 2-3, D. Stevens 4-20

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