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Fri., June 12, 2009, 12:30 a.m.


 (The Spokesman-Review)
(The Spokesman-Review)

The BULLDOG CONTRATERS night will be the talk of the week with the “Wednesday fans” with everyone looking to next week to catch more excitement.

Courtesy: Stateline Speedway

Post Falls, Idaho-The night began with a wild ride by crowd favorite John Hollingsworth’s wild ride in the air over the concrete barriers and into the billboards, then the fun continued on the track, as all classes performed with three abreast and even four abreast racing action. The BULLDOG CONTRATERS night will be the talk of the week with the “Wednesday fans” with everyone looking to next week to catch more excitement. Miss SPOKANE was on hand as the annual BULLDOG CONTRACTORS best appearing car trophies were distributed to all three classes with fan cheers.

Fast Time – Scott Rupert, 16.857. Trophy Dash -- 1) Lance Morehouse. Heat - A) Eric Harris B) Brittney Rupert. Main - 1) Reesen Tarr.; 2) Scott Rupert; 3) Eric Harris ,4) Tim Stoddard 5) Steve Mathers; 6) Steve Nelson; 7) Scott Perry8) Nathan Seward 9) Tom Harris;10) Brittney Rupert.

Fast Time – Thomas Husk, 18.107 Trophy Dash -- 1) Allen Tuckness Heat - A) Brian Sawatzki, B) Jason Thomas . Main - 1) Thomas Husk; 2) Leo Kincaid ; 3) Kelly Wilson; 4) Allen Tuckness; 5) Jason Thomas 6) Brian Sawatski ; 7) Jacob Fisher 8) Kara Byland 9) Gary Hanlan;10) Roy Hensley..

Fast Time – Tim Benn, 16.753. Trophy Dash -- 1) Steve Murfin. Heat - A) Tim Benn; B) Steve Murfin.. Main - 1) Treven Tarr; 2) Harry Hatton; 3) Tim Benn 4) Shannon Benn 5) Craig Payne6) Derek Colaruso ,7) Ben Hawk.; 8) Steve Murfin.; 9) Kevin Harris Sr.;10)Glen Hawk.

Fast Time – Rich Hatton 15.415. Trophy Dash ) Darryl Krumm. Heat - A) Brycen Tarr,B) Jason Shroff. Main - 1) Treven Tarr 2) Andy Brown (Plybon) R.; 3) Bruce Garber (Ortiz); 4) Rich Hatton 5) Terry Auckerman; 6) Derek Almy ; 7) Ryan George, 8) Brenden Tarr, 9) Stephan Plesek ; 10) Mel Auckerman.

Fast Time – Joel Schrader, 17.204. Trophy Dash - 1) Dave Johnson; Heat - 1) Joel Schrader; Main - 1) Joel Schrader ; 2) Yvonne Lifsey ; 3) Noah Hamlin; 4) Dave Johnson; 5) John Hollingsworth; 6) Len Clother; 7) Aaron Stein; 8) Laurie Huck; 9) Monty Dodson.

Saturday the ASA Northwest Late Model Racing Series takes to the track along with the Late Model 4s and Early Stocks. Events start a start at 6pm. General admission is $25 for adults; kids under six are free.

The wild, wacky, unpredictable action of Wednesday Night Fever continues every Wednesday at 6pm with the cars and superstars of the Road Runners, Fever 4's, plus the wild and crazy Bump to Pass division. Adults are just $5.75; kids under the age of nine accompanied by adults are free.

For more information about Stateline Stadium Speedway including upcoming events, promotions and participant updates log onto or call
The event hotline at (208) 773-5019.

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