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 (The Spokesman-Review)
(The Spokesman-Review)

Great racing and triple-digit tempatures baked Yakima Speedway for its final event in the month of May.

Courtesy: Kelly Hart, Yakima Speedway Media Relations

A season full of frustration in the Super Street division reached a boiling point on a sun-drenched Yakima Speedway Saturday. The ASA Sanctioned Yakima Speedway has had a great start to it’s early season but things reached a boiling point as temperatures reached triple digits.

In the RJ’s Tire Factory Super Streets, racers have run each other hard and cars have left the raceway bent up and needing repairs. In the Super Street division one driver had enough and chose to dump another driver resulting in black flags, and racing penalties drawing cheers and jeers from the audience. In the end Zack Beaman won the 30-lap Main Event. Heat races were collected by Andy  Beaman and Dusty John. Andy Beaman and Mike Easley won the Trophy Dashes. The fast time was set by Chet Beaman, Sr. with a 21.506 lap time.

It was Ron Pepper’s turn to set fast time, as the rookie went 24.771 in the H&H Furniture Pure Stock class. Terry Cook and Jeff Liebert won the Trophy Dashes and Jay Younker was the Heat Race winner. In the Main Event, Younker led the first 17 laps of the 25 lap event. Mike Hill picked up the lead for a lap before a turn two donnybrook handed the lead to Jeff Liebert. Liebert was in command before Hill came from a 5th place restart to take over the lead on the final two laps and pick up the win.

Make it two wins in a row for Greg Gargett in the Hornet Division. Gargett lead the last 18 laps of the 20-lap Main Event for the win. Eric Coble and Gargett won the Trophy Dashes, with Josh Parmentier and Josh Washington winning the heat races.

Clean sweep honors go to Kyler Conduff in the Yakima Driving School Youth Hornets. Conduff led every lap all night winning the Trophy Dash, Heat Race and Main Event for the evenings honors. A dominating evening for the young racer.

Bump to Pass Action was highlighted by Donnie Stevens win in the Main Event. Jake Breshears won the Trophy Dash and Kyle Wade was the Heat Race winner.

Next week the ASA NW Late Model Tour invades Yakima Speedway for the Better-All Auto Sales 125 presented by Better Haul Auto Transport. More information can be found on the Yakima Speedway website,





FAST TIME: 25 Chet Beaman, Sr. 21.506

B DASH: 3 Andy Beaman, 02 Todd Connell, 7 Tony Huffines, 03 Ken Mullins

A DASH: 75 Mike Easley, 91 Gary Flammang, 25 Chet Beaman, Sr., 12 Ben St.Mary

B HEAT: 3 Andy Beaman, 98 Zack Beaman, 7 Huffines, 02 Connell, 03 Mullins

A HEAT: 38 Dusty John, 12 St. Mary, 91 Flammang, 25 Chet Beaman, Sr., 75 Easley

MAIN: 98 Zack Beaman, 91 Flammang, 3 Andy Beaman, 25 Chet Beaman, Sr., 12 Ben St. Mary, 7 Huffines, 38 John, 75 Easley

LAP LEADERS: 7 Huffines 1-8, 98 Z. Beaman 9-30



FAST TIME: 09 Ron Pepper 24.771

B DASH: 31 Terry Cook, 87 Rob Allen, 25 Daniel Coble, 58 Derek Raptcheff

A DASH: 5 Jeff Liebert, 27 Jay Younker, 09 Ron Pepper, 36 Joe Estep

HEAT: 27 Younker, 36 Estep, 87 Allen, 58 Raptcheff, 5 Liebert

MAIN: 14 Mike Hill, 5 Liebert, 36 Estep, 09 Pepper, 31 Cook, 87 Allen, 58 Raptcheff, 27 Younker, 25 Daniel Coble

LAP LEADERS: 27 Younker 1-17, 14 Hill 18, 5 Liebert 19-23, 14 Hill 24-25



B DASH: 24 Eric Coble, 91 Tyler Breshears, 34 Chris Marang, 16 Milo John

A DASH: 22 Greg Gargett, 06 Josh Washington, 51 Josh Parmentier, 4 Ryan Kallenberger

B HEAT: 51 Parmentier, 24 Coble, 26 Jessica Tidrick, 57 Morgan Morrison, 91 Breshears

A HEAT: 06 Washington, 22 Gargett, 4 Kallenberger, 18 Breshears, 12 Keith Erickson

MAIN: 22 Greg Gargett, 4 Kallenberger, 06 Washington, 18 Breshears, 24 Coble, 12 Erickson, 57 Morgan Morrison, 76 Michael Beck, 51 Parmentier, 34 Marang, 91 Breshears

LAP LEADERS: 26 Tidrick 1-2, 22 Gargett 3-20



DASH: 86 Kyler Conduff, 7 Joe Roberts, 5 Christian Hall, 91 Julie Melville

HEAT: 86 Conduff, 7 Roberts, 5 Hall, 91 Melville

MAIN: 86 Condugg, 5 Hall, 7 Roberts, 91 Melville

LAP LEADERS: 86 Conduff 1-15



DASH: 77 Jake Breshears, 82 Crystal Richter, 43 Joe Stevens, 03 Kyle Wade

HEAT: 03 Wade, 77 Breshears, 82 Richter, 43 Stevens

MAIN: 03 Donnie Stevens, 82 Richter, 77 Breshears, 43 J. Stevens

LAP LEADERS: 77 Breshears 1-7, 03 D. Stevens 8-15

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