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Wind Doesn’t Blow Away A Good Night Of Racing In Ephrata

 (The Spokesman-Review)
(The Spokesman-Review)

Great Saturday night short track racing dominated the evening at Ephrata Raceway Park.

Courtesy: Keith Danson, Ephrata Raceway Park

The nasty wind Saturday night made it a little chilly t ERP, the rain earlier cleaned
the ole track and a lot of fans were ready for Championship Night!  The Pioneer
Muffler 2 Adult Hornets, the Kim Janke State Farm Agent Youth Hornets, Jerry's Auto
Supply Hobby Stocks, Schaeffer Oil Mini Stocks, Pepsi Cola Street Stocks and the
360 Sprint Cars were going to decide who's on top!  With the top 4 of each class
running Trophy Dashes, then twin Main Events for each class, that's 18 races!
was first, here's who set fast times:

Hobby- #18, Jason Ray, Ephrata, 16.91
Mini- #96, Austin Schooler, Ephrata, 16.10!
Street- #68, Bart Hector, Othello, 15.34
Sprint- #2, Kurt Myers, Wilson Creek, 13.23

Nobody wanted to tear up a race car on this night over a Trophy, so the Dashes were
quick and uneventful, here's who won:

AH- #42, Troy Lannoy, Ephrata
YH- #11, Jatender Veenstra, RC
Hobby- #79, Glen Hector, Ephrata
Mini- #52, Dave Macken, ML
Street- #64, Ron Stewart, ML
Sprint- #6, Rich Fast, Mesa

The first set of mains were up next with the fastest cars, the ones chasing really
good finishes were starting in the back, knowing they have to get to the front quickly
while avoiding trouble.  It was good to see very few machanical issues throughout
the night, which owes to everyone spending the time this last week to make sure
their race cars were prepared, and almost everyone drove smart all night.  The racers
put on the best show of the season, with every main containing excitement for all
of us watching.  The only real disappointment was during the first Main for the
Mini's.  The two Vega's driven by Adam Smith and Austin Schooler got caught up in
a accident on the front straightaway while they were making their way to the front.
It would have been fun to watch them go at it with Hector, Brown and Macken.  To
save room, I'm going to list just the car numbers for the two mains for each class,
then provide the driver information and list the overall finishes:

B Main, AH- 37, 42, 09, 9, 32, 63-DNF
A Main, AH- 09, 42, 37, 32, 9, 63
B YH- 16, 68, 11, 00, 72, 89, 77, 32, 44, 15
A YH- 11, 15, 16, 68, 00, 72, 89, 32, 44, 77
B Hobby- 76, 18, 29, 42, 79
A Hobby- 42, 76, 18, 29, 79
B Mini-84,88,52,81, 1, 07, 18, 19, 99, 13, 71, 96,7,78
A Mini- 52, 88, 84, 07, 18, 81, 19, 1, 71, 13, 99
B Street- 68, 64, 1, 9, 84, 18, 92, 21, 77, 10, 41
A Street- 68, 1, 64, 9, 18, 84, 10, 77, 21, 92, 41
B Sprint- 78, 2x, 7, 6, 96, 25, 85, 28, 44, 24
A Sprint- 2x, 78, 96, 28, 7, 6, 85, 44, 25, 24

Great Saturday night short track racing dominated the evening thanks to all you
drivers.  Dallas White had his hands full with Kapalo and Lannoy in both mains,
but proved he earned the championship in the Adult Hornet class.  The same goes
for Taylor Blackburn in the Youth Hornets, with Bart Hector Jr on his bumper all
night, not letting him get away with the Championship with out a good fight.  The
crowd went crazy when Jatender Veenstra won the Trophy Dash, then cheered her on
after she tore the right front fender off in the first main and still got third.
In the second main she drove to the front and drove away with her first Main Event
win of the season, and the overall with a surprising Derick Burck in second.  Watch
out guys, she has a Hobby for next year!  Speaking of the Hobby's, Pat Canady dropped
in the old 327 in place of the blowed up 350 and drove great to win the first Main,
and an overall victory, while Neil Nelson held Pat off to win the second.  Brown,
Hector and Macken all raced hard in their Mini's to get to the front in both Mains.
Congrats to Brown and Macken for holding off the competition to take the wins.
The Streets were all about the veterans using their experience.  In the end, the
32 years of racing behind Bart Hector could not be denied even with the determined
Kleyn and Stewart racing him hard.  Mike Fought had a 15 point lead over Kurt Meyers
to start the evening for the Sprints, and the two kept an eye on each other all
night.  The hard charging Myers ended up on top with Mike in second.  Here's the
overall finishes:

AH- #09, Dallas White, RC
#42, Troy Lannoy, Ephrata
#37, Derrick Kapalo, Ephrata
#32, Jacob McGraw, EW
#9, Michael White
#63, Nathan Schell, ML

YH- #11, Jatender Veenstra, RC
#16, Taylor Blackburn, Ephrata
#68, Bart Hector Jr, Ephrata
#00, Dylan Adamson, ML
#72, Kelly Olsick, Soap Lake
#15, Derick Burck, Ephrata
#89, Patrick Hector, Ephrata
#32, Chase Kirk, Wen
#44, Colton Fisher, Ephrata
#77, Bobby Bailey, Ephrata

Hobby- #76, Pat Canady, Ephrata
#42, Neil Nelson, George
#18, Jason Ray, Ephrata
#29, Tanner Halley, Ephrata
#79, Glen Hector, Ephrata

Mini- #52, Dave Macken, ML
#88, Jeff Hector, Ephrata
#84, Doug Brown
#81, Alan Dixon
#18, Jeramy Razey, ML
#1, Nick Gardner, Quincy
#19, Eddie Razey, Ephrata
#71, Justin Dunagan, Ephrata
#13, Lou Kyzivat, Odessa
#99, David Gross, ML

Street- #68, Bart Hector, Othello
#1, Mitch Kleyn, Quincy
#64, Ron Stewart, ML
#9, Randy Pugh, ML
#18, John Cook, ML
#84, Josh Hector, Ephrata
#10, Fred Moore, Ephrata
#77, Robert Kirk, Wen
#21, Skyler Leseman, Ephrata
#92, Mike Bise, Warden
#41, Sam Todd, Odessa

Sprints- #2x, Kurt Meyers, Wilson Creek
#78, Mike Fought, Othello
#96, Britt Lorentzen, Lake Taps
#7, Joe Smith, ML
#6, Rich Fast, Mesa
#28, Tom Beierman, Ephrata
#85, Kevin Witte, Ephrata
#25, Whitney Nolan, Wen
#44, Rod Stump, ML
#24, Todd Lolkus, Ephrata

Awesome night!  Fun year!  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who came to the track
this season.  Whether you showed up to race, work, volunteer, sponsor, or sit and
watch you helped make it a season to remember.  Most thanks goes to Mike, Bob and
Rita Witte for doing whatever is necessary to make the track better than ever before.
It was a pleasure to work with everyone, meet a lot of new people and renew many
old friendships.  Look to this media outlet for the final official results for each
class which will be released asap.

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