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ERP logo. (Courtesy ERP)
ERP logo. (Courtesy ERP)

It was the 100th Sage and Sun Festival in Ephrata last weekend and at Ephrata Raceway Park that means the annual visit from the Washington Midget Racing Association and the Vintage Sprint Cars and Midgets.

Courtesy: K. Hart, Ephrata Raceway Park Media Relations

(Ephrata, WA) 6/12/10


It was the 100th Sage and Sun Festival in Ephrata this weekend and at Ephrata Raceway Park that means the annual visit from the Washington Midget Racing Association and the Vintage Sprint Cars and Midgets. Also appearing were the 7-UP 360 Winged Sprint Cars and Kim Janke State Farm Agent Youth Hornets.


It was a breathtaking win for Todd Lolkus in the 7-UP 360 Winged Sprints as he held on for all 25 laps first holding off the challenge of Kurt Myers then Mike Fought in a race that had fans on their feet for most of the event. Lolkus was lightning fast on the bottom of the racetrack especially coming off the second and fourth turns and that was the recipe for success. There was just one yellow flag in the race when Jatender Veenstra spun in turn one late in the race. The cone restart saw Lolkus choose the bottom of the track and Fought the top setting up the final dash for the checkered flag. Fought set fast time during time trials at 13.059. Lolkus won the Heat Race and A Trophy Dash. Tom Beierman was the B Trophy Dash Winner.


What the WMRA Midgets lacked in car count they made up in close and fast racing action. Snake Livernash had the pole and led the first 20 laps of the feature. Livernash held off Jimmy Screeton from California in his second race in the Seidelman #4 car, then Mark Atkinson in the #23 car. Atkinson in his second race back from college back in North Carolina would pass Screeton for second and spend a number of laps all over the back nerf bar of the Livernash tail tank. On the 19th lap Atkinson got Livernash loose enough to slide underneath and take the lead at the start finish line. Atkinson sailed away for victory with Evan Margeson and Screeton also getting by Livernash for second and third. Margeson set fast time at 13.845. Troy Globe and Livernash won the Trophy Dash races. Atkinson beat Livernash and Screeton for the Heat Race win.


The only division featuring cars with fenders was the Kim Janke State Farm Agent Youth Hornets. Dylan Adamson continued his winning ways with his third feature win of the year on the young season. Adamson led the final 12 laps for the win. Colton Fisher set fast time in Gran Prix style qualifying at 18.000. The Trophy Dashes were won by Shawn Mandeville and Tyler Redin. Kelly Olsick rounded out the nights winners with the Heat Race win.


It was a great Open Wheel weekend, as the West Coast Vintage Racers and Golden Wheels visited Ephrata Raceway Park. These vintage cars are beautiful and racey. Winning Main Events were Brenda Jarrett in the Golden Wheels Midgets and Dan Lions in the Vintage Sprints and Modifieds. ERP invited race fans down trackside during intermission for a fan meet and greet to get a closer look at these museum quality racing machines.


Motocross is on the schedule under the lights at Ephrata Raceway Park for the weekend of June 19th. Registration begins at 4pm, with racing after 6pm that evening. More details are available at .


RESULTS 6/12/10



Fast time: 50 Evan Margeson 13.845

B Dash 11 Troy Globe, 45 Ray Jones, 44 Kevin Koepke, 79 Skeeter Flake

A Dash 13 Snake Livernash, 23 Mark Atkinson, 50 Evan Margeson, 4 Jimmy Screeton

Heat 23 Atkinson, 13 Livernash, 4 Screeton, 50 Margeson, 45 Jones

Main 23 Mark Atkinson, 50 Margeson, 4 Screeton, 13 Livernash, 45 Jones, 44 Koepke, 11 Globe, 79 Flake

Lap leaders 13 Livernash 1-19, 23 Atkinson 20-25



Fast time 78 Mike Fought 13.059

B Dash 28 Tom Beierman, 96 Jatender Veenstra, 7 Joseph Smith, 2x Adam Smith, 74 Rafael Kurek

A Dash 24 Todd Lolkus, 86 Tony Seidelman, 78 Mike Fought, 2x Kurt Myers

B Heat 28 Beierman, 2x Adam Smith, 96 Veenstra, 74 Kurek

A Heat 24 Lolkus, 2x Myers, 86 Seidelman, 78 Fought, 4 Dan Lions

Main 24 Todd Lolkus, 78 Fought, 2x Kurt Myers, 86 Seidelman, 96 Veenstra, 28 Beierman, 2 Adam Smith

Lap leaders 24 Lolkus 1-25



Fast time 44 Colton Fisher 18.000

B Dash 29X Sean Mandeville, 32 Chase Kirk, 20 Mykkal Mullaley, 62 Isaac Villareal

A Dash 99 Tyler Redin, 72 Kelly Olsick, 44 Colton Fisher, 00 Dylan Adamson

Heat 72 Olsick, 99 Redin, 44 Fisher, 00 Adamson, 29x Mandeville

Main 00 Dylan Adamson, 44 Fisher, 29x Mandeville, 72 Olsick, 99 Redin, 20 Mulalley, 32 Kirk, 62 Villareal

Lap leaders 29x Mandeville 1-3, 00 Adamson 4-15



Dash 1 Dan Blair, 12 Mel Anthony, 28 Brian McMurtry, 22 Harold Braff

Heat 7 Clark Geffe,1 Dan Blair,12 Mel Anthony, 5  Lorenz, 97 Harry Whitman

Main 5 Brenda Jarrett, 57 Bob Scott, 12 Anthony, 7 Geffe, 11 Lenora McMurtry, 97 Whitman, 28 B. McMurtry



Dash 28 Dick Nelson, 8 Hal Schlegel, 33 Ralph Monhay, 20 Eldon Sailor

Heat 33 Monhay, 45 Butch Duren, 28 Nelson, 8 Schlegel, 1a Alan Frame

Heat 00 Donnie Kudrna. 96 Frankie Volz, Sr, 31 Don Newman, 76 Dave Craver, 72 Steve Lorance

Main 4 Dan Lions, 96 Volz, Sr., 76 Craver, 28 Nelson, 56 Jack Choate, 31 Newman , 45 Duren, 20 Sailer, 7 Alan Lane, 1a Frame, 8 Schlegel, 21 Marv Price  ,33 Monhay, 00 Kudrna, 72 Steve Lorance

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