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Former Bulldog tavern shut down by new owner; lasted one year to the day

A year to the day after Mary Livingston opened her University Bar and Grill in the former Bulldog hangout, the business closed its doors.

The business, at 1305 N. Hamilton Street, has a long history going back decades, when it was primarily the Bulldog Tavern and catered to the Logan neighborhood and Gonzaga University students.

Livingston bought the business and renamed it. Her business website noted that Saturday marked the one-year anniversary, as well as final call: “We want to thank the many, many loyal students, faculty and neighbors for making this a truly outstanding first and last, year,” Livingston said. “We are going to miss all of you.”

We intend to follow up and learn from her what her options are. As of a year ago, Livingston said she was buying the building from property owner Willard Quinn III.

The photo here shows Livingston outside and next to the bar's distinctive mural highlighting notable GU alumni.

Last take on the bulldog removed from wall mural; plus, portrait of Tom Quinn

For some reason we still have more to say about the plight of Mary Livingston, owner of the 1305 Club, once known as the Bulldog (Tavern).

The curious little sidelight to Livingston's effort to find a lasting name for the tavern is the distraction caused by a wall mural for the business. Livingston said the mural was commissioned by previous building owner, Willard Quinn. And the result (above, right image) was done by Spokane artist Tom Quinn (no relation to Willard).

Two sections of Quinn's wall mural at the business will not remain or have already been removed. The first is the curious portrait of a bulldog with a top hat (above, left image) that was on the wall for awhile, then removed.

Livingston said no one asked her to take it down. Cryptically, Livingston said it was something she just wanted covered over, but didn't specify the reason.

The second is an attempted portrait of GU basketball hall-of-famer John Stockton. See the item down below to see what happened with that part of the mural.

Quinn said he'll be working the wall this weekend and will likely “fix” the Stockton portrait.

Both images, above, provided from Tom Quinn's Facebook page.

Why does John Stockton dislike his face on the wall of a GU neighborhood pub?

Two leftovers from today's SR story about the naming dilemma faced by Mary Livingston, the business woman who took over what used to be the premise of the Bulldog, near Gonzaga University.

First, let's catch up on David Trefry, who ran the Bulldog from 1996 until last summer, when the building owner Willard Quinn III wouldn't give him a good deal on buying it. Quinn then turned around and sold it to Livingston.

Trefry took the business name and has been looking around for spots, including possibly in the new Kendall Yards project.  He also caused a minor stir when he renewed his business license with the city. The permit said: The Bulldog Tavern. That alerted some folks who knew that originally the business, well before Trefry took it over, was known as the Bulldog Tavern. 

He changed the name in 2005, to comply with state liquor law requirements. Trefry said people wondered if he was reverting to the old name. The answer is no, he said in an email. The permit is still for The Bulldog, but city clerks used the wrong name.

The second item:  Livingston was told by Willard Quinn III that John Stockton wasn't happy that his portrait was part of a mural painted by local artist Tom Quinn (no relation to Willard). The oddity is the Tom Quinn portrait of Stockton on the wall (see image above, where it is to the right of Livingston) has to be the worst ever of the former GU and Utah Jazz star.

Quinn the artist said he sorta winged it, not really knowing how large Stockton is. That explains why he made JS about 6 foot 7. But it doesn't explain how the face is so un-Stockton like. That may be why JS doesn't like it. The face is nowhere near that of Stockton, even from 20 years ago.

We asked a contact to ask Stockton for a statement, but heard nothing so far.

Tom Quinn said he now realizes he can't leave the “Stockton” image on the wall. He figures he'll probably change that body into the shape of former GU hoop star Casey Calvary.

A few days ago, before the story ran, Tom Quinn said he was planning to do a better Stockton image on the other end of that mural. Now that Stockton has made it clear he's not happy with the plan, that won't happen.

There goes the neighborhood. Where does the Bulldog go after it closes?

The SR today has a story on the imminent closing (possible relocation) of the old Bulldog, formerly known as the Bulldog Tavern.

Once we dove into the background, it became clear this is a tangled mess. There's a lawsuit, all sorts of angry feelings on the part of the people running the Bulldog and the landlord of the property (at 1305 N. Hamilton), and assorted issues on who did what to whom.

Plus, there's the distinction here between those who own the name of the business, and the owner of the building where the business has been.

As of now, we think we can say this much:  The current owners of the Bulldog are going to take everything from the building, leaving nothing but a shell for the landlord, Willard Quinn (who now lives in Bainbridge Island).

Quinn also said he's selling the building to Mary Livingston, who used to be a manager well before the current operators (Trefry Enterprises) took over the operation. Quinn said Livingston will open a tavern in the building.

Also, Trefry Enterprises filed a civil suit against Quinn earlier this year, asserting that the landlord has failed to follow the terms of the 15-year lease that the parties signed 14 years and 11 months ago.

Here's a PDF copy of that suit should you have a lot of time and care how this unfolded in court. 

On Friday, David Trefry, one of the four LLC partners, said the suit was dismissed.

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