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Eye On Olympia archive for Jan. 2004

THURSDAY, JAN. 29, 2004

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28, 2004

TUESDAY, JAN. 27, 2004

Vetting the veterans...

Saying they're tired of street-corner panhandlers falsely claiming to be veterans, lawmakers in the Republican-controlled state Senate on Monday unanimously passed a bill that makes it a crime to impersonate a veteran for personal gain.The penalty, under Substitute Senate Bill 5861, would be the same...

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THURSDAY, JAN. 22, 2004

Get that latte soon...

If you got a gift card for the holidays, check the back. Some gift cards expire after a year, or depreciate month by month if not used."If you wait too long, the card becomes an incredible disappearing act," said Sen. Ken Jacobsen, D-Seattle. ``If you...

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TUESDAY, JAN. 20, 2004

FRIDAY, JAN. 16, 2004

A opening shot across the bow...

The jockeying for Jim West's old Senate seat continues, even though West protege Brian Murray was awarded the seat by local Republicans and the Spokane County Commissioners.State Rep. Brad Benson, who, as the senior House of Representatives member in the district, normally would have been...

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THURSDAY, JAN. 15, 2004

TUESDAY, JAN. 13, 2004

MONDAY, JAN. 12, 2004

FRIDAY, JAN. 9, 2004

A Frito-free zone...

"We should not have our children going to school to learn how to become obese." Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, who said she will introduce a bill to encourage local school districts to get rid of pop, chips and other junk food in schools.

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THURSDAY, JAN. 8, 2004

TUESDAY, JAN. 6, 2004

Traffic slows to a crawl (on the web)...

A record number of people looking for travel information turned to the Washington Department of Transportation's website Tuesday afternoon. Snowbound commuters turned to the site's highway web cameras, pass reports and weather information. By early afternoon, the department's computer gurus were predicting that web traffic...

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MONDAY, JAN. 5, 2004

Out of the gate early...

The Legislature won't convene until Jan. 12, but here are some of the things lawmakers are already proposing:-Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, prompted by recent allegations of sexual misconduct by coaches and teachers, said she'll again push to require school districts to provide information about sexual...

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