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THURSDAY, JULY 26, 2007, 10:17 A.M.

Hot Potatoes: Don’t Be So “Quickie” to Judge

In the strict sense of the slang word, a "quickie" can describe anything done, well, quickly. This, according to the Dictionary of American Slang. This definition lends credence to the claim by Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas that the "quickie" suggested by former hireling Marina Kalani late Jan. 10, 2005, was nothing more than a quick meeting to sign some paperwork. The exchange, which was revealed in the final group of e-mails given to the S-R Friday, began with Douglas e-mailing Kalani: "So many dedicated people working late tonight." And Kalani responding: "Too many!! No chance of a quickie?" Over the years, according to the slang dictionary, a "quickie" has meant a variety of things: a quick drink of liquor, something rushed, an unauthorized strike, and, of course, the sex act done hastily. In the vernacular of the prosecutor's office, "quickie" apparently means quick meeting. Douglas told the S-R that he has held "quickies" with Chief Deputy Prosecutor Marty Raap. Dunno if Douglas' e-mail exchanges with Raap are as sexually charged as his with Kalani. But I do know one thing. If an editor invites me into his/her office late at night for a "quickie," I'm taking a chaperone with me – in case we're on different pages, definitionwise.

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Question: If you had written Hot Potatoes today, what would you have pointed out in one or two sentences?

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