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How to pay for war?

Updating this thread from last week: Here's an article about how much longer the joint chiefs nominee thinks we'll be in Iraq. In the article is this projection:

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office provided an analysis for long-term war costs. It estimated that if troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were reduced to 75,000 over the next five years and stayed at that level through 2017, it would cost the U.S. Treasury $845 billion over the 10-year period.

With no new revenue source? How?
A poster here (was it Casey?) noted how the telephone tax to fund the Spanish-American War was still alive today. Good news. It was killed last year.

But this brings up a question: Should the government impose a tax to pay for the current war? In previous wars, we have raised taxes, issued bonds, instituted rationing, begun drafts -- all in the name of shared sacrifice.

Or is it better to put in on the credit card, as we currently are doing?

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